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Aventus Update — 26th February, 2021 | by Aventus Network | Feb, 2021

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Aventus Network

Every two weeks on a Friday, you can expect an Aventus Update.

These updates are designed to keep you informed on what’s going on with Aventus and the progress we’re making with Aventus products and their commercial adoption.

In this first update, you’ll discover:

  • How many transactions the Aventus Network has processed since launch
  • How the press has begun spreading the word of the Aventus launch, and
  • Product updates on bug fixes, Aventus gas fees, and much more

Let’s get started.

Validators have therefore earned a total of 28,000 AVT for staking their tokens on the network.

CashbackAPP, a global rewards network involved during the testing phase of the AvN, is in the process of fully migrating its transactions onto the network, forecasting that, within six months, its overall net margins will increase by around 25%.

The network continues to process the more than 7m remaining historic transactions over the coming months and, once complete, forecasts a minimum of 1m transactions per month from the cashbackAPP partnership alone.

We will keep you updated with transaction numbers and commercial partnerships in the bi-monthly Aventus Updates.

The FinTech Times

International Finance

London Loves Business

Crypto Compare

The Money Cloud

To stay updated with Aventus and the press, join the Aventus Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.

But the work didn’t stop at launch.

Since then, the development team has maintained its pace in continuing to improve the network all the time.

Here’s how…

Specifying ‘weights’ to determine gas fees for AvN transactions

The dev team has configured the network with correct values or ‘weights’ which specify how much computational power certain transactions cost and, therefore, how much gas a user will need to pay for a transaction.

For example, a ‘lift’ transaction requires more computational power than a ‘transfer’ and subsequently incurs higher gas fees.

A lift transaction is where a user brings tokens onto the Aventus network from an outside source.

A normal transfer refers to the transfer of tokens within the AvN.

The introduction of ‘non-happy path outcomes for consensus’

Fundamental to the integrity of the Aventus Network is the integrity of the data on the network.

For example, if any individual Validator tried to defraud the network and act maliciously by passing off incorrect data for their own personal gain, other validators easily recognise the activity and are rewarded for doing so.

To maintain data and network integrity, the AvN rejects bad blocks when Validators disagree with questionable data included in a block.

No signature reusability also maintains data integrity

When data moves around a public blockchain, it can be monitored by anyone.

If one were able to reuse that data, they could, potentially, act maliciously for personal gain.

To ensure this can’t happen on the Aventus Network, the dev team has introduced the feature of no signature reusability.

This means that publicly viewable data on the blockchain can not be reused by any observer, thus maintaining data and network integrity.

Custom chainspec generation lets AvN developers test new, customised setups

Simply, custom chainspec generation lets the Aventus Network development team create multiple, internal AvNs to test new features without risk to the main network.

Testing Substrate’s ‘forkless upgrades’ to make upgrades to the AvN in production

The Aventus Network uses Substrate to underpin the network.

One of the many benefits of Substrate is that it lets us make changes to the Aventus Network without tearing it down and starting again, meaning there is no unnecessary disruption to normal service.

Using this in the past two weeks, we have already successfully deployed forkless upgrades to make hot fixes in the deployed production environment.

AvN nodes now store a full history of the chain rather than a recent subset

On a public blockchain, anyone can create a node to read data.

Previously, AvN nodes stored data for 24 hours. Now, every AvN node stores the full history, meaning that with the coming launch of the block explorer, you will be able to access full historical data on the Aventus Network.

Bug Fixes:

  • Time travelling blocks — The chain was splitting and blocks that were in the queue for validation were already validated ahead of time. The split chain was getting ahead of the main chain. Now fixed.
  • Validator quorum desynchronisation — Elements of the network are tier 1 eth, others are layer 2. The tiers became desynchronised when adding/removing validators. It has now been patched with excellent synchronisation between both tiers.
  • Node discovery issue — when deploying a network of nodes, they all have to find each other and communicate. There were some issues when deploying networks where one validator wouldn’t connect. This has now been fixed.

You can expect Aventus Updates every second Friday moving forward.

If you’d like more timely information about Aventus, join the Aventus Telegram group where admins will happily answer your questions, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for the Aventus newsletter at www.aventus.io.

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