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cryptomonKeys Update #14: monKeymining — Earn NFTs by Playing the Game Alien Worlds | by Banano | Banano | Feb, 2021

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  • Every time you mine you will receive Trillium (TLM, the in game currency) and have a chance of AlienWorlds NFTs. If you mine on one of the lands owned by the cryptomonKeys project you will additionally get a chance of cryptomonKeys NFTs as rewards! It’s that easy, no need to do more from your side, we will pull the data directly from the blockchain every 1–2 weeks, rank everyone and send cryptomonKeys to your wallet.
  • Same for monKeystaking rewards: Stake the TLM you earned to Planet Neri. You will receive cryptomonKeys as staking rewards if you cross a certain threshold explained further below, and you’ll received more or better cards the more you stake to Neri. Rewards will be paid automatically to the account the NER tokens (which are received when you stake TLM to Neri) are held on. You can check your ranking here. Also, when you stake your TLM to Neri you will indirectly increase mining rewards for all miners on Neri over time.
  • Just for fun, not mandatory or giving extra rewards currently: When you stake, make sure the decimals are .1919 (e.g. staked amount total 1234.1919) so everyone will recognize your stake as coming from the cryptomonKeys community.

We also plan to eventually send continuous supporters exclusive bonus NFTs, i.e. to users who have constantly ranked well in monKeymining and Neri staking cycles.

  • If you have any questions, join our discord and ask in the channel #monkeymining for help.

Note: The following details are unchanged from last cycle with the only exception that the mining threshold for guaranteed cryptomonKeys within one cycle has been increased from 42 to 69 TLM. They might be further adjusted/updated over time whenever needed. Announced rewards for the respective last cycle are unaffected if any new rules are introduced. Updates and current status can always be found at aw.cryptomonkeys.cc

  • We will monitor mining over timeframes of 1–2 weeks and pull data for rewards whenever we have time to send those out. This makes it a little less predictable but more feasible from our side. Just mine as much as you can :). For staking, we will take a snapshot every 1–2 weeks as well and send out rewards to top stakers.
  • Everyone who mines at least 69 TLM on one of the cryptomonKeys lands within each cycle will get cryptomonKeys NFT rewards. All others will still have a low chance on randomly dropped cryptomonKeys.
  • The Top 199 users staking TLM to Neri (ranking here) at the time of snapshot will get cryptomonKeys rewards. All other stakers in the Top 500 will still have a low chance on randomly dropped cryptomonKeys.
  • In general, the more you mine or stake the higher chances you’ll have on more (and more rare) cryptomonKeys. In addition, parts of rewards are distributed randomly.
  • Mining rewards and staking rewards will be sent out every 1–2 weeks
  • Consider this an open beta and the first step of our long-term connection to the Alien Worlds ecosphere (with likely higher rewards now than in the future). We will provide regular updates and are already planning special rewards for loyal miners and stakers, and have lots of ideas to come to gamify this even further from our side.

Rewards were sent out for all mining events happening on specified cryptomonKeys lands from February 11, 2021 (08:36 UTC) to February 25, 2021 (19:19 UTC).

A total of 2706 different users (last cycle: 1902) mined a total of 918k TLM (last cycle: 528k TLM) during this timeframe. 1798 (last cycle: 1287) users mined at least 42 TLM.

Top 19 Miners this cycle:

Note: This is provided in full detail for now to make everything more transparent for the community. Future reward allocation may not be provided at this level of detail to minimize the workload for the team.

  • Top 1 miner: Legendary cryptomonKey (Staking Queen)
  • Top 19 miners: Rare cryptomonKey
  • Top 91 miners: Uncommon cryptomonKey
  • Top 1798 miners (mined >42 TLM): Common cryptomonKey
  • 42 Rare cryptomonKeys sent to random miners
  • 19 Uncommon cryptomonKeys sent to random miners
  • 91 Common cryptomonKeys sent to random miners

Total cryptomonKeys cards sent as monKeymining rewards: 2061

We also reward users staking TLM to Planet Neri with cryptomonKeys NFTs. In this fourth cycle, the snapshot of TLM stakers to Neri (=NER holders) was taken on February 26, 2021 (8:30 UTC). As announced we have sent out guaranteed cryptomonKeys rewards to all users ranked within the Top 199 stakers (current staking rankings can always be found here). Everyone in the Top 500 had also chances on bonus cryptomonKeys NFTs.

When we originally announced our staking rewards in mid January, Neri was ranked last of all planets in total staking amount. Due to an impressive community effort, we meanwhile have established Neri on first place! Congrats and Thank you to everyone helping and supporting Neri — that’s a great ongoing community effort! ❤

  • Top 1 staker: Legendary cryptomonKey (Staking Queen)
  • Top 42 stakers: Rare cryptomonKey
  • Top 91 stakers: Uncommon cryptomonKey
  • Top 199 stakers: Common cryptomonKey
  • 42 Rare cryptomonKeys sent to random users in the Top 500

Top 19 stakers this cycle (official accounts excluded):

crytptomonKeys sent out for mining: 2061
cryptomonKeys sent out for staking: 375
TOTAL sent: 2436 cryptomonKeys

Note: Generally more cryptomonKeys were sent out to miners than to stakers, simply because we have way more miners than qualifying stakers. As inititally announced the rewards now have generally been resduced a little compared to the first few cycles, the reason simply being that we did send quite high rewards initially, that we don’t have enough more rare cryptomonKeys to send to everyone, and that we don’t want to send the same common cryptomonKeys to everyone all the time. We will try to increase rewards especially for higher ranked miners and stakers in future cycles and, as mentioned above, reward especially loyal miners and stakers with exclusive NFTs in the future. All data from cycle 1 will be taken into account for that.

Since we started few weeks ago, a total of 10773 cryptomonKeys sent out for monKeymining and staking:

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