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Block 23: Validator Testnet Live, New Mobile App, & 19K Hotspots! | by Tim Hess | Mar, 2021

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Tim Hess

2020 was about establishing The People’s Network. Now it’s full force into 2021, the year of making the Network scale and increasing usage. Read on for an overview of some recent Network highlights and learn where Helium is headed into 2021 and beyond. A new Helium Hotspot App, $HNT staking, and new Helium Docs are just a few of the recent highlights.

🌎 19K+ Hotspots on The People’s Network

✅ HIP 25 Approved by the Community

🚧 Validators Testnet Launched for $HNT Staking

📄 New Helium Docs Announced

📱 Helium Hotspot App v3 Released

💻 Console Flows Update & Ubidots Integration

💾 Helium Hackathon: Explorer Edition

📍 Brand New Helium Explorer Additions

🦡 New Network User Stofl Introduced

💖 Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winners Announced

🗓 The Uplink, Helium Community Call, & Happy Hours

Validators Testnet Launches Today!

With the Helium community approval of HIP 25, Validators and $HNT staking were introduced. Validator nodes require a deposit of 10,000 $HNT and will perform the work of the Consensus Group, including verifying transactions and adding new blocks to the Helium Blockchain.

This is one of the biggest milestones in the Helium Blockchain’s history, allowing much more scalability as the Network grows.

The Validator testnet is now live! Check out the technical docs to run a validator node on the testnet and help us test.

Three New Community-Approved Hotspots Shipping Soon

Since the approval of HIP 19 in December, three new Makers have been hard at work getting their Hotspots out around the world. At the end of January, the presale of Bobcat, Nebra, and SyncroB.it Hotspots launched to help eliminate the Network’s bottleneck for expansion. In the coming weeks, thousands of these Hotspots, along with RAK Hotspot Miner v2s, will begin shipping to the community. Read about the announcement here and a big thank you to the community at the ready to mine $HNT for your patience.

Helium Hotspot App v3 📱

The Helium Hotspot App v3 is here. The new App makes it easier to understand mining rewards, see how your Hotspots are doing at a glance, and analyze trends of witnesses, challenges, and earnings over time. Download the new Helium Hotspot App for iOS and Android. Read the blog.

Helium Docs Announced 🔥

New Helium Docs have arrived! With thanks to many contributors, new developer documentation, guides, and tools to get involved with The People’s Network are now available. Check them out.

Console Integrations & Flows 💻

A pre-built integration for the Ubidots IoT platform makes it easy to manage your devices on The People’s Network. Additionally, a new feature on Console called Flows simplifies core Helium Console actions by showing the relationship between Labels, Integrations, and Functions. Try out Flows and the Ubidots integration on Helium Console.

New Helium Explorer Additions 📍

Curious about total Hotspot growth, the time until the first $HNT rewards halving, Data Credits spent over the last 30 days, a specific blockchain transaction, or other data on The People’s Network? Check out new Helium Explorer updates here.

DeWi Grant Program Opened 📡

The Decentralized Wireless Alliance (DeWi) launched a Grant Program! Learn how you can be part of the wireless revolution and contribute to the future growth of The People’s Network here.

Makers Onboarding 📻

Makers are now able to onboard their new Hotspots onto the Blockchain, burning $HNT for each Hotspot added. For each of the community-approved Hotspot options, an audit is also performed by Helium on the miner, packet forwarder, security, and onboarding integration. Read more about onboarding on the Helium Blog and check up on the audits for the new Hotspot options.

Welcoming New User Stofl

Since our last newsletter, we introduced Stofl as the newest user of The People’s Network. Stofl is a launch-pad for IoT innovations and a bridge to help connect the unconnected, from maritime tracking to protecting wildlife such as Stoffel the Honey Badger. Learn more.

HIPs Don’t Lie: HIP 25 — Validators

Want to learn more about HIP 25 on Validators? Mark and Evan discuss staking $HNT on The People’s Network under the new HIP. Watch here.

Helium Hotspot App Announcement

We’re excited to announce a brand new app for Hotspots. The new Helium Hotspot App is now available with expanded language support for Chinese 🇨🇳, Japanese 🇯🇵, and Korean 🇰🇷. Learn more.

The Uplink with Airly

Airly selects The People’s Network to help protect communities and prevent exposure to dangerous air quality around the globe. Learn more about their mission on our latest episode of The Uplink.

Founders of Web3 Podcast with Amir Haleem

Helium CEO Amir Haleem discusses The People’s Network and $HNT with Jamie Burke on the Founders of Web3 Podcast. Listen here.

Helium Hacks Happy Hour

VP of Engineering Andrew Thompson makes a special guest appearance on Helium Hacks Happy Hour for an AMA. Watch here.

The Uplink with Ubidots

We’re excited to partner with Ubidots on a new Console integration! See it in action on March 11th at 12pm PT on The Uplink. Register here.

The Uplink with Stofl

On March 16th at 12pm PT, learn about Stofl’s big plans to expand the Helium ecosystem and spur modernization across the globe on The Uplink. Register here.

Helium Hacks Happy Hour

Meet our developer community, see what others are building, and join weekly presentations at the next Helium Hacks Happy Hour 🍻. Every Wednesday at 3pm PT. Register here.

Helium Community Call

Come discuss the latest HIPs at the next Helium Community Call hosted by the Decentralized Wireless Alliance on Wednesday, the last Wednesday of each month. Find the call details and the agenda here.


See nearby Hotspots and optimally place Hotspots 350 meters or more apart from each other with this new community app by Radrob. Check it out here.


Helium Hosts is a new site to help Hotspot owners securely chat with other nearby Hotspot owners. Sign up with your wallet address to get started.

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