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Nano Dev List — The new way to contribute to Nano Community Developers and Projects | by Naome Jones | Nano | Mar, 2021

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Naome Jones

Launched by Nano Community manager Json (Joohansson), the Nano Dev list is a gateway for individuals, companies and nano enthusiasts, to financially contribute to community developers and projects that support the global adoption of nano.

Nano is open-source; free to use and open to all. This has attracted talented developers from all four corners of the earth, who volunteer their skills towards building an ever-expanding universe of digital products and services, that we have come to know as the Nano Ecosystem.

The nano development community is a hub of collective innovation. Not only does the Nano ecosystem benefit from a diverse pool of skills and expertise, but as end-users themselves, there is often a keen emphasis on making projects easy to use. Be it an eCommerce plugin, open source wallet, nano tip bot or automation tool, there is someone in our community who is ready and willing to make it happen.

Many are hobbyists who are happy to work part-time or without any extra income. However, it is safe to say that for the mere purpose of longevity, a crowdsourced sponsorship model is a great step forward in incentivising contributions to nano — we are building the future of money after all!

The goal of the Nano Dev List is to increase the visibility of developers contributing to the Nano protocol or community projects.

Presented as a randomised list, developers can create a profile, provide a synopsis of how they contribute to nano and tag projects.

Once vetted and approved, participants then have the opportunity to choose whether they would like to accept one-time donations and/or ongoing monthly sponsorship.

There are various routes for developers to link their ongoing projects and accept donations, the most popular being via Github.

Github developers can link their featured projects and provide details on how they use their funds. They can also set sponsorship goals and custom tiers for donations, an excellent method to secure recurring financial support, much like how Patreon and similar systems work.

It’s free to donate, and 100% of sponsorship goes to the dev or organisation.

The Nano ecosystem would not be where it is today without its bustling development community and push for collective innovation. Bound by the same vision, we have seen creative boundaries pushed to their limits with the launch of user-friendly applications such as WeNano, Natrium and nano development tools such as the Nano RPC Proxy.

Thanks to a multitude of contributions like the above, there are now several platforms dedicated to onboarding new users to nano and a range of resources available for budding developers to create digital products to be used now and in the future.

New projects are often initially launched on the nano subreddit, which is also one of the best platforms to get to know the developers creating these incredible projects.

You can also subscribe to the Nano publication to stay up to date on upcoming community development articles and releases.

If you are a dev who actively contributes to nano, be it via a project, documentation, or an idea you feel deserves support; go ahead, boost your profile and add yourself to the site!

Sign up in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a simple Github PR by adding your custom .json file
  2. Provide valid proof of prior or new Nano activity.
  3. Contact JSON who will review and approve.

Get started here…

  • Being listed on this site should not be considered a direct endorsement from the Nano Foundation.

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