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Announcing the ninth wave of ZILHive Grants awardees

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The first quarter of 2021 has been an exciting one for the blockchain world. As cryptocurrencies gained prominence amongst the wider public fuelled by the media and social influencers, we also saw a rise in trends such as DeFi and NFTs. This growth has also led to an increase in interest and activity on blockchain dApps and projects from developer communities. During this period, the ZILHive Grants programme recorded a significant rise in applications — more than double from the previous wave. And while it was challenging to pick from the great ideas, we have made our decision!

We’re pleased to introduce the 10 new projects that were chosen for the 9th wave of the Grants programme. We give you a peek into what each of them do below. Can’t wait to see how they will grow their business and product, and strengthen the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Welcome Wave 9 Grantees!

  1. CCTip: CCTip is a cryptocurrency tipping tool supported on global social platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Reddit and Telegram.
  2. Coral Reef: A social networking decentralised application for women to converge and connect together globally. Features of Coral Reef include an online marketplace, forums, chat groups, wellness trackers and a plug-in for scheduling virtual appointments with various healthcare professionals and counsellors.
  3. Blockchain and the Insurance Industry: A market research on blockchain and its applications and their feasibility in the insurance industry, including secondary research through reviews of articles and market analysis, and primary research through a focus group interview with representatives of a leading insurance company.
  4. Zilstat: A statistics portal allowing for the tracking and display of metrics related to staking on the Zilliqa platform.
  5. Chainlink Oracle and Adapters: Implementation of oracle smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain in Scilla, allowing the blockchain to source off-chain real world data such as price feeds and weather data.
  6. Ndovu: A micro-investment platform that provides easy access to financial markets in Africa. Ndovu will use the Zilliqa platform to track investments in a secure and immutable way.
  7. Novelist (Stay tuned!): A browser wallet for NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain, with integrations to ZilPay and the Zeeves Telegram bot.
  8. MyMessage: MyMessage allows users to post various kinds of information, including but not limited to, text messages, ASCII art and files, encrypted or not, to the blockchain as a permanent and immutable database with low costs. The application also serves as a decentralised message board by allowing users to comment or reply to other messages.
  9. Improvements to Developer-focused Content: A collaboration with Quinence to implement a revamp of learnscilla.com, improvement on contracts on ide.zilliqa.com and the development of a full-stack application to demonstrate the end-to-end process of using Scilla, the Zilliqa Javascript library and ZilPay.
  10. DxSale.network: DxSale.network is a cross chain, decentralized IDO platform that provides automated, smart contract locking and listing once a successful presale is completed. Stakers earn shared revenue of all IDOs conducted on the platform and users can also use the locker as a service feature to lock any ZRC-2 tokens or LP tokens.

The tenth wave of ZILHive Grants is now open for applications!

The ZILHive Grants programme is finally in its tenth wave of funding innovative use cases, research and projects on Zilliqa. To date, we have awarded grants to more than 90 projects since the programme’s inception in June of 2018. We are happy and proud that many of these Grantees have since gone on to scale incredibly and acquire further funding from external investors, establishing themselves as key players within our ecosystem and bringing Zilliqa closer to mainstream adoption in the world.

Join us in developing our ecosystem. Pitch your idea or project for the tenth wave of the ZILHive Grants programme using the link above!

For further information, please visit or join:

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  • Reddit
  • Github


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