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BandChain GuanYu Testnet #4: Laozi Testnet #1 Launch & How to Join as a Validator | by Sorawit Suriyakarn | Band Protocol | May, 2021

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Road to Phase 2: Guanyu Testnet #4, Validator Setup and Migration Timeline

Sorawit Suriyakarn

Since our successful mainnet upgrade of the GuanYu version, our community has grown in both validators and developers alongside an exponential increase in the number of oracle requests signifying a rapid increase in adoption. Our next step in the Band Protocol journey is to improve the economy of BandChain in Phase 2 — codenamed Laozi — which provides new features allowing institutional data providers to collect fees from oracle requests, and sending oracle requests across other Cosmos-based chains using IBC protocol.

Furthermore, Cosmos SDK has released the stargate version, which provides many powerful features that greatly improve performance, cross-chain compatibility and scalability of the BandChain decentralized oracle network.

The opportunity to upgrade our chain to Phase 2 has come, we are ready to begin upgrading BandChain.

  1. Guide to join the new GuanYu Testnet #4
  2. Upgrade process from GuanYu Testnet #4 to Laozi Testnet #1

In similar fashion to our previous Wenchang to GuanYu test migration, this is a coordinated process with all BandChain nodes to familiarize the process, ensuring that validators can stop, export and upgrade their genesis files to start a Laozi node with the exported chain state.

GuanYu Testnet#4 will be used in the migration process which has the expected genesis data to simulate a test in a similar environment to the migration in production. During the test migration process, we will still run the current GuanYu testnet#3 as the main testnet for developers. When we are ready to move forward with the migration in production, we will continue to deprecate GuanYu testnet #3 and use Laozi testnet #1 instead — more details on this when the time comes!

Here the summary of steps for validators to participate in the test migration process:

  1. Join GuanYu Testnet #4 (node operation on GuanYu Testnet #3 continues)
  2. Migrate GuanYu Testnet #4 to Laozi Testnet #1
  3. When Laozi testnet #1 is stable enough, GuanYu testnet #3 will be deprecated

In order to join our GuanYu Testnet #4, instructions can be followed here:

Migrate GuanYu Testnet #4 to Laozi Testnet #1:

Please mark this event on your calendar.

We will be communicating any updates on this process on the `guanyu-testnet` Discord channel. Please make sure you’re up to date by joining our Discord:

After Laozi Testnet #1 has been launched successfully, our team will perform testing in various scenarios and edge cases to make sure this version is ready for use on mainnet and the network operates as expected for developers integrating BandChain before using upgrading on the Mainnet.

I’m a validator. What do I need to do for this event if I am a validator or new member?
Firstly, validators should join GuanYu Testnet #4 before Wednesday May 12th 2021 at 11:59PM UTC. The instruction can be found here:

Then, we will perform testing of migration from GuanYu testnet #4 to Laozi testnet #1 on Thursday May 13 at 2:00PM UTC. The instruction can be found here:

If you have any issues with running or monitoring BandChain nodes, be sure to reach out to us on Discord ASAP to ensure that issues are solved in preparation for Mainnet.

We look forward to seeing you on GuanYu Testnet #4 and having you participate in the upgrade test.

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