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Connecting Car Washes and IoT Solutions with Equilibrium Point 🚘 | by McKenna Boen | May, 2021

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McKenna Boen

As The People’s Network continues to proliferate, we are excited to welcome Equilibrium Point IoT as the newest network user.

Equilibrium Point advances research, development, and deployment of innovative IoT Solutions. Using a strong network of partners and streamlined workflows, even the most complex projects are taken on for enhanced customer products and services with consideration of the end-user experience.

More specifically, Equilibrium Point provides access to highly skilled technologists specializing in IoT services and solutions. These include IoT device design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing — from small-batch volumes to mass production.

Offerings include PCB shields, microcontrollers, sensors, enclosures, firmware, gateways, IoT Cloud connectivity, and real-time Machine Learning (ML) with IoT dashboards and customized analytics. These services are available as stand-alone solutions or as complete E2E solutions for large and small companies alike.

TLDR; Equilibrium Point’s passion is bringing customer IoT ideas and concepts to life.

The Equilibrium Point story starts after the successful acquisition in 2017 of Eliza Corporation, a healthcare IT company. By then, Equilibrium Point was actively exploring the IoT space, and building rudimentary IoT hardware and software prototypes.

Around the same time, an Equilibrium Point co-founder who had been a business development executive at Eliza Corporation for 14 years, made an investment in a car wash business. This was supposed to be a ‘hands-off’ operation that he intended to run on a part-time basis, but he quickly learned it was anything but.

After listening to him describe numerous challenges related to outages and wasted time on repetitive tasks, the light bulb went off. Equilibrium Point recognized that the car wash business was ripe for modernization and would be a great application for its hardware and IoT platform.

It is no surprise that many businesses view IoT solutions as complex, expensive, and paired with highly skilled technical expertise. This is especially true for the car wash industry, which is characterized by an increasingly competitive business landscape. These customers don’t care about IoT per se; they care about simplicity, avoiding outages, and keeping their customers happy.

For these reasons, Equilibrium Point provides a solution that is simple to purchase, install, and use. Undetected equipment outages can cost a car wash site up to 10% of revenue in any given year. Furthermore, car wash employees spend up to 30% of their time manually checking multiple systems.

Equilibrium Point addressed these common issues through solutions that are:

  • Customized. Customers provide basic information about their systems and equipment to be monitored. Equilibrium Point provides Plug and Play IoT.

The advantages that the Helium LoRaWan Network brings over existing WiFi solutions are:

  • Very low power (extending life batteries of all devices)

These value propositions are attractive to Equilibrium Point customers, which include car wash equipment manufacturers, distributors, chains, single owners, and operators. Uptime and quality of service are critical in this business — it’s a high fixed cost, high incremental margin business, and any outages hurt the bottom line.

“Our mission is aligned with that of Helium, we’re thrilled to be doing our part in building The People’s Network,” said Lucas Merrow, CEO of Equilibrium Point, “In the same way, we want to extend IoT technologies across the large network of dedicated workers and industrial business owners to transform the way business is done.”

The People’s Network enables operational cost analytics to help determine a competitive price point for loyalty programs critical to revenue growth goals. This is in addition to an impressive suite of wireless, power-efficient sensors, and a centralized “call to action” mobile app with real-time alerting. All of this plus world-class service and support.

Equilibrium Point IoT carwash sensor

Equilibrium Point currently boasts two locations using The People’s Network: one in Northern Massachusetts and another in Southern New Hampshire. These successful locations have prompted further network growth, with plans to add two additional Hotspots to other locations in the area, as necessitated by coverage.

In doing so, Equilibrium Point plans to add its own Hotspots and extend brand offerings to hundreds of LoRaWan devices from other manufacturers too — The People’s Network is nothing if not collaborative.

If Equilibrium Point’s goal of educating customers, simplifying and democratizing IoT solutions, cloud technologies, and machine learning for various car wash stakeholders, be sure to check them out online and tune into The Uplink episode on May 25th at 12 pm PT with Helium and Equilibrium Point.


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