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The Next Phase of MoonRat. Answer the common questions: When… | by Stoic | MoonRat Finance | May, 2021

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The Next Phase of MoonRat. Answer the common questions: When… | by Stoic | MoonRat Finance | May, 2021
See you on the Moon


  • We will burn 4.5% of SMRAT from Marketing Wallet and Foundation Wallet when the market cap reaches $5B
  • Answer the common questions: When marketing? When AMA? When burn? When Moon?

We’re working on legal stuff to prevent being sued in the future. In the meantime, we’re also discussing with some exchanges about listing SMRAT.

Because we already renounced ownership of the smart contract, so we can’t exclude the exchange’s wallet from receiving the SMRAT reward. Exchanges can also waive the transactional tax because they have an off-chain trading system.

But some exchanges agree to sign an agreement not to collect the BNB reward. In the past, this is what we were afraid of. So that’s a good sign for RAT GANG. Exchange listing is also a good way for marketing.

Draining the BNB reward pool for exchange listing is what we should consider. It’s a tradeoff. So we will work with the good exchanges that agree not to collect the BNB reward pool first!

Some exchanges we’re interested in are WhiteBit, BitMart, Gate.io, MXC.

As you know, we still have control of these 2 wallets

We collect BNB from the Foundation wallet for operating, development cost like hire Customer Support, team salary, server cost, etc

We will send the additional BNB from Foundation Wallet (if it has) to the Marketing Wallet.

So, we can have about 100 to 110 BNB per month ($50k to $70k) for the marketing wallet.

The listing fee for 1 exchange is also about $55k to $80k depending on the ranking of it!

This budget is sustainable and enough for steady growth. We don’t need to raise funds from the community.

If you want to help, you can hire KOL, rappers, Youtubers, Tiktokers for introducing MoonRat as well. Currently, we do not have enough budget for these activities.

The end goal is to make MoonRat a defi product for everyone even a newbie. So here what we will do in the future:

  • We will list 1 exchange and list 1 famous news site like Cointelegraph in 2 months period.
  • Update a new dashboard Dapp
  • Open the merch site
  • Translate MoonRat website to multiple languages
  • Release MoonRat Academy. We will embrace blockchain & defi adoption for more newcomers.
  • Monthly AMA

We introduced DAO 1 week ago.

We receive good and bad proposals at the same time. Some members want to burn the BNB reward pool while it’s our core feature. It’s not reasonable to follow these proposals even though they have most of the vote.

It doesn’t mean we don’t respect our community’s opinion.

To be honest, running a truly DAO system is a hard job.

We need to combine strict rules and adding features to the DAO’s website like limiting the percentage of SMRAT holder to create a proposal, how long for voting, etc

This needs more time and resources, so we will delay the DAO operation and put in the Experience Mode.

In the Experience Mode, you still can post a proposal and vote. But we will perceive them as suggestions.

With the important poll, we will use the foundation wallet to create the poll and define rules for the decision-making for that specific proposal.

We will come back to work on the DAO when it’s the right time.

As we said above, we’re focusing on the legal stuff, MoonRat Academy and Exchange Listing.

We just want to work on these things now. When we deliver this checklist, we will host the first AMA:

❌ Exchange Listing (WhiteBit or BitMart)

❌ Be on a famous news site like Cointelegraph

❌ Open the merch site

❌ Release new dapp dashboard

❌ Launch MoonRat Academy

❌ Translate website to multiple

We will call this a Monthly ToDo List. In each AMA, we will review the previous ToDo List and the next ToDo List.

It will be more productive for us and our community as well. We will have specific things to discuss! We want to deliver quality work first, then talk.

Please wait for red uncheck ❌ turn to green check ✅, then we can talk!

As you know, we control about 5% of SMRAT from the Marketing and Foundation Wallet. Here is the burning plan:

  • If the market cap reaches $500M, we will burn the 1% of the Marketing Wallet
  • If the market cap reaches $1B, we will burn the next 1% of the Marketing Wallet
  • If the market cap reaches $2B, we will burn the next 1% of the Marketing Wallet
  • If the market cap reaches $3B, we will burn the next 1% of the Marketing Wallet
  • If the market cap reaches $5B, we will burn 0.5% of the Foundation Wallet

At that time, we will only control 0.5% SMRAT for the foundation.

We’re confident that is enough budget because MoonRat will be a truly community-driven project at that time!

To be honest, we do not know! What we can promise to you is to work hard and be the most transparent team.

We believe that RAT GANG can help us on this journey to the Moon. Please spread the word, introduce to your friends about MoonRat and the Earn BNB feature, report the scammers and fudders, etc

Together we can do it!

See you on the Moon, Rat GANG!

We come back to work! Thank you for reading

MoonRat Team!

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