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Nano Digest — V22 Release, Team Updates, Nano in the news, New Partnerships, Nano Unity, Twitch and Streamlabs Tipbot & more… | by Naome Jones

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Naome Jones

In this Nano Digest we take a closer look at the latest nano node software release Siliqua V22 and celebrate nano hitting the headlines, in the green energy race for the most energy-efficient cryptocurrency.

We also cover team updates, the long-awaited nano unity integration, Nano Royale, Nano Multisig, new community projects to enter the nano ecosystem and more…

It has been a long road to V22.0, with a few bumps along the way. However, we are now able to officially announce the release of the 22nd iteration of the nano node, Siliqua, to an eager set of node operators.

Upon initial assessment, once a quorum of node operators had updated their nodes, it was evident that the confirmation rate was not as high as expected. Following additional diagnostics, with help from nano community developers, it became clear that there was a significant amount of traffic being generated as the nodes in the network continued synchronizing with each other.

We are delighted to confirm that post V22.0, the confirmation rate in the network has continued to increase. There are some additional changes to make this process more efficient as we advance.

If a patch release is necessary, we will notify node operators of its availability.

The nano node software V22.0 Siliqua began in August 2020 with a lengthy push to get some of the more exciting and anticipated features, such as RocksDB for Production and Experimental Ledger Pruning, planned for release at the end of February 2021, amounting to our longest release run yet.

With the DoS attack coinciding with the anticipated V22.0 release, we were forced to hold back on this release to triage service outages and have since needed to include additional features that will help mitigate spam in the future.

Before the start of March, nano had 5.5M accounts over a 5 year period and within 10 days this number increased to over 20M. This has extensively contributed to the V22.0 upgrade requiring 150GB of free disk space (however, the final upgraded ledger size is ~50GB).

We are excited to now push forward in development and stride ahead to V23 (with the potential of a V22.0.1 patch in the short-term interim as aforementioned). We are excited to return to a short & lively release cadence moving forward, allowing for more thorough testing on new features.

A big thank you to all the beta testers, the exceptionally talented nano community developers, and not to forget all of you who have supported our team during a difficult time, you are very much appreciated — thank you.

How to upgrade

The V22.0 release notes are a crucial resource for all node operators. Details about upgrade considerations, major features, updates to RPC and CLI commands, and more can be found there, along with build links.

We are overjoyed to welcome 3 new software engineers to the Nano Foundation!

Dimitrios Siganos and Thiago Silva join us (the former as a full time consultant), with over 30+ years of combined C++ experience and expertise in cryptography, security & networking for embedded devices.

Theo, who will remain anonymous albeit for his github, also joins us with a strong C++ background and expertise in low-latency systems and penetration testing. Please all give a big warm welcome to Dimitrios, Thiago & Theo!

Secondly, Naome Jones, having brought our socials to life over the last year, has been promoted from Social Media Coordinator to a new title of Communications, please all join us in congratulating Naome!

Some further news is that Colin & George have decided to rescind their C-Suite titles of CEO and COO respectively and will now both have the title of Director of the Nano Foundation. This move is more in line with the decentralised open-source foundation that is behind Nano, along with highlighting the breadth of responsibilities both perform.

On May 13th, Tesla set news headlines and social feeds ablaze with the announcement that they are on the hunt for an environmentally-friendly, fast and low-cost alternative to Bitcoin.

In response, digital currency enthusiasts set out on a heroic mission to find the right tech to fit the spec. Cryptocurrency social listening platform LunarCRUSH reported stats of over 8 million social engagements and 11 thousand social mentions within a 24 hour period. We can safely say social media asked, and the nano community delivered!

As a result, nano made an appearance in popular publications such as Nasdaq, Toms Guide, Fortune and more.

We’d also like to celebrate some recent community milestones. The official Nano Twitter account has gained 27k new followers since January and the Nano Subreddit is charging ahead with a growth of over 41k new members since January 2021, including over 10k since last month.

Thank you to every single member of our community who continues to contribute to the growth of our social platforms.

Nano is coming to MarketSquare.io

Earlier this month, we announced that nano would have a place of its own on MarketSquare, the new homepage for the decentralized web, fully equipped with a dedicated nano Hub, educational videos and much more.

The dedicated nano Hub will serve as an incredible information resource to learn about all the services and projects making strides within the nano ecosystem, useful for newcomers and longstanding members of the nano community.

There are 15 spots reserved for the best projects within the nano ecosystem. Drop the name of your favourite nano project in the comments section below and let us know why you feel they deserve a place on the hub.

Known for their creative and out of the box blockchain content, MarketSquare has pledged to produce educational content in the form of short videos that explain nano’s fundamentals and concepts in a very distilled and easy-to-understand way. Some of which have already been distributed around the nano community. Check them out below:

  1. The Blockchains of In Time
  2. When nano goes to work

Head over to the nano subreddit to recap the Q&A session between the MarketSquare team and the nano community.

Nano available on 7B

We are pleased to announce, you can now buy and sell nano amongst more than 2,000 currency pairs on 7B.

Powered by Binance, 7b is a brand new crypto broker app for those who want to buy and sell nano without distractions, in addition, 7B provide one of the most straightforward user-interfaces and a 24/7 support team!

Available now on Android.

Nano Unity Plug-in

Launched in March, the new nano Unity3D plug-in unlocks the potential for over 1.5 million interactive content developers to easily integrate fee-less, sub-second microtransactions into their projects in several unique ways, a pivotal step towards global adoption.

Unity3D is a powerful software engine that allows game developers to create stunning video games and export them to many of the existing gaming platforms available on the market

The new plug-in is the first-ever digital currency integration into the Unity3D platform to provide a bridge between in-game and real-world spending.

Technical features include functions for processing blocks, creating private keys, generating QR Codes, private key payouts and much more.

Available on all desktop (Linux, MacOS, Windows) & mobile operating systems (Android/iOS) and browsers through WebGL. The nano Unity3D plug-in created by developer Wesley Shillingford is available free of charge on the Unity Asset Store.

Nano Twitch and Streamlabs Tip Bot

Streamers at the ready, there’s a new Twitch tipbot in town!

The recently launched NanoBot tool allows content creators to receive donation alerts via their Twitch chat and Streamlabs accounts once connected, with the optional bonus of periodic announcements via Twitch chat.

Viewers also have the option to sign in and fill out their information to ensure their donations are not anonymous.

Set up is simple…

  1. Download your chosen nano wallet
  2. Sign into the NanoBot App with your Twitch account
  3. Link your Streamlabs account (optional)

The NanoBot app was created by community developer u/ProtospriteOfficial

There is a new way to earn nano. Nano Royale, a smash hit with the nano community, with a whopping 100k games played in just 4 just weeks, is a browser-based, multiplayer game where the last player alive wins nano.

Games last one minute in total, and there is no registration or downloads needed to play, other than your chosen wallet to collect winnings.

Based on the popular Agar.io game and built with a super sleek user interface this might just be the most celebrated game to enter the nano community yet!

The Nano Royale team also recently hosted the first inaugural tournament; join the discord channel here.

The Nault team have been busy implementing new features. Step over to the dark side, with the new signature redesign of the desktop version of nault.cc.

Transactions list now features a new adaptive design with the ability to manually receive incoming transactions. Nault’s front-page has been recreated from the ground up, showcasing wallet features to new users. The recent updates have also brought numerous fixes to UI/UI issues.

Multisig available on Nault

Available now for both web and desktop versions of Nault, nano Multi-Signature, is a way for two or more independent participants to own and control one single nano account by signing transactions together.

Often described as a safe with two keyholes, Multisig is a highly secure way of signing transactions. You can hold both keys yourself or split them among trusted members, opening the possibility for joint nano accounts.

Multisig works just as well offline as it does online, as long as you have a way of sharing the cryptographically safe data between the participants that his tool produces.

“The multisig implementation is also available at nano Keytools.

Nano community manager JSON has also created a Nault A-Z intro guide that includes a bonus concept for Multisig automation by utilizing the nano network.

Thank you to both Json and Keeri, our brilliant & tireless moderators (and so much more!) for highlighting the need to condense some of the many discord channels available, with the aim of channelling thoughtful discussions that can sometimes get lost with so much activity on discord.

The following changes will take place today:

1.Roadmap channel will be now be merged with the Documentation channel

2.Integration channel will be merged with the Business channel

3.Graphic Design will be merged with the Social Media channel

4.Pow channel will be merged with the Protocol

-Node-development will be renamed as Github-commits to better highlight its purpose

We will also be setting up a Network Status channel in which Nano Foundation will provide updates on network status that can be clearly viewed without being lost in the Discord mire. We hope this better serves the community in understanding the ongoing network health and prevent misinformation from being spread.

From University talks to nano 101 lessons hosted on the WeNano app, the Nano Africa community are charging ahead in finding new and innovative ways to spread the good word about nano throughout West Africa.

University of Cape Coast distance learning presentation

Nano Africa community leader and digital currency enthusiast Philip Agyei Asare, delivered a presentation about nano at the University of Cape Coast’s Distance Learning 13th Delegates Congress in Sunyani.

The presentation focused on nano as a solution for West African countries afflicted with hyperinflation, a great platform to speak to both students and educators on how nano can be incorporated into both everyday life and educational tracks.

WeNano Spot classes are in session!

The Nano Africa team have taken remote learning to a whole new level. Anders, the founder of the WeNano app conducted a WeNano 101 presentation and Q&A with students from the University of Benin, with various community members choosing to teleport in and show support from around the world.

Following the talk owners of Computer Village of Tech in Benin signed up to the WeNano App. Head over the app to send them some nano love and keep an eye on the Nano Africa Twitter feed for updates on upcoming sessions.

The nano community is buzzing with informative reads across a broad range of nano topics.

1. Al Jazeera — Climate concerns to crime: Bitcoin’s dark side draws scrutiny

2. Senatus — Nano’s latest innovation, feeless spam-resistance.

3. Bitcoin Mexico — Earn cryptocurrencies by walking with the WeNano app

4. Diario Bitcoin — 5 interesting facts about nano

5. NowPayments — Nano and its environmentally friendly crypto protocol

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