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Ternio and BlockCard Merge to Form Unbanked

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  • Ternio and BlockCard are merging under the Unbanked brand
  • Unbanked aims to expand globally and into DeFi
  • Also, Unbanked will add new products and services to the current offering

Ternio and BlockCard are merging under one brand umbrella to form Unbanked. The new brand will officially launch on June 30, 2021, according to an official Ternio report.

Why Unbanked?

Unbanked Co-Founder Ian Kane explained that Ternio started three years ago with the goal to enable the daily and regular use of cryptocurrencies. Today, Ternio offers a suite of products that give blockchain and crypto real-world use. Also, by using Ternio products users can buy, sell, and transfer digital currencies effortlessly.

In addition, among Ternio products is the flagship brand BlockCard. BlockCard is a crypto payment card that supports point of sale crypto transactions. In fact, BlockCard is the only white-label debit card that doesn’t convert crypto into fiat to enable purchases.

As such, Ternio, along with BlockCard, has surpassed its initial goal. Thus, Kane believes the rebranding reflects what Ternio has achieved so far and still aims to achieve in the future.

Plus, Unbanked aims to give users full control of their finances with the fundamental belief that financial access is a human right. With this in mind, as Unbanked, Ternio intends to not only expand globally but also venture into decentralized finance (DeFi).

As such, Unbanked will be a brand that integrates both centralized finance (CeFi) and DeFi. As a result, Unbanked will be able to offer financial services to even the most underbanked population segments.

Ternio White-Label Technologies

To appreciate what Unbanked aims to achieve it’s important to first understand the founding components of the merger.

Specifically, Ternio offers a suite of white-label technologies that give blockchain banking capability.

Ternio offers:

  1. Support for multiple coins up to the point of sale removing the need to convert crypto into fiat before use.
  2. Support for deposit accounts that enable users to buy, sell, or transfer crypto assets easily. In addition, Ternio bank accounts are intuitive and able to track account spending.
  3. A series of financial toolkit APIs that enable companies to build and scale financial products.
  4. Scalable products that easily integrate with both existing and future end-user technology.

In addition, Ternio has enabled crypto expenditure by over 40 million merchants globally. Also, the blockchain has over 1 million verified transactions per second and is able to scale higher if needed.


BlockCard is Ternio’s flagship in-house brand. In fact, BlockCard is a white-label debit card solution.

To clarify, white-label is a term that refers to a generic product created for corporate bespoke branding. Thus, with a white-label card, clients can easily add their logo, design, and information to create a personalized card.

Also, BlockCard does not need to convert crypto to fiat to enable spending. The card enables users to directly spend their coins just like regular currency. Notably, the card currently supports over 12 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more. In addition, BlockCard allows users to earn rewards for spending, staking, or providing liquidity.

BlockCard also supports Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay. This means that users can load their crypto and make purchases using the mobile payment solutions.

The Future With Unbanked

Unbanked will not only merge Ternio and BlockCard, bringing the two under one unified brand identity. In addition, Unbanked promises a new era of financial access and control. With this goal in mind, Kane noted,

“We could not be more excited about introducing Unbanked to the world. The demand for crypto-focused financial services has caused companies to create a patchwork of offerings that only address a handful of needs at a time. Unbanked offers our customers a more complete blockchain-enabled banking experience that is faster, lets them have greater control of their crypto and cuts down on cost-prohibitive fees.”

Also, Unbanked connects traditional banking, fintech, and business with blockchain. As a result, Unbanked is able to expand the utility of crypto use cases.

Moreover, under the Unbanked brand the blockchain will offer the following products:

  1. Global bank accounts that are FDIC insured.  Additionally, customers have the option to choose a non-custodial decentralized wallet.
  2. Debit cards will be issued as soon as users pass KYC. The virtual card can be used as a stand-alone debit card or can be integrated with popular payment solutions like Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay. Also, Unbanked will issue users a physical card upon request. The physical card can be used like any other regular debit card.
  3. Rewards up to 6.38% earned back in cryptocurrency on all purchases made using the Unbanked Card. Users can access this by taking part in the staking program.
  4. Seamless crypto transactions with support for over 12 currencies. Users can easily buy, sell, and send their coins. Plus, Unbanked offers aggregated prices from multiple exchanges ensuring that users get the best available rates.
  5. Enterprise Financial Solutions like white-label cards, bank accounts, and financial toolkit APIs. These tools have the utility to help enterprises issue bespoke crypto debit cards and overcome scaling limitations.

In addition, Unbanked promises that this is just the tip of the iceberg, more products and solutions will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Keeping in mind the exponential growth of DeFi it is safe to say that Unbanked might indeed become the billion-dollar company it intends to grow into.

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