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GET Update May ’21 — The Next Chapter | by Olivier Biggs | GET Protocol | May, 2021

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We’re happy to welcome our newest hire who is certainly not an unfamiliar face amongst our community — Jack!

Jack will be joining us to bring a healthy portion of experience, leadership and structure to our blockchain team, ensuring that development progress occurs in an efficient and scalable manner, particularly as the development complexity ramps up over the protocol’s lifespan.

Is there anything you’d like to say to everyone Jack? The floor is yours:

Well. Hello everyone!

It is I, “Jack”, from Telegram. You may remember me from such films as; ‘Exchange Argument # 122’, ‘The Definition of Eventually’ or ‘Competitor Analysis? Not on blog day!’

I love Ramen (the proper stuff from Tokyo, not what you eat in a bear market) and nearly all cue-sports, among other fun and exciting facts about myself, but that’s not what you’re here for. Who am I? Why have I joined GET? Will this make number go up? My surname is Turnbull if that helps, there’s a clue in there.

So what do I do? I’ve most recently been leading a team as the Head of Engineering at a Series A FinTech here in the Philippines, managing the growth, structure, delivery, and transformation of the team from a size of 14 pre-COVID to 32, within a company of around 200 strong. You pick up a few battle scars attempting to do something like that during a period as challenging as COVID (which the events industry is more than familiar with). The most impactful change for scaling was transitioning from a handful of projects under a single technical roadmap to 6 clearly defined teams working on long-term products with independent roadmaps and decentralised decision making. When I heard that GET was planning on going through a similar growth period I reached out and it has turned out to be a great fit so far, so I’m joining GET to throw my efforts towards this growth.

Previous to this I’ve been fortunate to contract for some of the most talented Software Engineering & Product teams in the UK and the knowledge you pick up along the way is unmatched. Sky, Sky Bet, and Times Higher Education would be the ones that some of you may have heard of. To put it another way; when you operate within companies of 500+ engineers consistently delivering high-quality software products week-in-week-out you build a toolbox of patterns, structures, and frameworks that you can re-apply to other organisations when the conditions are right. Although it’s unavoidable to build up some opinions on GET having been on the outside looking in for so long, it’s really my job to put that aside and try and identify the right tool in a given moment to help make the current organisational scaling and maturity roadmap a real success.

With GET I think there’s a fantastic opportunity to become the de-facto digital event infrastructure provider in the world. Bar none. Crypto or otherwise. There is no other company that comes close to delivering this natively on the modern web and frankly without such a strong technical foundation and quality product this wouldn’t even be in scope. I’ve been blown away by the depth of market knowledge within the team from every conversation I’ve had so far, meaning that I’m really only here to decorate the approach, help stabilise the growth that is already underway and offer my experience to this endeavour. Helping achieve this level of global impact is way bigger than anything I could contribute as a community member, so I’m genuinely over the moon that the opportunity arose at the perfect time and that the team have been so open and welcoming.

You’ll have all the time in the world to hear more from me and Engineering @ GET so I’ll wrap it up there for now, but before I do it’s worth saying that I work for the Event Organisers that want better service levels, Ticketing Companies that don’t have the ability to leverage new markets, and also for us as a community. We’re all GET holders and therefore future DAO participants so for now continue to treat me as Jack-the-one-from-the-channel rather than anything more and I’ll remain involved. Even if that means holding my strong opinions fractionally more 😉

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