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The MoonRat Foundation Token Proposal Details | by Stoic | MoonRat Finance | Jun, 2021

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The MoonRat Foundation Token Proposal Details by Stoic

We introduce a new proposal recently:

There are 2 options:

Option 1: Use SMRAT as the MF Token. EarnBUSD will be the child token. SMRAT is the father token

Option 2: Create a new token to be the MF Token. SMRAT is now a child token like EarnBUSD. The MF token will be the father token.

So the MF is a long-term token for the whole MoonRat ecosystem.

This post will explain how MF plays an important role for all SMRAT holders.

Note: We have not decided yet. This post is an explanation post. The final verdict is made by all voters.

We invented the EarnBNB mechanism. We tried multiple testnets. Over 2 months, hundred of copycats have cloned our model.

We always observe and try to innovate the sustainability of the EarnBNB mechanism via multiple ways. Sustainability is when all holders will get the a decent ROI by collecting reward.

To be honest, the EarnBNB mechanism is an absolute hype model for short term.

We prove it by reaching 100k holders just in 11 days from the MRAT (v1 version). The copycats also prove it.

Users only look at the amount of BNB pool. For example, they can not deny a 6k-BNB-reward-pool project

However, it is a counter-productive mechanism for the long term if it stays alone.

Let me explain further.

  • In the EarnBNB mechanism token, we encourage users to hodl to collect rewards after a waiting cycle.
  • But the reward is generated from the trading volume. It means we must boost holders to be active traders simultaneously. Combining with the increasing cycle waiting logic and AntiWhales mechanism, this is double counter-productive. You can argue by saying that not all users are holders or traders. But it is obviously conflicted for our marketing and operation strategy.
  • Small holders don’t have many benefits. They have to wait for years to break even.
  • CEX role: We understand CEX plays a vital role for all cryptocurrencies. However, exchange listing does not contribute directly to the BNB reward pool. They have an off-chain system. Even though we discussed with some CEXs, but what they can contribute is only short-term marketing.
  • Copycat issues: We don’t compete with copycats and never do. But they only need to change a few settings in the smart contract. They then can have a chance to reach even over10k BNB just in a few weeks. If we don’t introduce a new solution, investors will always compare MoonRat with the copyrats.

So there are 2 ways to solve this bottleneck issue:

  • Increase the trading volume with the current unbreakable obstacles and barriers.
  • Create an ecosystem to support the Earning By Holding mechanism. That is option 2’s vision.

It’s the reason why we want to introduce a new token. Let’s see what it has!

Each wallet can only hold a maximum number of tokens.

Proposal: Limit holding = 1000 MF | Total MF supply = 1,000,000,000 MF.

If you own enough 1000 MF, your address is counted as a Slot Reward.

It means you will be a VIP Membership in all MoonRat Ecosystem projects like EarnBUSD, EarnMatic, EarnETH, EarnAvax. It’s a huge motivation for MF holders: Hold 1000 MF and you will take benefit from all child tokens.

For SMRAT holders: If you hold at least 80,000,000,000 SMRAT you will still become a VIP Member in EarnBUSD.

To make sure all of the projects from the MoonRat Foundation will contribute to the ecosystem without direct competition or overlapping features, MF will not have the AntiWhales and EarnBNB Feature

There is no pre-sale. There is no chance for anyone can buy before the community. We are known as the most transparent team, so we continue to keep that title.

The security and safety of MoonRat investors’ funds is the top priority. The smart contract must be audited before the launch.

Unlike child tokens, MF is friendly designed with CEX. We will plan to use the CEX partnership as the main marketing strategy.

We will have a fund named Father Wallet in MF. (The detail tokenomics is not decided yet)

We use this fund to:

  • Convert to BNB and deposit to the children reward pool like BNB Reward Pool for SMRAT and BUSD Reward Pool for EARNBUSD
  • Buyback child tokens like SMRAT, EARNBUSD and burn them
  • Contribute to the child Marketing Wallet
MF and its children relationship

In all child projects (except SMRAT) will have a fund named Child Wallet.

We use this wallet to:

  • Collect reward from this wallet to buy back and burn MF.
  • Contribute to the MF Marketing Wallet.
Children and MF relationship

It is a closed ecosystem with the internal DEX relationship and the external CEX-focused support!

It can solve the counter-productive problem in the long term, even though in the bearish market.

Imaging MoonRat Foundation has 7 child projects, you can have a decent passive income if you hold all of them.

This is the detailed explanation for option 2 in the proposal.

We respect all the feedback from the community and will follow the vote’s result.

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