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Welcome to Cartesi HQ. Nathalie Brähler, Marko Atanasievski… | by Cartesi | Cartesi | Jun, 2021

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Nathalie Brähler, Marko Atanasievski, Arnaldo Pereira, & Alex Mikhalevich

Welcome to Cartesi HQ Nathalie Brahler Marko Atanasievski… by

With the introduction of Cartesi Governance, the listing of CTSI on Crypto.com and the support of Coinbase Custody being announced in recent weeks, things are really heating up at Cartesi HQ as we near Q3; we have been working tirelessly to expand operations in all areas, from payment solutions with partners such as NOWPayments to building decentralized gaming models with leading blockchains such as Polygon.

We’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon and, in order to keep up the pace, we are excited to welcome four talented individuals to the ever-expanding Cartesi team! Assisting us with marketing efforts and adding to our already stellar engineering team, these new additions will ensure that we enter the second half of 2021 ready to develop Cartesi like never before.

Nathalie Brähler has a wide and award-winning global experience as a creative marketer and business strategist. She has carried projects out in different cultures, such as Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and South Africa. On her quest to create fairer business systems for people, she discovered blockchain technology and decentralisation. She got hooked and since 2018 she set up and taught university courses on bachelor and master level where students learn to ideate fairer, decentralised business concepts. Previously, she co-founded a blockchain-based startup in Influencer Marketing.

Nathalie is the initiator and chair of the annual The Future of Creative Business Conference, showing how AI, blockchain, bots, and new ecosystems are transforming the creative industry worldwide. She has been a speaker and jury member at several international festivals, as well as a workshop leader in innovation-related issues for leading brands.

Marko is a software professional with 12+ years of software development experience, including team lead and software architect positions in both startup and corporate environments. With a great interest in C++/Rust blockchain and system software development, Marko previously worked as a lead blockchain developer for a startup developing a Monero fork, also filling a team lead role for another company working on Edge AI projects.

With a Masters in both Science and Electronics, Marko studied at the University of Belgrade and although his primary field is system software development, he also has expertise in embedded systems, applications, blockchain and web technologies, and working knowledge of various programming languages including Solidity. We’re excited to utilize Marko’s experience in full-stack and blockchain application development to push the envelope for Cartesi’s various products in the coming months!

Arnaldo has 20+ years of experience delivering software and managing the infrastructure of high-scale distributed systems. He has worked on the human genome project in the 2000s, on the Escola Paulista de Medicina cell, and over the last 10 years has been primarily involved with retail, payment systems and cryptocurrencies.

Despite having led people over the last several years, Arnaldo has always been a hands-on professional; he has always been up to date with the latest technology trends and looks to keep his finger on the pulse of technological innovations.

Arnaldo has led architecture and SRE areas of the biggest retailer in Brazil, as well as the IT, engineering and security of one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Latin America. His main interests are the whole software delivery process, SRE and automation, scalability and decentralized architectures.

Alex Mikhalevich is a software developer with a passion for cybersecurity and low-level development. Having worked at reputable companies such as Kaspersky Lab in previous years, Alex has for several years worked on developing and troubleshooting antivirus engines and cryptographic libraries.

As an instructor at both the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Moscow Higher School of Economics, Alex taught classes covering an array of topics surrounding Linux kernel development, as well as meta-programming, dev ops and more. When it comes to languages, Alex is fond of C++ and Rust.

We look forward to welcoming Nathalie, Arnaldo, Alex and Marko to the Cartesi team in what has already been a year of rapid expansion. We are confident that combining their knowledge with that of our various highly skilled developers and blockchain engineers will produce more fireworks for the Cartesi platform this year and beyond!

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