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Block 26: Validators Activation, Hexagons in Helium, 78K+ Hotspots, & More! | by Tim Hess | Jul, 2021

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Tim Hess
Block 26 Validators Activation Hexagons in Helium 78K Hotspots

Summer is heating up for The People’s Network 😎. Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of ecosystem updates, from the release of Console 2.0 Beta to a new Mappers interface, Helium App Hexagons, a growth rate of nearly 1,000 new Hotspots online per day, and much more.

Near the end of June, Validators Mainnet was also announced for $HNT staking, which is the biggest change to the Helium Blockchain since its inception. There is now a total of over 1,500 Validators staked (15x the target goal 🤯). Tomorrow, July 7, 2021, the process to activate Validator nodes on Mainnet will begin. Once activation is complete, Validators will earn approximately 6% of the total minted $HNT from Consensus Group rewards. Learn more about the detailed instructions and technical requirements here.

Staking is just the beginning of the latest and greatest updates. Read on the hear about everything happening in the ecosystem in this edition of the Block newsletter!

Recent Ecosystem Updates

📈 78,000+ Hotspots on The People’s Network

✅ 1,500+ Validators Staked for Activation

♋ Helium Zodiac NFT Auction Completed

📱 Helium App v3.3.0 Launched

📍 Mappers v2 Interface Launched

🔀 Console 2.0 Beta (Testers Needed)

🖥️ Microshare Console Integration

👩‍💻 Batch 1 of DeWi Grant Recipients Chosen

🐳 New Users Barnacle, ConnectedFresh, DIMO, and Abeeway

🗂️ 37 Hotspot Maker Applications Under HIP 19

🕺 16,500+ Hotspots Using Disco Mode

The Fastest Network Growth Yet

The growth of The People’s Network has been out of this world these past months 💫. There are now 7️⃣8️⃣K Hotspots mining $HNT across over 7K cities and 94 countries. See this and more on the new Beta Helium Explorer.

The growth of The People’s Network has rapidly accelerated during the past months. Since the beginning of 2021, the network has catapulted from under 15K Hotspots to now over 78K.

A huge thanks to all building The People’s Network. The exponential growth couldn’t be done without the dedication of the Helium Community.

Helium Zodiac NFT Auction Completed

At the beginning of June, we launched Hotspot NFTs with the Helium Zodiac collection on Metaplex. After running for 12 days, auctions for the 12 NFTs (corresponding with OG Helium Hotspots from our reserve stock) in the collection wrapped up, raising nearly 1,500 $SOL for GiveIndia COVID relief efforts. Make sure to redeem your winning bid or recover your $SOL from the auction here if you haven’t already.

A big thanks to all who participated in the auction 👏.

New Helium App Features📱

Since the $HNT genesis block, Hotspot locations have been represented in hexagons for Proof-of-Coverage. To improve privacy, security, and showcase scaling, Helium has now introduced hexagons in the Helium App with v3.3.0. Besides the introduction of hexes to the Helium App, three new map filters for viewing Hotspots across hexagons make the interface more user-friendly and privacy-forward than ever before. Learn more in the announcement.

Mappers v2 Interface is Here!

Mappers v2 has now been released. This is an entirely new interface for mapping and a huge milestone for the Mappers project. With v2, the site has been totally reworked from front to back. You can now inspect your mapped coverage to see which Hotspots provided coverage for each mapped hex. This new interface looks great from your desktop to your mobile phone and loads new coverage in real-time. Join discussions in the #mappers channel of the Helium Discord to get involved.

Console 2.0 Beta Launched

After months of development, the team is excited to announce the beta release of Console 2.0, delivering increased functionality while providing a more intuitive user experience. Get started testing new features and share feedback to earn Helium swag. Read the announcement.

Batch 1 of DeWi Grant Recipients Chosen

The inaugural batch of grants from the Decentralized Wireless Alliance Grant Program has been chosen, covering a wide range of projects. In total, up to 1,000,000 $HNT is available for 2021 grants from the program. Read the full announcement.

Microshare Console Integration

Last but not least, a brand new Helium Console Integration for Microshare helps businesses make intelligent business decisions with accurate, real-time data from IoT sensors. Learn more.

Recently, new users ConnectedFresh, DIMO, Abeeway, and Barnacle chose The People’s Network as their network provider of choice. Our newest users are making a big step towards increased utilization on The People’s Network with over 152 billion Data Credits spent this past month.

ConnectedFresh chose The People’s Network for food and beverage safety in restaurants, wine cellars, grocery stores, food banks, and more 🍓🍷. With long-lasting IoT sensors, customers are notified when it matters most. Read the announcement.

DIMO’s platform makes it easier than ever for smart infrastructure projects to be collaboratively designed, financed, built, and managed. Read the blog and catch up with DIMO in an episode of The Uplink.

Abeeway announced their brand new IoT trackers to make tracking your valuables, from bikes to pets, luggage, and industrial use cases easier than ever before on The People’s Network. Learn more in an episode of The Uplink.

And most recently, Barnacle selected The People’s Network for a real-time package tracking solution 📦. Sellers, senders, and recipients all benefit by increasing the reliability of tracking (bye porch pirates 👋) and peace of mind. Read the announcement.

Jimmy is Promo & Helium’s Dal Gemmell Talk Validators

Have a question before Validators Mainnet is activated? Check out Jimmy is Promo’s interview with Helium Head of Product Marketing and Planning Dal Gemmell for everything you need to know ✅. Watch here.

FreedomFi Proof of Concept on $HNT Testnet

FreedomFi’s CTO, Joey Padden, shows just how easy it is to use Data Credits for The People’s Network CBRS cellular traffic on the Helium Testnet. Watch the proof of concept demonstration for FreedomFi’s upcoming gateway here.

Stacey on IoT: How Barnacle Found the Right Network

Barnacle’s co-founders evaluated several networks for package tracking, including Amazon Sidewalk, Apple’s Find My Network, and cellular. “They eventually settled on Helium’s LoRa network because it met all of their needs.” More from Stacey Higginbotham on Barnacle’s decision to use The People’s Network here.

The Information Startup to Watch Shoutout

Thanks, Hannah Miller for giving The People’s Network a shouout and featuring Helium as a startup to watch in The Information newsletter! Read the article here.


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