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Advancing Smart Agriculture & Environmental Sustainability with InfiSense | by McKenna Boen | Jul, 2021

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McKenna Boen

Please join us in welcoming InfiSense, the newest user of The People’s Network!

InfiSense simplifies the deployment of LoRaWAN sensors at scale to help businesses implement data-driven solutions that improve the world around us while increasing Network usage and Data Credit demand. InfiSense users are domain experts solving complex problems in various verticals, including smart agriculture, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, smart buildings, supply chain, and more.

Without InfiSense, gathering and analyzing data is both time-consuming and expensive. Many businesses set out to create value from data but are blocked by the complexity of developing, deploying, and managing all of the components required to continuously monitor data at scale. InfiSense removes these barriers by providing sensor data through a simple cloud-based API service — enabling customers to focus on what they do best.

Advancing Smart Agriculture & Environmental Sustainability with InfiSense | by McKenna Boen | Jul, 2021

InfiSense was born after co-founders Martin Bures and Tim Guiterman spent decades working to save energy in buildings and homes. These efforts required collecting millions of data points using various loggers and sensors, resulting in a cascade of problems:

  • Analysts were forced to deal with messy data in hundreds of CSV files or locked in proprietary dashboards and apps
  • Money and time was wasted traveling to deploy data loggers, change batteries and manually download data
  • Relying on local IT networks, existing controls systems, or utilities to get data were all somewhere between impossible and a nightmare
  • Options that allowed for continuous and real-time monitoring were inadequate
  • Connected options like Wifi, BLE, or cellular were too expensive, too power-hungry, and had a very limited range
  • If anything failed in the field there was no visibility into what went wrong, leading to lost data and unhappy clients

These challenges led Bures and Guiterman to identify LoRaWAN as a disruptive technology. Using LoRaWAN, wireless sensors can finally be deployed for an endless number of use cases, placed indoors and outdoors, and have their data reliably streamed back to the cloud. Users do not have to depend on local IT networks or departments for their data needs.

The only problem? LoRaWAN is not traditionally plug-and-play. InfiSense and The People’s Network solve this.

Most businesses want to focus solely on creating value with data. They also want the flexibility to use the data in their own trusted dashboards, AI models, reports, and spreadsheets. Whether it’s decarbonizing buildings, optimizing plant production in agricultural facilities, improving air or water quality, or streamlining the supply chain, continuous sensor data monitoring is required.

With InfiSense, customers simply select Helium-compatible LoRaWAN sensors that meet their data requirements. These sensors are then deployed using The People’s Network, and the data is immediately available via InfiSense’s API. The data can then be used in any analytical tool or dashboard. By removing the complexity and friction out of the process, companies can start with ten sensors and quickly move to thousands, or start at one site and quickly move to hundreds.

The People’s Network sweetens the deal by allowing users to deploy sensors on the largest contiguous wireless network in the world without needing to worry about gateways or coverage. As a company, InfiSense focuses less on Hotspot deployment, and more on making sensor data work for users. To date, InfiSense’s users have deployed thousands of LoRaWAN sensors at nearly 600 sites throughout North America. The rapid growth of The People’s Network opens up countless opportunities to deploy millions of sensors to reach more sites around the world.


One InfiSense customer monitors lighting usage at over 200 different locations in New York City, to verify the energy savings impacts of LED lights. InfiSense enabled this customer to eliminate nearly 40% of installation visits by sending sensors and gateways to home and business owners for self-installation and remote monitoring.

Smart Agriculture

Several customers specialize in maximizing indoor agriculture yield while reducing costs. These users digitize grow rooms with LoRaWAN sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, and CO2. InfiSense makes this data easily accessible for ingestion into AI engines and analytics dashboards that optimize production.

Heat Pumps

One customer measures the energy use of heat pumps throughout New York State and Maine in small businesses and homes. As everything is increasingly “electrified”, and more renewable energy goes on-grid, utilities need to know when and how their customers use heat pumps to effectively forecast demand and resource availability.


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