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NFT Vision Hack x Indorse. “Scalable NFT Art Project” | by Laszlo | Jul, 2021

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“Scalable NFT Art Project”

NFT Vision Hack x Indorse Scalable NFT Art Project

“A scalable NFT Art Project” is a track about encouraging bright minds to come up with projects that will focus on creating scalable digital artworks. You can find inspiration in the most popular NFT projects that have managed to generate scalable digital artworks: CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Meebits, BAYC.

To achieve a scalable artwork project, you will ideally be using generative, procedural or similar scaling methodologies. The basic concept underlying all these famous NFT collections is the use of computation to generate a huge number of unique pieces. One of the most famous ones, the CryptoPunk collection, came up with 10,000 uniquely generated characters — where each NFT was unique, based on different traits or attributes!

In this track, you will have to put together a project that will create a similar number of NFTs without sacrificing the uniqueness of each NFT. Uniqueness can be achieved by modifying some traits of your main design. Unique traits can be the face, head, body of the NFT, or the color, item, background, etc. The uniquely generated NFTs will be a combination of the traits you decide to include in your scalable NFT project.

  • Look at how some of the most successful NFT projects were created and what traits were used: Avastars, Art Blocks, CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Meebits, BAYC.
  • How will you design the original NFT and then all the different traits to create a scalable collection with unique NFTs?
  • What story will accompany your scalable NFT art project? The community loves cool stories or stories that will make your collection even more attractive.
  • Once you have your design, all the traits/attributes, and know how you will generate your big collection, is there anything else you would like to include? Hashmasks, for example, allowed each buyer to name their newly acquired hashmask.
  • In your ‘Deck for A scalable NFT Art Project’, make sure to put extra focus on:
    -Why & how is your project scalable?
    -What is the core design and the traits/attributes of your collection?
    -Do you have a narrative/story around the collection?
    -Why is your project innovative and different from what has been done before?

If you win any of the 3 prizes, IP remains with you. Teams/participants shall retain sole and exclusive title and ownership of their submissions, and Intellectual Property Rights for their submissions.

If you are eligible and accept Indorse’s offer for further collaboration via our Development Grants:

  • Indorse will work out the ongoing project implementation, further work, and the launch with you.
  • Indorse will also discuss and negotiate the IP arrangement with you in this case.
  • You are free to reject any and all offers for Development Grants and collaboration with Indorse.

Please submit the following:

  1. Either:
    a. Your art collection (organized submission), or
    b. A detailed project about your scalable NFT art collection
  2. Slide Deck 2-min video (optional)
    a. Please use this deck as a sample deck to determine the structure
    b. Make sure to include all the required information
  3. 2-min video (optional)
  4. Either (optional*):
  • Please use this deck as a sample deck to determine the structure
  • Make sure to include all the required information

*increase your chance of winning

Please make sure to submit your solution before 30 Aug 2021.

Each participant/team will have to use this deck ‘Deck for A scalable NFT Art Project’ and follow its format and guidelines.

When is the deadline to submit my project?

Submissions are open from 3 July to 30 August.

You can participate solo or in a team. Teams can include up to 5 team members. You can team up with software developers from any country, or with any type of experience!

We have 4 different tracks, all can be found here https://www.nftvisionhack.com/#challenges

Yes, to participate you must be at least 18 years of age.

To follow the hackathon, feel free to follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTVisionHack. Once you register, you will also receive two links for our Discord and Slack communities!

If you missed the Opening Ceremony check out the recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy3wT3UsZbg

You can submit your project to multiple tracks as long as your project fulfills the given requirements of any of the respective tracks.


  1. You create an NFT Art collection at Scale competing for the “NFT Art Collection at Scale” track by Indorse.
  2. You store the NFTs on IPFS for the special prize.
  3. You create the event of a primary sale (primary auction) for your NFT Art Collection using Circle’s APIs, thereby satisfying the “NFT Payment Solutions” track.
  4. You create a separate NFT marketplace for secondary sales and future launches/minting of additional items of your NFT art collection series and launch it on Rarible Protocol, thereby tapping onto Rarible Protocol’s liquidity and fulfilling the requirements for the “Build on Rarible Protocol” track.
  5. If you have questions about the eligibility of your project for a particular track, kindly consult the organization team on either Slack or Discord.

Indorse is building cool products for tech teams and the blockchain space. Our all-in-one platform is focused on tech & coding skills and is based on a community of leading industry experts! For further information about Indorse please visit www.indorse.io or follow @joinindorse on Twitter.

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