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Concordium Unveils Partnership Programme for Global Developers

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  • Concordium has revealed a partnership programme for global developers.
  • Concordium Free & Open Grants offers up to $20K for initial and $75K for follow-up grants.

Concordium has revealed a partnership programme for global developers to build a credible, trusted, and sustainable blockchain industry. Through this programme developers get a chance to work with some of the reputed blockchain industry and also helps to release the full potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Concordium’s platform provides access to a secure, transparent, regulatable, and sustainable blockchain and cryptocurrency, indicating the end of an era of anonymity and distrust that undermined the industry’s development. Concordium platform will vary from other industry participants by providing past unseen guarantees of transparency and governance.

In order to meet global regulators’ needs and to create trust for users, users are identifiable and the provenance of each transaction is trackable. At the same time, identities could be made available, but only if required.

In June, the Swiss-based company made its Mainnet debut. However, it clears the way for any developer or user to access the Concordium platform. Start receiving financial support from today to work alongside the company in its mission to revolutionise the industry.  

More so, the newly-announced Concordium Free & Open Grants Programme provides developers up to $20K for initial grants and $75K for follow-up grants.

Concordium’s Chief Executive Lone Fønss Schrøder said,

“We are not just a company, we are part of a community…We know we can’t help this industry maximise its potential alone. That’s why we are supporting developers and asking them to join us.”

Developers will get an opportunity to work with members of Concordium’s Executive and Steering Committee that includes ETH Zurich Prof. Ueli Mahrer and Prof. Hans Gersbach, Dr. Torben Pedersen Concordium’s CTO and Father of the Pedersen Commitment, and Michael Jackson former Skype COO and Mangrove Capital Partner.

Concordium’s CTO Torben Pryds Pedersen explained ‘this is a two-way street’. Moreover, as an open and decentralized platform Concordium’s vision is grounded in reciprocity and giving back to developers and also the science community. Firstly, they created the Concordium Blockchain Research Center in Aarhus. Followed with the announcement of the DevX initiative. At present, they conduct this grant programme.

Even more, Concordium aims on the requirements of developers and companies, taking future regulatory rules into account and doing so sustainably solves the issues that have so far prevented the widespread use of blockchain technology.

All-in-all, Concordium was developed by a non-profit Swiss foundation. It is backed by a group of respected academics and industry veterans. From its launch in 2018, it has joined the development of its own crypto and blockchain with an aim to help redefine the values over which the industry has been developed.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and commitment to a global rules-based system will attract the interest of investors. This year, they successfully raised over $41 million from private and strategic sales, however, the company is valued at $4.45 billion.

Furthermore, the Concordium Free & Open Grants Programme is open to any developer or technology project who is ready to contribute to the Concordium and Rustlang ecosystems. More so, the applicants could see a list of areas in the Concordium Technology Stack that demand specific development here. Moreover, the application is open to all developers or technology projects, interested users could also apply.

All-in-all, the Grants are tracked transparently on GitHub and disbursed in Euros, US Dollars, or GTU, Concordium’s digital currency.

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