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Dvision Network to Launch Its Metaverse Across 5 Blockchains With Enjin

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  • Dvision is working with Enjin to launch its Metaverse across 5 blockchains.
  • It has already conducted a successful Open Beta Test for the metaverse.
  • Further, the beta mode for its upcoming NFT marketplace is available on its website.

3D VR streaming platform Dvision Network has joined hands with Enjin to launch its Metaverse across five leading blockchains. With this, Dvision will become the first Metaverse to run on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Efinity, Polkadot, as well as Enjin’s carbon-negative JumpNet network.

Originally built on Ethereum and bridged further to BSC, Dvision Network will work with Enjin to create new benchmarks as a multichain platform. Enjin is a one-stop-shop for developing scalable and interoperable blockchain systems. Its comprehensive product stack for creating, integrating, trading, and distributing NFTs make it an industry leader in the crypto space.

Once the integration is complete, Enjin’s API will let Dvision users mint NFTs for avatars, real estate, as well as decor, and combine them into its metaverse character and world creators. Users will be able to design unique avatar NFTs with Dvision’s character creator and mint them on their preferred blockchain. Other than this, Enjin’s network of bridges will also be available for users to easily move their NFTs across blockchains. This will pave the way for easy and quick liquidity while allowing users to capitalize on relevant marketplaces.

Users can also get real estate NFTs allowing them to create their own worlds within Dvision’s metaverse. Decor and furniture minted on any of the five blockchains can be placed inside these properties.

In addition to this, Dvision plans to host a multi-chain marketplace for NFT creators and collectors. This way users can mint and trade their unique creations regardless of the base blockchain. Adding more to this, the platform will let users take advantage of the secondary marketplaces on their preferred blockchain as well. For instance, they can use OpenSea on Ethereum, or Fangible on Binance Smart Chain.

Dvision Network’s Metaverse offers unique value by simply letting any user easily create NFT items without any development-related expertise. This, paired with Enjin’s interoperability features will take the Metaversal experience to the next level.

Jung Hyun Eom, CEO of Dvision Network, commented on the importance of the move:

“We fully recognize the necessity for further facilitation of the usability of the NFTs. Provided, the picture that we have seen previously on the Ethereum-based NFTs, where the creation and the possession of the items came at a huge cost for simple game players, who had to pay huge amounts of money for simple in-game items. With the help of the Enjin, we will allow users to create NFTs for free, and let the market decide its price, but not the burdensome gas fees”

Leading the way in Virtual Reality development, Dvision is currently ranked 5th in the metaverse category (as per CoinMarketCap rankings) and is making rapid progress in optimizing user experience. Recently, it conducted a successful Open Beta Test which took place in two phases. The trial saw many users participating to get early access to Dvision’s Metaverse.

For Dvision, the successful wrap of its OBT marked the beginning of a series of exciting future possibilities. Its collaboration with Enjin is bound to make waves in the NFT space.

Moving forward, Dvision is getting ready to launch its own NFT market. A beta version of it is already available on its website. It will also be hosting “Luniverse Partners Day ” in collaboration with Lambda 256, which is a BAAS – Blockchain as a Service – and enables companies to leverage blockchain technology for business purposes. The event is a first-ever metaverse-based conference and will take place inside the Dvision world. Details of the event are available on their official blog

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