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Reserve 2021 Q2 Update. What happened at Reserve in Q2 of 2021? | by Eduardo | Reserve | Jul, 2021

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Reserve 2021 Q2 Update. What happened at Reserve in Q2 of 2021? | by Eduardo | Reserve | Jul, 2021

Extended service hours for the app

While we’ve been offering direct RSV transfers between app users 24/7 since the beginning, one of the most asked for features is to also enable this for withdrawals and deposits. This wasn’t possible before due to technical and HR limitations but now we’ve reached a point where we can start extending our service hours and we’ll continue to do so until we reach a 24/7 service. A few weeks ago we started by extending the service’s closing hour from 6:00pm to midnight (Venezuela time) and starting July 24, we will also have fiat exchange service open on Saturdays and Sundays from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

Customer support has been significantly improved

We have changed our app customer support platform which has allowed us to streamline and modernize our customer support workflow significantly and has solved many issues we used to have in the past that were a source of frustration for app users trying to get help or trying to make transactions. There is a new support agent bot called Rosi which our users love as it can quickly solve most of their common problems and tasks without having to wait a long time for a human agent to respond. As a consequence of this improved user experience we are now seeing users giving better ratings to the app on the Play Store.


As a way to foster internal direct P2P transactions of our stablecoin among app users, we will be prioritizing those who use this feature the most by giving them more invitations that they can send to their friends and relatives. Each Tuesday, and starting from July 7th, we are giving out up to 10 invitations per user to this group. This day we’re calling it Rangers Day because this will be the day of the week when we’ll welcome most of the new users.

We are rolling out an experimental payroll service

Even today, remote contractors don’t have it easy when it comes to receiving payments across borders, available options tend to be expensive and not very convenient, and that’s not the case only with people in countries with foreign currency exchange controls like Venezuela and Argentina, but rather everywhere.

Mainnet launch is on the horizon

While the mainnet launch date is dependent on implementation details and contract audits, we’d like to reassure RSR holders that we feel confident about launching mainnet before the end of 2021 and we are planning to publish more information in the coming weeks detailing the exact date and what to expect.

Significant protocol revamp

The protocol is getting a significant upgrade, which we are quite excited about. We are simplifying things and making the protocol more flexible and open. In the next one or two months we will be publishing new documentation to help inform and educate our community about the mechanics of this protocol upgrade and the rationale behind it.

We are getting ready to spread the word

New KYC process for the app

We are currently testing several know-your-customer or “KYC” software providers to help automate much of our customer onboarding process. Many of the processes we have in place currently are manual, and without this software, it would be difficult for the compliance team to keep up as we scale. Once implemented, we expect customer approval times to decrease dramatically.

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