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The Summer Jam LAND Sale — Extension | by The Sandbox | The Sandbox | Jul, 2021

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Like the ocean, the waves keep coming!

The Sandbox

Yes you’ve read that right! We are adding two more waves to the Summer Jam LAND sale before we reach the end of this event.

You thought this was the end of our LAND sales? Well think again! Summer is not over in The Sandbox either so we added two extra waves to tide you over until our next events take place! You will have more chances to purchase some of the additional 1,508 LANDs, 569 Premium LANDs, bid on more ESTATEs and discover new partners along the waves. Read more about these below!

The LAND sales will resume with our sixth wave that will take place on August 5th. For this first wave, 752 LANDs and 267 Premium LANDs will be for sale around six new projects:

This is bananas! A new type of apes are making their way into our metaverse. Kongz, the apes that live in an alternate reality will swap their usual 2D form for a voxelized 3D version for our sixth wave. They are more than ready to leave their jungle for new adventures in The Sandbox.

Another metaverse is teaming up with The Sandbox. The MonstroCities, a social avatar metaverse game made of a collection of consisting of four elemental monster civilizations Terra (earth), Aquatica (water), Ignitus (fire) and Spiritus (air),willbuild an exclusive experience within their ESTATE in The Sandbox, where we hope to see some insane voxelized monsters compete against one another.


Mini games anyone? GAMEE is a platform that is all about rewarding gamers for their skill by hosting tournaments where they can play to earn. We are sure we’ll see some more tournaments hosted on the ESTATE they claimed in our metaverse.

Imagine having an NFT that is audibly and visually pleasing. That is what Bitlectro Labs offers with Dreamloops, a programmatically generated series of audio-visual NFTs. Each Dreamloops features original chiptune musical loops with an accompanying piece of animated 16-bit album art. Some of the 10,000 may find their way into the ESTATE claimed by the Bitlectro team so keep your eyes (and ears) peeled!

The independent community aligned with the creators of Meebits are claiming their stake of the Metaverse. The development fund for the Meebits ecosystem will own an ESTATE in our sixth wave of Summer Jam LAND sale.

The digital fashion house Fabricant is developing end-to-end 3D narratives by merging physical and digital capabilities to create interactive brand experiences between digital couture and fashion experiences. You can check their ESTATE in The Sandbox and discover more about their project.

Closing the curtain of the Summer Jam LAND Sale will be the seventh and final wave on atFor this last wave we will have 756 LANDS, 302 additional Premium LANDS and seven more partners to discover.

Created by one of our ambassadors, NFT Swapper is an upcoming tool that will allow users to swap their LANDs and other NFTs to facilitate trades within the community. Users will also have a chance to meet up on their ESTATE to discuss trades and more!

The CryptoArt platform gives an opportunity for artists to showcase and sell their blockchain-based work to collectors. On CryptoArt, every digital artwork, be it visual, animations, audio, photographs or other original content, is authentic and truly unique. With their entrance within our metaverse we hope that their ESTATE can be a space where artists, art enthusiasts and collectors can meet and share their passions in a place where we can see some of the art displayed.

Wicked Craniums

The Wicked Craniums is an NFT collection of unique looking skulls. These skeletons are the pictorial representation of the 10,762 Craniums that belong to the island of Osseous. Having these Craniums join our metaverse will bring this more versatility and even more cool NFTs!

Fitness has never been this gamified. OliveX is a digital lifestyle company whose goal is to improve the integration of technology with fitness to create an interactive fitness metaverse which is built on artificial intelligence, gamification and premium content. Dust off your dumbbells and get ready for an immersive and fun fitness experience with OliveX.

Brand New Vision (BNV)

Brand New Vision is the digital fashion marketplace where you can bid for, collect, and trade virtual apparel, footwear and accessories from leading brands and designers.


MoonCats are collectable pieces of art. The 25,600 pixelated collectable cats with randomized features based on a set of attributes made up of a range of colors and patterns are ready for their new voxelized lives on our Metaverse.

Athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, entertainers and players will enjoy this partner. Round21 is the project that celebrates the originality within each player through art by customizing sport gear.

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