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PancakeSwap July Recap: a Lot o’ Lotto! | by PancakeSwap | PancakeSwap | Aug, 2021

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Can you believe it’s flipping August already?! That means it’s time for our monthly update!

PancakeSwap July Recap: a Lot o’ Lotto! | by PancakeSwap | PancakeSwap | Aug, 2021



The PancakeSwap Lottery is back and bigger than ever!

Since relaunch on July 6th, the PancakeSwap community as a whole has hit some massive jackpots:

Have you played yet?

Get your PancakeSwap Lottery tickets for only $5 a ticket. New rounds every 12 hours!

The first Community Auction is now over!

20 Projects bid CAKE to battle for the right to host a 1x farm for their token. As a result, a massive 57,380 CAKE will be burned!

The winning farms this round were:

For projects, this gives a way to incentivize liquidity provision for your token’s pairs. For CAKE holders, the CAKE burned will contribute to the ongoing reduction of CAKE supply. If you’re a project looking to run a Farm, apply via the PancakeSwap Farm application form.

This is a big one… and you might not have even noticed. Besides the under-the-hood upgrades, here’s what you might notice:

Already served:

Still cooking:

How do you feel about the new homepage at https://pancakeswap.finance?

With this update, we’re aiming to simplify our messaging and lower the barrier for entry for new users to understand and start using PancakeSwap. What do you think? Let us know on Telegram or tweet to us @PancakeSwap.

Wow, what a milestone!
To celebrate hitting 1 Million followers on Twitter, we’re hosting a fun competition. Get creative and win! It’s easy.

🥞 Recreate the PancakeSwap logo, any way you like.

🥞 Tweet your image/video with #MyPancakeSwap.

🥞 Prizes: 🏆 $1,000 | 🥈 $700 | 🥉 $300

We knew you guys were creative… but we didn’t expect this! Here’s a peek at some of the applications we’ve already received, made of food, fur, and… some other weird stuff.

Pierogi-Swap by @ilyastroev
Purring-Cat-Swap by @hydrangea431
Blursed Pizza-Swap by @wmk3com
Pedigree-Pupper-Swap by @kimmynator
Play-doh(?)-Swap by @JessNFT

Think you can do better?

There’s still time!

Catch the original tweet for context and rules.

On July 1st, the community voted to reduce CAKE block emissions by a massive 10%.

Now only 19 new CAKE are emitted every block, and including buybacks, in July the effective emission was about 17 CAKE per block.

Continuing our trajectory towards net negative CAKE emissions, we’re preparing to host another monthly vote to further reduce CAKE emissions:

As usual, we won’t be giving strict timelines for these tasks, but here’s a teaser of tasks that are in the works:

As with any fast-growing project, as we’ve added more and more great stuff to PancakeSwap, we’ve also gathered a bit of technical debt.

We’ll be taking a short break from pumping out new features to spend a few weeks focusing on code maintenance and performance updates, so we can keep scaling efficiently without compromising on performance.

The designs and smart contracts for the simple liquidity provision system are largely done and dusted, and we’re hoping front-end development may start work soon.

In case you missed it, we’re working on a simpler way to provide liquidity: Even if you’ve only got $200 of Token A and $300 of Token B, you’ll be able to deposit them all in a liquidity pool at once, and let the system rebalance your tokens to a 50/50 split for you. Available for select pairs.

See for yourself!

Check out the development that’s been happening this month on the PancakeSwap Github with 👉 this sweet visualisation video! 👈

🤐 That’s certainly not all we’ve got planned, but it’s all we’ll say for now.

Is there anything else you’d like to see?

Let us know on Twitter, in our Telegram group, or over in our growing Reddit community!

Stack ‘em!

Bugsie 🐌🐰🥞

PS: Any designers out there wanna see something neat?

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