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Rejuve Roadmap Phase 2 🚀 Mid-2021 Progress Report — Part 4 | by Ibby Benali | Aug, 2021

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Rejuve is a new kind of organization with a very old goal; to extend healthy human life as long as possible in a quest to radically increase the human healthspan

Ibby Benali
Rejuve Roadmap Phase 2 🚀 Mid-2021 Progress Report — Part 4 | by Ibby Benali | Aug, 2021
Rejuve Roadmap Phase 2 🚀 Mid-2021 Progress Report — Part 4 | by Ibby Benali | Aug, 2021

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Rejuve will be launching the Longevity App for both iPhone and Android to help you explore and improve your healthspan. By providing data, you will earn rewards that can be traded for discounts on products and services such as supplements, DNA test kits or longevity therapies. Unlike some other health-tracking firms, Rejuve will give you full control over your own data at all times and protect your identity. Rejuve is on a mission to decentralize health data to advance longevity science breakthroughs while keeping millions of people around the world in the best health possible, and make new longevity therapies and solutions accessible and affordable to all!

Rejuve product development

Rejuve is working hard on the launch of their MVP of their core product: the Longevity app. They plan to publish it for Android and iOS in early Q4 2021.

This app offers many benefits:

  • You can use your data for personal interest or offer it to longevity researchers. This data will contribute to important research that can benefit anyone affected by aging.
  • The app will give you tailored cutting-edge scientific advice on increasing your longevity. The advice will be fine-tuned by multiple measurements including wearable signals, detailed health surveys, blood and DNA testing.
  • With your optional consent, your data will be added to a central, reliable database; research institutions can license the rights to conduct specific AI-based analysis on the data, getting their results without getting access to the unredacted data. The rich information it contains can revolutionize health research and become an extremely valuable resource for researchers in the field of health and medicine. Users who supply data will be rewarded proportionally for any successes derived from these licenses.

As a user of the app, you can specify the research projects and institutions can use your data. At any time you can withdraw your consent for future usage of your data, or have your data removed from our databases.

Rejuve Covid Signals App

As you may have read, Rejuve also developed a Covid Signals app, which would discern the likelihood that one may currently be infected with Covid-19, the level of risk of a serious infection if you were to contract the disease, and the efficacy of their personal social distancing behaviors.

Due to the sensitive nature of the Covid-19 pandemic and public information regarding it, release of any app or software service in this regard involves particular validation and assessment processes. While these processes continues, we will publish one function of this app, the Cough Detector, as a separate service for educational/research purposes. There will be a future blogpost regarding the details of this app. Learn more about Covid-19 research by SingularityNET here, and check out our Covid-19 Simulation Summit playlist.

Rejuve’s advanced AI and the platform

A vital ability of Rejuve’s AI is making insights about a particular user from incomplete data. Input from other users with richer data can help build a model that applies to all. So If one user has access to DNA tests and wearables, the data they provide will improve the model for users without access to these data sources.

Rejuve will feed data into cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence on SingularityNET, which will combine it with other data sources and theoretical models of scientific processes. This will guide our scientists in new hypotheses on the best longevity treatments!

Rejuve’s tokenomics strategy and go-to-market timelines

Rejuve is also planning a go-to-market strategy that includes a token generation event targeted for Q4.

The token will be used in multiple ways:

  • Users can get rewards for providing data that Rejuve can use for longevity research and personalised longevity insights.
  • Users can get rewarded if their data is being licensed to health research institutes.
  • Users can get discounts on supplements or test kits
  • Governance of the network via voting

More detailed information on tokenomics in the app will be shared with the community in future blog posts leading up to the launch of the Longevity App and the token generation event.

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