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The Sandbox Project Update — Summer 2021 | by The Sandbox | The Sandbox | Sep, 2021

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In the top-left of the map you will see a smaller, mini-map. This can be used to help navigate the larger map. You can also use the drop-down box below it to instantly transport you to a specific part of the map.

Check our new map to get acquainted with these new perks.

The Sandbox NFT Marketplace beta is the place where artists can showcase their creations and monetize them.

Following its launch, we have successfully launched several NFT collection drops where NFT aficionados spent 18,7389 $SAND in July and 144,175 $SAND in August.

The Music Festival NFT collection had all the right NFTs to create your own jazzy experience within the metaverse.

Followed by a fantastic drop, the Mystical Festival, coming from the minds of talented Japanese artists.

The shopping cart is now available, allowing you to check out all your NFTs at once, speeding up all transactions. No excuses now, you can begin loading up on these amazing NFTs that are all listed in the Marketplace!

Visit the marketplace now to get your own NFTs!

The Game Maker is currently on its 0.6.9 version and with it we are introducing some awesome game characteristics for you to create and play the best of experiences. The Game Maker now loads faster while consuming less memory and all of that with a higher frame rate than ever.

Here are a few of the coolest features you can already test out in the Game Maker:

New Features

  • NFT Image Self Illumination

Let the light shine bright with this new feature you decide if the environment illumination within your game experience will display the same brightness as the original NFT image or if it will show the default lighting conditions you’ve set.

A feature that gives you the opportunity to add this behaviour to any NFTs present in your experience. The interact component will then let the players inspect the NFT’s information: name, creator, owner, rarity and stats, as well as a button that opens a marketplace tab with the asset in the user’s browser. Any message can trigger this “NFT Details Display” and can be used on both internal assets or external NFT images.

Gameplay Improvements

As part of our constant improvements to the Gameplay and Combat system we’ve added the following features:

  • Running Speed: Run away from your enemies, or charge at them 20% faster!
  • Gameplay UI: Bust out your dancing shoes because we have added more random dance options.
  • Music & SFX Settings: Blast the volume all the way up for an epic battle or turn it down for a stealth spy mode adventure. This new features gives you the power to adjust the Music and SFX volumes from the settings panel.

Our bug exterminator team quashed quite a few bugs with this new update. You won’t have to worry about various issues that caused random application crashes or to become unresponsive. Other bugs on gameplay and Editor Usability were fixed.


  • Undo
    The amount of undo steps was increased from 10 to 30.
  • Fill In between

Found in the Timeline’s contextual menu, it allows for the automatic baking of keyframes.

  • Send to All
    Also in the Timeline’s contextual menu, it copies selected keyframes to all other animations, overwriting existing keyframes.
  • Select All and Delete All Keyframes

There’s now a quicker way to manage keyframes per Node. You can select multiple keyframes at once and delete them at will rendering your work all that swifter.

This VoxEdit version will see the introduction of the long requested broom button feature in the Animations panel. The feature allows you to delete all animation in one fell swoop.

Currently in phase 4, The Sandbox liquidity mining program each month the pool will be replenished with 1,000,000 more $SAND and the LAND multiplier will remain active. Stakers that have liquidity in the pool from July 30th to August 30th are also eligible for the Golden Skull.

Next snapshot will be taken on September 30th to determine its lucky winners.

Last month’s reward NFT, the Golden Key, will soon become available for claim on our NFT page so keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement.

You can read more about the program and how you can participate by reading our article.

Another game jam took place from July 23rd till August 6th. For this two-week long jam, participants had to submit a festival themed experience.

Shorter time didn’t mean that the submissions were of lesser quality. This goes to show that with the right tools and some creativity, you can achieve mind blowing experiences. Check the winners on the awards ceremony below and see for yourself:

VoxEdit Contests

Creating a UGC platform starts with giving our community the best tools to let their imagination run wild.

These contests bring out the inventive side of our community and manage to blow our expectations to the roof. So much so that we’ve empowered the winners of our previous two contests and made an NFT collection with their submissions.


Download VoxEdit for free and start creating your own amazing ASSETs today.

Join our community

Be sure to check out our community and join the discussion:

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/sandbox

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