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Serum Newsletter #42. Welcome, readers, to Serum Newsletter… | by Serum | DeFi on Solana | Sep, 2021

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Welcome, readers, to Serum Newsletter #42! What’s going on with Serum and Solana this time around? As per usual, we’ll give you the run-down all the week’s frenetic and energic happenings.

Serum Discord: https://discord.gg/V9Xzqqxj

Serum Telegram: https://t.me/ProjectSerum

Announcements: https://t.me/ProjectSerum_announcements

Project Serum has surpassed $6.8B in trading volume since inception.

This week, 95.4K SRM was burned and 23.8K SRM was dropped onto stakers — This is $990k worth at current prices!

This week, we’re delighted to introduce Vybe Network, previously known as Serum Pulse — the premier analytics platform and intuitive dashboard for market and staking data for the Serum and Solana communities.

Enjoy quick learning sessions from @MercurialFi: learn more about Project Serum and earn $MER and $SRM by doing so!

Sam Bankman-Fried and Edward will be speaking at the upcoming event Blockchain Live hosted by @Winkrypto @ChainNewscom that will take place on September 19.

Spoiler Alert: Project Serum is moving fast! 💪

Another incredible achievement by the Symmetry team! Swap volumes have been steadily increasing over the past few weeks.

The time has come for you to test Solflare wallet! An extension for accessing distributed applications has been deployed on the Solana blockchain.

Anyone can make their own permissionless pool on Step Finance!

Just visit the Swap page and click on “Liquidity” to make a pool for your favourite token: https://app.step.finance/#/swap

Solana is definitely where everything is happening! The next few years are going to be incredible for everyone involved in the ecosystem.

Have you already acquired your favorite NFT spaceship to explore the Metaverse of Star Atalas? 🚀

Discover the Marketplace 🔭

Do you already own your favourite domain on Solana? Now is the time to learn about how to acquire it, thanks to Bonfida’s tutorial!

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully illustrates some of the exciting projects building within the Serum ecosystem!

@ProjectSerum, yours truly, to provide plug-in orderbook matching and liquidity to devs to compose and seed their DApps

@PythNetwork Pyth is designed to bring real-world data on-chain on a sub-second timescale.

@WormholeOracle for bridging SPL with ETH and Terra

@RaydiumProtocol for swaps and liquidity pools

@mangomarkets for decentralized leveraged trading and borrow-lending infra

@MAPS_ME for integrating millions of users into DeFi ecosystem

@Oxygen_protocol for an on-chain prime brokerage

@staratlas powering an MMO game economy on the markets.

@aurory powering an in-game economy for multiple game modes

@OpenEra bridging an in-game money market with off-game markets

@PsyOptions launching a vanilla options protocol.

@bonfida providing a beautiful GUI interface and automated trading

@JetProtocol for permissionless borrow-lending

@COPE for trading leaderboard creation to power an index and automated investment product

@Media Network for a privacy-first and community-governed content delivery network

@phantom wallet to interact with the ecosystem

@Solrise as a decentralized fund management and investment protocol

@SolendProtocol decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing on Solana.

@ZetaMarkets the premier under-collateralized DeFi options platform built on Solana

@MoetFi capital-efficient derivatives exchange built on Solana.

Foresight Markets prediction markets with ample exit liquidity and opportunities to earn spreads for MM’s

Mercurial Finance DeFi’s first dynamic vaults for stable assets on Solana

Symmetry decentralized index protocol for easy diversification and passive earnings

@Saber_HQ a cross-chain stablecoin and wrapped assets exchange on Solana

@gopartyparrot a liquidity network for lending & borrowing on Solana

@StepFinance_ visualise, analyse, execute and aggregate transactions across all Solana contracts in one place

@Solfarmio the efficient Solana yield aggregator

@offpiste_io powering the new frontier of the private capital markets

@slope_finance building the decentralized exchange for communities

@cyclosfi the first AMM bringing concentrated liquidity to Solana

@LiqProtocol decentralized on-chain liquidation engine powering Project Serum markets & lending platforms on Solana

And so many more!

If you have any questions or wish to build in the Serum ecosystem, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

We’re always happy to answer questions or assist you in any way we can!

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