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Why I joined CoinFund — Christopher Perkins, President | by Chris Perkins | Sep, 2021

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Chris Perkins
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Throughout my career, I have always focused on surrounding myself with highest caliber teams and positioning myself on the cutting edge of innovation — often at the forefront of history.

The world is going through a period of profound, revolutionary change. Within the digital asset ecosystem, explosive innovation is driving value creation in a way that the world has not witnessed since the advent of the internet. Every day, advances in technology fuel new capabilities and unlock new concepts, ideas and philosophies — extending well beyond finance to impact and influence art, science, culture, politics and other major fields of study. In fact, the world is only just beginning to understand how blockchain technologies and Web 3.0 will impact lives and change the world.

From my seat in traditional finance, I watched in excitement as I saw Metcalfe’s Law unfold as a new, parallel financial system — supported by robust communities — started taking form with technology that was generations ahead of legacy finance.

It’s easy to imagine my exhilaration as I jump into the heart of this dynamic digital asset landscape by joining the CoinFund team, where I will have an opportunity to apply my experiences and background to fulfill my passion to innovate and build — as together, we continue to position CoinFund as a recognized, global leader in investment management.

I love to lead. As a U.S. Marine, I had the opportunity to serve on the violent streets of Ramadi, Iraq during some of the most difficult urban combat conditions in 2004. This experience made me stronger, shaped my perspective on life, and taught me how to build and lead teams, overcome adversity and drive success.

In traditional finance, I worked closely with regulators, governments and financial institutions after the global financial crisis to build multiple, leading, global derivatives businesses as the $700 trillion dollar derivatives industry migrated from an unregulated to regulated paradigm. Building successful, scalable, regulated businesses is a complex endeavor, and I’m keen to apply my experiences to drive success at CoinFund and across our portfolio partners.

Now, as the President of CoinFund, I am joining a highly diverse, differentiated team that has a reputation for its ability to seamlessly navigate the digital asset ecosystem, identify value and partner with companies and protocols with a “founders first” approach. My mission is to deliver institutional scale to further fuel the investment process and drive value for our portfolio partners and investors — as I bridge the gap between the world of digital assets and traditional finance. My goal is to continue to differentiate CoinFund by building a best in class enterprise capable of navigating the complexities of emerging global regulation, supported by highly robust, automated operational infrastructure, and governed through efficient processes. Together, we will drive a culture of continued investment excellence with a focus on risk management and ironclad regulatory compliance. I look forward to leveraging my knowledge of financial market infrastructure and technology to identify value during the investment process.

Service has always been an important part of my life, and CoinFund’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes really make it stand out. Nearly 40% of the Coinfund team is female and nearly 40% of the team are persons of color. Building off this culture and strong diversity foundation, my role will give me a unique opportunity to continue to serve communities by pioneering and innovating new ESG concepts, capabilities and strategies across CoinFund, the crypto industry and beyond. I’m ready to get started!

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