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Tomi Heroes NFT Sales Volume Is Rocketing, TOMI Sale Will Blow Up!

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  • Tomi Heroes NFT are all the buzz on OpenSea.
  • The NFTs are the only way to access the TOMI token pre-sale.
  • Polygon network will host the sale on September 21.

DeFi and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) fans have been flocking to Tomi Heroes lately. These NFTs are all the buzz on OpenSea. The NFTs have set a trading volume at more than 455 Ether. This comes up to over $1.5 million. Thus, making Tomi Heroes NFTs the talk of the town.

It seems clear that this project is the one that’s caught the eye of the crypto community. To begin with, these NFTs will allow its owner access to the TOMI token pre-sale. The TOMI launch will take place on September 21, 2021.

TOMI Pre-Sale on the Polygon Network

In detail, the TOMI token launch will include three presale rounds which will each last for 30 minutes, as well as a private sale. To add on, the presale will run on the Polygon network via SushiSwap. This will ensure fast transactions at low gas fees.

Having the launch on Polygon’s network is a smart move from the project. What with Ethereum’s infamous gas fees and time-consuming transactions, Polygon offers a much speedier and affordable alternative.

Truly, the logic behind the Tomi ecosystem is ingenious. Pre-sales for tokens in the crypto space are usually treated as a quick profit and dump scheme by many traders. However, Tomi is revolutionary this feature. It is doing so by giving pre-sale investors a prior incentive to join the cause.

In particular, the Tomi Heroes NFTs are the incentive. For instance, owners of these NFTs are the only ones who can participate in this sale. The Tomi team will use all the proceeds made from the Tomi Heroes NFTs to buy and burn TOMI tokens during the TOMI sale.

This ensures an insanely high return on investment (ROI). Meanwhile, FOMO will make sure that more NFTs will be bought as more and more participants will want to take part in the TOMI pre-sale rounds. Therefore, the platform aims to elevate and reward the stakeholders and not the developers.

Although the collectibles will always hold value for the secondary market, we mustn’t gloss over the fact that the project has tapped into a new way to generate interest for pre-sale initiatives. All in all, the project is introducing the act of incentivizing holding NFTs over flipping them for quick profits. This will likely set a new mark for inventive demand-driven and ethical tokenomics.

TOMI Technology, TOMISwap, and TOMIFundMe

Looking at Tomi’s technology, it is focusing on powering scalable projects with blockchain technology and introducing DEX swapping. Hence, its core solution will revolve around the next-generation trading platform — TOMISwap and TOMIFundMe.

Specifically, TOMISwap, built by the Tomi team, will run on Ethereum’s blockchain. The platform will specialize in allowing users to swap between multiple tokens for small transaction fees. It will also elevate sustainability, efficiency, and speed to facilitate high throughput and scalability.

As for the transaction fee per swap on the DEX. It is capped at 0.3% of the amount, thanks to the use of decentralized liquidity providers. From this fees:

  • Liquidity providers will earn 66.6% of transaction fees from TOMISwap and the Sushiswap smart contract’s activity.
  • Governance token stakers will receive 16.6% of the transaction fee.
  • TOMISwap user giveaways will be allocated 8.3% of the transaction fee.
  • The remaining 8.3% goes to TOMIFundMe.

This brings us to TOMIFundMe. On this platform, users can set up a profile to build and grow their business ideas to change the world for the better. In fact, TOMI holders can even vote on projects to help them get grants. Meanwhile, the grants are funded by 8.3% of the TOMISwap fees. Likewise, Tomi is decentralizing future development in the industry.

TOMI Ecosystem: An Iconic Purpose

As for the role of the TOMI token, it is the platform’s native cryptocurrency and takes on a lot of roles. For instance, community governance, liquidity provision, cheap transactions, and much more. Governance token stakers will gain passive income from TOMISwap and can vote on decisions for the project’s next steps.

TOMI token has an initial supply of 1.5 billion. Half of this will provide liquidity on SushiSwap, 250 million will fund the project’s development, while 500 million will unlock after 3 years. More so, TOMISwap will provide TOMI staking in October 2021 after the TOMI sale.

In conclusion, Tomi NFTs and the Tomi team are creating wealth with fairness and transparency. Most importantly, the team’s decision to use all proceeds to buy back TOMI tokens, thus, reducing the supply from the get-go, truly shows their commitment to a long-term business plan that will undoubtedly change the DeFi space for the better.

Any interested parties looking to join this revolutionary project can head over to grab their very own Tomi Heroes NFT. Hurry and snatch one up before supplies run out!

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