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In the spotlight: Æmbassadors. Leaders of the æcommunity | by æternity blockchain | Sep, 2021

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Now it’s time to present some of the questions our prolific æmbassador were asked, as well as their answers.

What do you think is the most important next improvement or application to the æternity blockchain?

Gyan: “Having been with the æternity ecosystem for some time, I believe that one of the most important things to build is a lot of tutorials which exhibit how to build an end to end product using æternity technology. The SDK docs can be improvised to make it more user friendly. There should be more focus on education and awareness in the ecosystem.’’

Emmanuel: “More marketing of advantages to get people to develop on the blockchain which can’t happen if the token price is not encouraging.’’

Arjan: “Of course NFT support, but that’s already in progress.”

Juan Carlos: “Before adding new improvements to æternity blockchain we should focus on letting the world know what we already have accomplished because for some reason developers and users are overlooking the advantages that æternity offers.’’

Marco: “To empower developers with good templates, documentations and tools. There is still lots of room for improvement in that area. We have an absolutely great technical foundation and an incredible efficient virtual machine (FATE) with a strongly typed and secure programming language Sophia which has been developed by world-class developers and is being improved continuously. Few things I am excited to see hopefully in the near future that address these problems are: 1 — Devmode of the node (“Chainsimulator”) that allows developers to build and test their smart contracts way more efficient; 2 — Language Server Protocol (LSP) for Sophia that can be integrated in various editors to provide e.g. auto-complete and go-to functionality; 3 — Contract inheritance & polymorphism for Sophia; 4 — A wallet that can maintain State Channel interactions’’

Asked to offer some advice to anyone looking to join æUnited and start contributing to the network, here’s what the æmbassadors said:

Arjan: “Look at your experience and talents. Start from that. Blockchain is just as much about economics and business as it is about technology. So we need all kinds of people and you’ll see that there are many people with different backgrounds, experience and knowledge in the æternity community and that we can learn a lot from each other.

Emmanuel: “Don’t look for quantity, but quality when trying to achieve a goal. It’s better to have just 2 people that can go with you till the end than 100 that don’t even know what you are doing.’’

Gyan: “For those wanting to contribute to the network, now is a great chance to join the æUnited team. æternity is still in its early stages of stardom, so you have a great opportunity to learn and grow in the æcosystem. Definitely attend the workshops by the team, they are super amazing.’’

Guillermo: “All people with a real interest in blockchain, especially top-notch blockchain projects are welcome. I think it is a good idea to start learning about æternity basics and always visit the official forum.’’

Marco: ‘’Get in touch with the team and the community in the forum, on discord or wherever you like. Ask how you can help or maybe even provide some ideas that we can discuss publicly. Everybody that wants to help growing the æcosystem is welcome!’’

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly… you are doing the impossible.” — Francis of Assisi

No matter your level of knowledge, background and experience, interest and motivation is all that is needed. Join a new generation of open source blockchain contributors with the æUnited.

To get in touch with these amazing people, ask them to share opinions or help you solve some of your blockers, join the Forum, or join our weekly conversation — Jæm sessions.

Get in touch: GitHub | Forum | Reddit | Twitter | YouTube| LinkedIn

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