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MyTVchain — AMA — BSC France 09/18/2021 | by MyTVChain | Sep, 2021

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This article is a transcript of the AMA conducted with BSC France on 18 September 2021. The original transcript (in French) is available on the BSC France Medium here. A part of this AMA was held by message directly on the BSC France channel which explains this format.

MyTVchain — AMA — BSC France 09182021 by MyTVChain

“ BscFrance:

Welcome Vincent, thank you very much for your time.

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

Thank you, nice to be with you! So this is where the BSC is built in France? 🤔


Haha! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about MyTVchain in a few words?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

Yes with pleasure,

Vincent Katchavenda — Partner at Smart-Chain and member of the strategic board of MyTVchain for whom I deal with all topics that have a bearing on Blockchain. I’ve been in Blockchain since late 2016 and I especially love anything to do with solution design 👌🏼

MyTVchain is a WebTV platform dedicated to the world of sports and esports. Very concretely, we allow all players — especially amateur sports / less mediatized sports — to benefit from a suite of tools ranging from video capture to marketing activation.

It is along these lines that we have managed to achieve rather convincing results since 2018; in particular the support of Sport en France — the French National and Olympic and Sports Committee WebTV app and its 108 federations.


It sounds great but where is the blockchain in this WebTV platform?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

The teams have spent the last 2–3 years stabilizing our peer-to-peer streaming infrastructure, developed the key features of capture — rights management — monetization and successfully deployed the first white labels. We are entering a key phase for the development of MyTVchain with the integration of products and services based on Blockchain technologies for our customers, their fans, and advertisers.

👉🏼 A blockchain-based token — the MyTV — that serves as the primary medium of exchange and reward for creating, sharing, and watching videos within the ecosystem. This token becomes more valuable as the platform is consumed and opens doors to relatively interesting savings opportunities, especially for sports organizations looking for new funding levers

👉🏼 New features for activating its community: donation in EUR/CRYPTO, rewards (simulated loyalty program) for viewing ads / sharing content, …

👉🏼 A 360° suite of NFT tools as a revenue generation and fan engagement tool. We already have several French federations interested.


What differentiates MyTVchain from other media platforms?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

Very good question 😉

I think the most telling are our 3 key principles which are the very foundations of MyTVchain:

👉🏼 Fan base ownership: any WebTV creator retains ownership of their fan base and can access the information on it,

👉🏼 Copyrights: any content published on MyTV remains the exclusive property of its creator,

👉🏼 Monetization: a WebTV creator has the keys to his home and can monetize his content as he sees fit, even managing his own internal ad network.

In addition to these aspects, MyTVchain is the only platform in sports to offer such a large depth of offer. This explains our ability to deliver to clients who are reluctant to use new technologies: we have turnkey solutions!



If I summarize, MyTVchain is a WebTV platform with a utility token the MyTV that allows interactions between users, the platform and sportsmen.

Can you explain the tokenomics of your project?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

There will be utility for this new asset in the world of sports and esports.

The first idea is to create a token that will be valued as the features on the platform are consumed.

As a reminder, the MyTV will be issued on the BSC in a limited quantity of 390,000,000 MyTV.

Initial Circulating Marketcap around $750,000.

Basic functions of the MyTV token:

👉🏼 Buy services on the MyTVchain.com platform with a % cashback.

👉🏼 Receive rewards when interacting on the platform (activity, sharing, ad viewing, …)

👉🏼 Buy-Back* & Burn: a % of the economic activity on the platform

* Given our customer and user typologies, it is crucial to keep entry points in FIAT. We are (unfortunately) not going to bring them overnight in our beautiful Blockchain world … A % of the revenues generated in FIAT by MyTV will be used to feed a Buy-Back mechanism to the MyTV token market. A part of the purchased tokens will go to replenish the cash on the smart contract and the rest will be burned.

And a bit more advanced features:

👉🏼 Staking

👉🏼 Liquidity Providing

👉🏼 Masternodes for sharing bandwidth and storage

👉🏼 Governance on-chain

See page 19–20 on the paper.


It is very clear 👍

By the way, what have you done to secure and guarantee investors’ funds?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

We apply good software development / Smart Contract development practices. Namely, never deliver code for auditing before end-to-end testing. Once these are finalized, the contract is sent for internal audit (1 to 2 iterations) and then sent for external audit.

Our contracts will be audited in the coming weeks by a recognized auditing firm.

Regarding the management of funds on the MyTVchain platform and the onboarding of new WebTVs and users in our fabulous blockchain world, we rely on a PSAN partner (and their counterparts in important geographical areas).


A good way of working

Secure funds in support of official bodies (PSAN)

And experience! 👍

By the way, about your developers, can you tell us more? Do they have experience?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

As you can imagine, such a platform that allows you to hold live streaming and so many features require many skills.

For the most important ones:

👉🏼 Streaming technology in constant development for +10 years by the founders of MyTVchain

👉🏼 Blockchain technology: to date 2 Blockchain developers who each have 4–5 years’ experience on Solidity and have worked in open source on projects you all know. Both have strong expertise in DeFi and NFT — mainly on Solidity.


How will you support and motivate the buying pressure on MyTV?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

👉🏼 Very nice adoption metrics for our WebTV platform,

👉🏼 Partnerships galore, right up to government levels,

👉🏼 Breakthrough in NFTs through relationships with federations, clubs, and athletes directly. Working with influential athletes should give MyTV all the attention it needs, especially by 2024 😉

👉🏼 (and the entry of large crypto funds that is being considered)


BSCFrance supports MyTVchain. In 2024, Paris will be exposed to the world thanks to the Olympic Games.

Given the evolution of the project since its creation and its arrival in the BSC, it seemed obvious to us that such an opportunity and utility deserved to be known by the FR community.

Without further ado, can you explain to us how to participate in the MyTVchain adventure?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

Sending me a small DM is always better, I like to be able to exchange live with a maximum of investors.


Well, I hope you are ready to receive 5000 DM 😣

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

In terms of the roadmap, here are the next steps

👉🏼 First week of October: end of the private sale + launch of the second private

👉🏼 October: audit + preparation public sale

👉🏼 Late October-early November: public sale

👉🏼 Mid-November: release of MyTV

👉🏼 November — December: release of a first Blockchain MyTV product 🤫 (other than staking / LP / masternodes)

Mister Bean:

That’s very clear. 🙂

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):



We will now open the channel to allow all users present to ask their questions.


Which of these aspects is important to you? 1-Increasing the price and value of the token 2-Developing the platform 3-Building community trust 4-Expanding the partnership globally

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

[In response to MIKASA] Develop maximum functionality for content creators (WebTV) and their fans => which will naturally lead to the valuation of the token and the expansion of MyTV etc. Glad to elaborate a bit more on the issue


Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current deals and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

[In reply to cho1249] Today we are still in private sale before the token is released in mid-November.

The advantages are mainly in terms of the purchase price of the token at $0.06 against a market launch at approx. $0.12


Can you list 1 to 3 major features of your project that distinguish it from its competitors? What is the competitive advantage of your platform that you trust the most?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

[In response to GABRIEL]

1/ Our proximity to the players on the ground who keep these clubs and federations alive: we know them, we understand them

2/ Our streaming system

3/ Our ability to meet the needs from start to finish, from video recording, to copyright management, to monetization and community activation. All this either directly on MyTVchain or as a white label!

The first, the human, seems to me to be essential, especially in our international development perspectives (which are progressing well ;))


Is your platform suitable for beginners in cryptography? Or is it limited to professional users?

Vic. (MyTVchain):

[In response to PHRINCE]

MyTVchain being a company at the base, and tending to develop its business in blockchain, it cares a lot about the “simple” and “popularized” aspect of these features.

The platform, but also all the possibilities inherent to the token, will be explained in detail so that “Mr. and Mrs. Everybody” can use them.


Can you share some details about the recent major achievements of your project? What are also the future roadmap and objectives of your project?

Vic. (MyTVchain):

[In response to CHANZA]

A successful COVID release with between 50 and 150 lives per weekend, the success of Sport en France the National Olympic Committee application, the signing of a white label for the French gymnastics’ federation (and several others), the broadcasting of the women’s D1 handball all year round, the development of our activities in West Africa and especially in Ivory Coast.

Mister Bean:

@vincent_MyTVchain The Olympics sounds like quite a milestone, have you thought about getting in touch with Uniris on that front?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

[In reply to Mister Bean]

Yes it’s definitely in our short-term plans post-listing.

We’re already making good progress on the Olympics with multiple players around. Definitely plenty of things to do with Uniris (which is very nice techno by the way).

Mister Bean:

@vincent_MyTVchain in terms of image rights, neighboring rights, will creative commons licenses be used, or do you intend to rely on other existing tools in this area? I’ll take the example of a referee who is often in the picture or of a coaching staff, are they informed of the process and in what way?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

CNOSF application: https://www.sportenfrance.com/ (also available on Android / iOS)

DaffyDaf :

Good evening, what is the procedure to follow to open a channel?

Do you offer combat sports on your channels?

Vincent K. (MyTVchain):

[In reply to DaffyDaf]


You just have to register on https://mytvchain.com/ and then you will have a button “create a WebTV”. The process is very simple and takes a few minutes (if not less). There are several comprehensive guides available for easy onboarding.

Yes, we already have a few “Combat & Martial Arts” channels (here).


1/ I see that there is a private sale, what kind of people is it open to?

2/ When you drew up your business plan, what competitors did you identify, what else do you offer?

Vic. (MyTVchain):

[In response to Mizutohiki]

1/ To be transparent, my brother and my parents invested in private and know NOTHING about it. It’s open to everyone. Of course, the entry ticket is “high” for some (5000$), but the private 2 (beginning of October) will be accessible from 1000$ (price).

2/ I can only refer you to the perceptual map that Vincent broadcasted earlier. The competitors are still quite far from the (very complete) offer that MyTVchain proposes.


A big thank you Vincent and Vic for all these insights, we will have the opportunity to exchange again on MyTVchain.

I remind all users that there are 2 giveaways of 100$ to win.

I invite you to browse the links below to learn more about the MyTVchain project:

🌎 Blockchain website: mytvchain.io

🌎 “Real economy” website: mytvchain.com

🐦 Twitter

📷 Instagram

📄 Lightpaper EN and most importantly, take a look at the ✉️ Telegram


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