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Ontology Harbinger Interview Series: Hamzat | by The Ontology Team | OntologyNetwork | Sep, 2021

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This is an ongoing series featuring Ontology’s Harbingers. Harbingers are exceptional leaders that help Ontology grow its community and ecosystem, making it an ever-stronger blockchain, and decentralized identity and data leader.

The Ontology Team
Ontology Harbinger Interview Series Hamzat by The Ontology Team

In the seventh interview in this series, Ontology speaks with Hamzat, administrator of our English Community.

1. How did you hear about Ontology? What drew you to Ontology?

I heard about Ontology in the early days from online blockchain communities. I subscribed to the Ontology newsletter and the rest is history.

What attracted me to the project was its novel approach to making digital identity easy to prevent data theft, abuse etc., even before news about GDPR and Cambridge Analytica surfaced. So, the foresight of the team alone was sufficient to make me want to get involved.

2. What made you become a supporter of Ontology and a champion of its brand?

Ontology was of interest to me owing to its novel consensus approach, solution to data theft and privacy and lastly, building a future proof digital identity framework that could stand the test of time. Helping others to understand Ontology’s mission and vision is the reason I became a supporter and champion of its brand.

3. What do you see as the key role of a Harbinger? What is your favorite thing about being a Harbinger?

Being able to communicate or share information about developments in the Ontology ecosystem, helping people learn about Ontology, solving their issues (ONTO Wallet, staking, and general knowledge) while providing feedback are my key roles as a Harbinger. My favorite part is the ability to help others and seeing them grow.

4. Why is being part of the Ontology community important to you?

Ontology has a very big mission and vision to accomplish as regards building a future proof digital identity framework that can stand the test of time. Ontology achieving this milestone and more is the reason I am supporting the project.

5. How is Ontology’s community different from other blockchain communities, is there anything that makes it stand out?

Ontology has created a niche for itself, being a fairly distributed token project with a novel consensus mechanism. Aside from that, Ontology has support for over 30 languages/local communities working together with the mission of building a truly future proof decentralized identity framework.

6. What do you use as your key channels for engagement with the Ontology community and why? Would you like to see any others?

My key communication channels for engagement are Telegram and Twitter. Though Ontology has a community and sub-communities with respect to different languages on Telegram, Reddit, Discord, YouTube, WeChat, and Kakao. Overall, Telegram makes it easy to communicate and manage group activities as well as resolve issues. I would like Ontology to do more Twitter threads, which will call for engagement and feedback when explaining newly launched products, integration or implementation.

7. Can you share a memorable experience or something you’ve learned from being a Harbinger? What advice would you give to someone looking to become a Harbinger?

The community being unapologetic, ready to help, also most are selfless. That alone is a memorable moment for the community. Lastly, the Ontology team is very innovative. My advice to people wanting to become a Harbinger is that they should be selfless and helpful to others.

8. How would you describe the Ontology community in three words?

Educational, unique and innovative.

9. How do you think Ontology could expand its community going forward? What would you like to see more/less of? What kinds of things do you see community members do that you think help our community grow?

Ontology, as a blockchain startup, has grown over the years and has achieved many important milestones and partnerships with other blockchains. Worth mentioning, is the provision of their novel DID protocol for use on Binance Smart Chain and also the Welcome Home app for Daimler.

There is room for improvement in the area of marketing and communication. We have a good product to showcase but marketing is important for widespread acceptance and adoption. Twitter threads can help explain new products, updates, implementations or integrations, and feedback from the community, which positively impacts the project both short and medium long term.

10. What do you see as the key milestones for Ontology and how can the community help with achieving these?

As stated above, integration with Binance Smart Chain is a huge one that could open doors with other projects to integrate Ontology’s decentralized identity framework. So, the community understanding Ontology’s mission and vision is very important, as it will help in educating others and thereby impacting their lives in a positive way.

To learn more about Ontology’s Harbinger Program and how you can get involved, check out our updated GUIDE.

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