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More than a Data Point: Norada Brings Elderly Care to The People’s Network | by McKenna Boen | Oct, 2021

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McKenna Boen

Norada Corporation equips businesses with Abeeway sensors primarily to track healthcare employees as they make homecare visits. Data is uploaded to a user-friendly app and cloud interface for actionable insights and alerts.

There are arguably no industries that have been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them all, elderly care was affected early as higher-risk populations struggled to overcome the fast-moving and novel coronavirus.

Many families moved loved ones out of nursing homes to prioritize at-home care instead. Many nursing homes began offering at-home care in response. In doing so, employers consistently strive to guarantee quality care — ensuring that those under their purview are receiving timely and premium treatment, despite challenges such as the staffing crisis, longer travel times between clients, and elevated cleanliness standards.

Enter Norada.

Norada uniquely serves caregivers and other customers across industries by providing new cloud software that monitors the location of people and equipment indoors and outdoors. The precise location information helps teams respond faster to client needs, detect issues before escalation, reduce human error, and inform better decisions. Norada does all this through a user-friendly app that translates IoT data for improved outcomes.

Pre-Norada, many companies used phone apps to track caregiving and document needs. While this technology has its place, it often serves to distract caregivers from giving their full attention to patients during visits. It also requires the use of a smartphone and the apps themselves can be complex and unsuited to individual needs.

Norada solves this challenge by irradicating the need for a smartphone. Instead, as each caregiver completes their service, they tap a button on their ID badge to automatically log location details to the central cloud database using asset tracking technology from Abeeway. Once in the Cloud App, the data allows managers to monitor the current status of each client via a map visualization, and view the live GPS location of each caregiver.

The map takes it a step further by highlighting clients at risk of missing services, enabling managers to resolve potential issues proactively. Additionally, proof-of-work reports are available to support business and policy compliance needs.

To make all of this possible, Norada needed a long-range IoT wireless network, and Helium fit the bill perfectly. As the fastest-growing wireless network, The People’s Network enables cost efficiencies of only $1 per badge per year.

Benefits sanctioned by the relationship between The People’s Network and Norada include:

  1. Increased time spent caring for seniors
  2. Enhanced communications to ensure no one is overlooked
  3. Improved scheduling for more efficient trips
  4. Reduced stress for care managers

These benefits are further bolstered by the Network itself, which offers long battery life for the ID badges, low costs, and ubiquitous coverage for limitless expansion.

“This solution is a game-changer for the Aging at Home and Senior Living Community industry because you don’t need any special effort to start using it, and the results are stunning.”

— John Mazalewski, Partner at OTG Senior Living Consulting

At the end of the day, a limit does exist in terms of what can be done from a staffing and economic perspective. However, Norada catalyzes data to better business decisions, which means faster problem solving and more money in the bank.

Equipped with a team experienced in providing online application services to thousands of businesses for the last 20 years, Norada knows a thing or two about critical solutions. Whether it’s elderly care management or some other pressing challenge, Norada is well equipped to support workflows in a timely and efficient manner.

To learn more about Norada and stay connected to future updates, visit LinkedIn.


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