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Ultra Chill Recap: Ecosystems, NFTs, and Play to Earn with Theta’s Wes Levitt | by Rami James | Ultra | Oct, 2021

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Theta and Ultra fit together into the larger gaming and crypto ecosystem and have been aligned and partnered since September of 2020. Theta’s focus has been on providing decentralized video distribution, which has also now expanded to many facets of the media and entertainment space. With token incentives, Theta believes that they can leverage decentralized technologies to build a better, more egalitarian network. The Theta Mainnet was launched in 2019.

Ultra is the first entertainment platform providing all key games industry services under a single roof, accessible through a single login. Built around our PC game distribution platform, Ultra Games, our platform will provide access to countless centralized and decentralized services: Discover, buy, play and sell your games and in-game items, watch live-streaming feeds, interact with your favorite influencers, participate in contests, compete in tournaments and much more.

Ultra has been built to extinguish the frontier between blockchain and mass market, between dApps and apps and between legacy virtual items and NFTs.

“Whatever people do on the platform, in Ultra, we want them to be rewarded for the time spent. Whether they are playing games, whether they reviewed games, provided feedback, etc. Theta is actually doing the same thing, with a different approach. It’s highly complementary.” Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO of Ultra

As play to earn platforms roll out, with users natively getting assets on-chain, we think for that to be a compelling experience it needs to be fully integrated into our clients. So, if you’re streaming a game on Theta, for example, and you have users watching, they should be able to earn NFTs as a reward for watching. Content creators should be able to give away, seamlessly, NFTs that they’ve earned while playing, to users that are watching.

This is a big win for everyone involved, from content creators, to content producers, and of course for brands who want to leverage these experiences for marketing. More integrated ecosystems drive downloads, longer play times, higher revenues, and most importantly a happier community of end users.

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Both Theta and Ultra still see a lot of value in “v1” of NFTs, i.e. collectibles, with super fans having the opportunity to collect moments.

Where NFTs are going is much more exciting in that these tokenized assets are closely integrated into expanded functionality that is built into the platforms they exist on. This unlocks a deeper level or exclusive access to events or opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to achieve without NFT technologies.

For potentially wider audiences, outside of those with the collectible mindset, this gives them a much more tangible reason to hold NFTs and become day to day blockchain network users. Brands themselves understand that NFTs are a very powerful marketing tool to allow them to innovate in how they reach their potential customers. Many brands have massive user bases, and providing them new tools to reach these audiences is what we believe will really bring blockchain and NFT technology to the mainstream.

NFTs can act as a bridge between the physical world and the digital one. For brands this provides a neat way to merge the digital life of the user with the physical products that brands are eager to sell.

Ultra and Theta have been actively discussing interoperability options for NFTs and our marketplaces across both our networks. We believe that this enables both our platforms to benefit from increased traction and visibility for games and streamers alike. Leveraging NFTs to reward streamers for enabling game downloads is an excellent way to increase adoption of these emerging technologies.

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“The Theta infrastructure that was built, where platforms can have their video relayed peer to peer, is agnostic to the business model of whatever platform builds on top of it. So, a platform that uses it may be advertiser focused and it may be subscription focused. The protocol won’t make a distinction.” Wes Levitt, Head of Strategy at Theta

But, even with the Theta.tv platform, and the way that it is presented to partners, it is not strictly anti-advertising. Theta is really more about trying to shift the focus to where there is more of the value pie being diverted back to the user as opposed to very little of it, as is the current standard.

It is more about the user being more directly in control over how the advertising is being shown to them. This is already fairly common in free to play games, which leverage advertising as a way to allow users to get a leg up on in-game competition in exchange for a few moments of them watching an ad.

Watch the entire segment here:

Will there be a universal login for Theta within Ultra?

There has already been implemented a single sign-on solution within Ultra which external platforms, like Theta, can use. The intent would be to allow a user to log in to Ultra and be automatically signed into Theta when they enter the app.

Connecting the two accounts makes for a better, easier experience for streamers and gamers. This allows for unique functionality like connecting blockchain accounts and addresses across networks, which in turn enables things like gifting NFTs for activity on one network across to the second network.

Are Theta planning to promote Ultra’s referral system to attract major streamers?

We have discussed a few things along these lines, but we haven’t made them public yet. Wes alludes to “tournaments” with a sly smile, but stops short of jumping the gun!

Can you go into more detail about how streaming will be used on Ultra?

Nicolas gives an example of how when you go to purchase a game and you see a beautiful trailer, which makes the game look amazing. Unfortunately, sometimes after purchase you find that the game’s advertising doesn’t really match the reality of the game itself.

Live streaming, shown as part of the game’s sale page, will allow you to get a real-life view of how it runs and how much fun it really is. It is inherently more social and more exciting. This will help drive downloads and reduce refunds, both benefiting gamers and publishers alike.

Watch the entire segment here:

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