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Biden Approval Collapses as Stimulus Stalls

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  1. What do you mean by Trump was to much you sound very biased you cannot name one thing that Trump did wrong he brought unemployment to 3.6% he controls illegal immigration wages went up he made Europe a more for defense he became friends with North Korea he did not start any wars but yet you think he's too much but I bet you you voted for Joe Biden didn't you because you're a progressive and a socialist well look what voting for Biden got you you are to blame for high inflation high gas prices high grocery prices illegals flooding the border leaving Americans stranded overseas lack of product you are to blame for this for voting for this moron but yet you want to think Trump was too much but yet you moved out of America I have no idea why anybody even listens to you because you have been wrong ever since you started this YouTube channel and I do remember you in November seeing you would not take that vaccine but yet 6 months later you are sticking your arm with a needle you're nothing but a hypocrite and every time you open your mouth all I hear is blabber let's get uncomfortable

  2. In case if you don't know there are 48 democratic senators who will vote for the 3.5 trillion and 2 who won't ( sinema- manchin)..I'm in Tucson Arizona and there are alot of commercials praising sinema for the democratic agenda, when in all actuality she opposed to it.. It's pure lies to combat her declining poll numbers here in Arizona..

  3. Horrible administration worst in my adult life at least trump gas was way lower no inflation.They can blame trump administration all they want as soon as joe took over border,military,then economy boom all way down hill.Remeber we got 2 checks with Trump and red in too by the way and lwa order with Then he shuts down our gas line despite trump my butt it's climate every mess up Joe did was depsite trump the border gas line look at white house it's disgusting.

  4. I agree that natural immunity should be considered legitimate immunity; however, currently we do not have definitive quantitative numbers for COVID antibody titers to establish baseline natural immunity. We do know that vaccines have been studied and do give most of us immunity for about six months or so. But ultimately if we can get more definitive data regarding COVID antibody titers, then the natural immunity vs. vaccine argument will hopefully go away and people can better make their own choices and agencies (governmental, etc.) will adapt to updated public health info.

  5. I have heard of people who got the vaccine and did not have any antibodies so you really don’t know who has natural immunity even if you were infected with covid you might not have the antibodies either without taking a blood test to know for sure everyone is different

  6. Will everyone stop talking about the Dems and the seeming division in their ranks. This whole stimulus and infrastructure process is being derailed by the REPUBLICANS< got it, REPUBLICANS> every news segment is promoting the same agenda….they aren't talking about what is in the bill and what it would do for us and our country. OH, Clayton, even you were blaming Biden, wow, get back to the real blockers, REPUBLICANS!

  7. No stimulus in MO. If you do not have a small child you get nothing. It is difficult living on $1200 a month. The upcoming COLA could give me $82 a month, but then Medicare will be increased.

  8. Is there anything that American people can do to get all these idiots out they want to help everyone else except the American people that pay taxes and pay their damn salary president has not done a damn thing only lie to the people

  9. Regardless of all, Investing in crypto markets trading still remains one of the best ways of getting out of poverty and obtaining financial freedom in this global economy pandemic

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