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Moonriver on Sushi: A How To on Swapping, Adding and Bridging | by Sushi | Sushi | Oct, 2021

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Moonriver on Sushi: A How To on Swapping, Adding and Bridging | by Sushi | Sushi | Oct, 2021

When Moonriver won its parachain auction, it effectively became its own blockchain on Kusama. So, when you transact on Moonriver’s parachain, you will use MOVR to pay network fees, and when you bridge your tokens, you will bridge to Moonriver, not Kusama.

Swapping and providing liquidity are more or less identical to the experience users have come to expect on Sushiswap. The only difference, as with any new chain, is that you will need to bridge liquidity to Moonriver to use it. You will need to change your digital wallet network to Moonriver as well. Below is a short pictorial guide for changing your network to Moonriver directly through the Sushi UI.

All transaction fees on Moonriver are paid in MOVR, so you will need to obtain MOVR before you can add liquidity or swap on Moonriver. You can obtain MOVR on centralized exchanges like Kucoin and Kraken. Stay tuned for more updates on how Sushi and xSushi holders can obtain MOVR. As part of Moonriver’s liquidity program, initial users bridging assets to Moonriver via Anyswap or Meter bridge will receive a small amount of MOVR to help cover transaction expenses.

To bridge your assets to Moonriver via AnySwap, navigate to the AnySwap bridge, which you can find HERE. You can find a video tutorial of bridging assets using AnySwap from the Moonbeam team HERE.

1. As above, select the tokens you would like to bridge, enter the amount, and select the Moonriver network as the destination. As you can see, the user in the image above is sending 2.1 Sushi tokens from Ethereum mainnet to Moonriver mainnet.

2. Be sure to read the reminder above the Swap button before bridging your tokens to make sure they suit your specific needs, and click the Swap button when you are ready.

3. When you are ready, click swap, and follow the prompts on your digital wallet to confirm the transaction.

4. Switch the network on your digital wallet to Moonriver mainnet, and add the contract address of the tokens you have bridged. Your tokens should appear in your wallet after they have crossed the bridge, which takes a period of time.

. be careful of scammers, and never reveal your seed phrase or private key to anyone.

For more information on how to set up and use AnySwap, you can find their documentation HERE.

You can also bridge your assets over via the Meter Passport bridge. Below are the simplified instructions of how to do this, and you can also watch this tutorial from the Moonbeam team for step-by-step instructions.

  1. From Meter Passport, select:
    i) the network you would like to bridge tokens ii) the network you would like to bridge the tokens[Moonriver]
  2. As above, you will also need to select the type of you would like to bridge to Moonriver and enter the you want to bridge.
  3. You will need to designate the address you want to send the tokens to “Destination Address.” If you do not want to send to your own address then uncheck the box and a field to enter a new address will populate. Please ensure this destination address is correct — bridge transfers are irreversible.
  4. Once you are ready, click “Start Transfer.”
  5. Please review the “Pre-flight check information” and click “Start Transfer” when you want to proceed. Then confirm the transaction in Metamask.
  6. When the transfer is complete, you should see “Transfer Completed”
  7. You can go to check the transaction, by navigating to Moonriver Blockscout and searching your address.
  8. You can add the bridged tokens to your Metamask account by going to Moonbeam Docs website, selecting “Connect Metamask” on top right of the page and selecting “Moonriver.”


For more information on how to set up and use Meter Passport, you can find their documentation HERE.

1. Navigate to the swap Moonriver, which can be found by following the link HERE.

2. When you have navigated to this page, your digital wallet will be set to the network you were using last. As you can see, the user in the above picture is on the Ethereum mainnet. To change to the Kusama mainnet, click the button highlighted with a white box in the above image.

3. Next, click the Moonriver button on the bottom left, as above.

4. Finally, your digital wallet will automatically ask you to switch networks in a pop up window. Review the information in the pop up, and click the Switch Network button when you are ready. And that’s it — you’re connected to Moonriver!

After you have switched over to the Moonriver RPC and obtained MOVR, you can make swaps on Moonriver network using Sushi as the exchange. You will use MOVR as the currency to pay for transaction fees in the same way you would use ETH on Ethereum.

Making Swaps

Making swaps on Moonriver entails the same sequence of actions as it would on Ethereum:

  1. Enter the token you would like to swap from, and the token you would like to swap to. In the above GIF, the user swaps from MOVR to WETH.
  2. Select the amount you would like to swap. Make sure to pay attention to the exchange rate which is visible in the UI, to ensure that it is favorable for the swap you would like to make.
  3. Approve your wallet to spend the tokens you have selected, and wait for the approval to go through.
  4. Select the amounts you would like to swap, and click Swap when you are ready.
  5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet, and wait for the transaction to go through.

Adding Liquidity

  1. Click Pool in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click Add and select the tokens you would like to add liquidity for. In the above GIF, the user selects MOVR and WETH. While you will receive swap fees for any pair you add, the only token pairs that will be incentivized on Sushi in the beginning are as follows:
  10. Approve the tokens you are adding, and wait for the approval to go through.
  11. Click Confirm Adding Liquidity when you are ready.
  12. Confirm the transaction in your Metamask when you are ready, and wait for the transaction to process.

Will SUSHI still be called SUSHI when it is on Moonriver, or will it have a new symbol?

While the token symbol will stay the same, any given token has a different contract address on Ethereum than Moonriver. For instance, on Ethereum, the contract address for Sushi is:

but on Moonriver it is:

You can check the contract address of the tokens in your wallet on Moonriver via the Moonriver Blockscout.

Is Sushi also live on Moonbeam?

Not yet, but soon! Sushi is currently live on Moonriver. The timeline for launching on Moonbeam (Polkadot) has not been announced yet, because there many different moving parts, but Sushi will be actively engaged with the process, and with the community, as Polkadot rolls out its parachain auctions, and Moonbeam competes for its second parachain.

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