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3 most important reasons to invest in crypto in 2021

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The boom that cryptocurrencies have presented in recent years has exceeded all expectations that were initially had for these digital pieces. With the passing of the years, it is increasingly common. The use of crypto-assets as payment methods and one of the most effective ways to take your investment capital to the next level is why today we bring you some of the most important reasons to join the crypto world at the hands of one of the most reliable companies to store your cryptocurrencies properly.

Constant growth.

Since its birth in 2009, Bitcoin has only grown presenting ups and downs in its value, but it does not stop showing new historical highs from time to time, so much so that the first purchase made with Bitcoin for an amount of 10.000 BTC in a purchase of a pizza (better known as pizza day.) when each piece had a value of 0.003$. Actualmente Bitcoin is currently at the figure of 61.500$ each one and some specialists estimates that its price may reach more than 150.000 in the year 2022.

Accelerated global adoption.

The adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method is increasingly common to support the trust that this digital piece has earned, this being the fundamental value for any asset, Bitcoin has managed to position itself in a large number of productive sectors to streamline processes and simplify the way goods and services are purchased today. This opens up a possibility of accelerated global expansion that allows the emergence of a large number of wholesalers and retailers worldwide accepting not only Bitcoin but any digital piece with real value in the crypto asset market.

Powerful investment tool.

The profitability that one of the wildest and most volatile markets today can offer is no secret. With the capacity to take you to the moon or to the ground in such a short time, the crypto asset market is presented as a powerful investment tool that can take your capital to the next level if you know how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market. Bitcoin this year has presented profitability of +200%. That is, if you invested some 10.000 $ at the beginning of the year, you would now have double the capital without counting that in previous years it has presented much higher profitability percentages.

To consider.

Although it seems that everything is rosy and you can get rich overnight, the truth is that any investment presents a risk, especially in today’s most volatile market. That is why you should always have the better tools and invest your money in the best investment platforms that can offer you aspects such as security, usability, and speed.

Whether you want to accumulate cryptocurrencies for the long term, exchange for other digital assets, buy and sell, or make payments online, we have a perfect solution for you, all in one platform; we are talking about Crypterium, one of the most versatile platforms today to have a competitive advantage in taking advantage of this highly volatile market.


What is Crypterium?

It has been created to be the only wallet you need in your passage through the world of digital assets since it allows you to buy, store, exchange, and sell cryptocurrencies in one place, apart from serving as an online payment method through different services such as a debit card called Visa Crypterium, With which you can pay in more than 42 million wholesale and retail sites worldwide to purchase products and services.

With a presence in more than 200 countries and just over half a million users, Crypterium facilitates the adoption of these digital pieces pTo help companies worldwide to monetize their businesses digitally and allow many people to perform various actions from saving their cryptocurrencies to making payments with low commissions using (CRPT) Crypterium native token.

Don’t think twice and open your wallet in less than 30 seconds!


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“Fact You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency - The first Bitcoin purchase was for pizza.” ― Mohsin Jameel

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