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Aurus Launches New App and Website at the Dubai Precious Metals Conference 2021. | by Aurus | Aurus Blog | Nov, 2021

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Aurus is the decentralized financial infrastructure empowering gold, silver, and platinum-pegged digital assets. The Aurus Ecosystem is a global network of independent precious metals providers, vaults and distributors working in synergy to tokenize their own precious metals. Each token is backed by and redeemable for 1 gram of the respective metal, stored in fully audited vaults.

Aurus was present at the Dubai Precious Metals Conference on the 18th of November, where senior management announced the rebranding of the company and its main digital assets; the website and mobile app. These technological advances unlock the next chapter of Aurus. Empowering precious metals dealers all over the world to offer the broader retail market the ability to buy, store and trade precious metals easier than ever before.

Aurus Launches New App and Website at the Dubai Precious Metals Conference 2021. | by Aurus | Aurus Blog | Nov, 2021
Mark Gesterkamp — Business Development Director (Left) | Guido van Stijn — Managing Director (Middle) | Jeremy Hussey — Head of MENA (Right)

Precious Metals Conference 2021 — Networking and Developments

Guido van Stijn, Aurus Managing Director took the stage at the Precious Metals Conference on Panel 2: The changing landscape in the precious metals industry. He explains how Aurus is empowering the precious metals industry with blockchain and DeFi. Watch Guido present Aurus at the conference here.

Guido van Stijn speaks at the DPMC

Aurus, together with partners Metals Focus and Aga Bullion hosted a very fruitful reception networking event after the conference where many valuable discussions were held and connections were made.

Striving to become a global blockchain hub, Dubai carries a very future-focused culture. There is a huge appetite for blockchain and DeFi innovations. The team had various meetings with precious metals dealers, bullion banks, large commodity traders, and strategic investors. All industry players the team interacted with were already very aware of the potential of blockchain and see it as a future part of their business plans and strategy.

Aurus x Metals Focus x Aga Bullion networking event

The introduction of Aurus to the traditional industry couldn’t have been better received. Precious metals players are looking at ways to adapt their business models and enter into new markets. And we’re facilitating that. They see the value of the open architecture structure, allowing any party to join and thereby being stronger together as a network.

The Dubai trip was a huge success. We’re pleased to have onboarded the first distributor partner in the Middle-Eastern region, with various other promising ongoing talks underway. Moreover, multiple commitments of gold and silver bullion allocations have been received to be used as liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Follow-up meetings are planned in Dubai and London with industry-leading precious metals players and investment funds who are interested in joining the ecosystem.

The ambition of Aurus is to become the industry authority on tokenized precious metals as a DAA (Decentralized Autonomous Association). With that ambition came the need for a representative brand image and website. After a lot of hard work, we’re pleased to have published the first version of the new Aurus website. This is a massive step forward from the original Aurus born in 2018. Together with the new mobile app, both industry players and end-customers will be able to find the information needed to understand the advantages of tokenized precious metals and facilitate their (investment) decisions.

Aurus Website

Explore the new website → Aurus Website https://aurus.io/

New mobile app
Precious metals in a tokenized form is a new concept to both industry players and end customers. For industry players it means being able to access new markets in which the physical impracticalities of precious metals limit their investability. This includes high premiums, timely settlements, expensive storage and lack of market liquidity. For end-customers it means a highly convenient way to buy, store and trade precious metals without a hassle, 24/7 and at minimal costs.

Aurus has unified and simplified the traditionally tedious process of precious metals ownership. In essence, the mobile app enables users, young and old to trade precious metals at the efficiency of the blockchain, from anywhere in the world, at any time. All at the convenience of a smartphone.

Aurus Mobile App

Available on Google Play → Aurus Mobile App (Android)

Publication pending on App Store → Aurus Mobile App (IOS)

Exciting times ahead

We’re pleased to be rounding the year off on a high note. We are consistently expanding over many different frontiers and looking forward to many more strategic and exciting partnerships. The industry is evolving and we are taking the lead. Bring on 2022!

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