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FAKE INFLATION? Companies Driving Up Prices Under Guise of Supply Constraints

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  1. We're skipping Turkey this Thanksgiving, and having T-bone steak and potatoes, with cranberry and sweet potatoes on the side, and maple syrup. We're only serving a part of the Thanksgiving menu, since we're allergic to eggs, wheat and milk. I have my cranberries, usually in chicken broth. They pop when they are done. Try it.

  2. Southern style “Stuffing” is Dressing, made with Turkey giblets and parts to flavor. Cornbread Dressing is the only way I can eat it. .. with a side (spoonful of Cranberry 😋). 😆

  3. Hello Clayton and Natalie and David i knew that those store owner was raised the price so that can make up the price since the pandemic shame on all of their. But for blame everyone else have a good night you guys

  4. There is nothing fake about it its the liberals and progressives plain to destroy the economy and the USA because its what they are about they have always hated the USA and hate what trump was able to do by making us independent of our enemy's around the world its all Biden and the lefts fault

  5. Biden is to blame for higher prices. Don't praise this administration That bill by the house added 4.9 trillion on everyone. Prices go up because of Biden closing down pipe lines and closing oil drilling.l have family in the oil.industry in the Gulf and they are actually closing down drilling. Don't believe what comes out of this whitehouse

  6. I have been wondering for weeks now how it is that Amazon Prime can get anything I want to my front door in 24 hours but everyone on the television is screaming about a supply chain crisis and there will be no Christmas presents this year. I mean, I know that everyone hates Bezos, but I've got to say that I have ordered replacement parts for my Saturn, a new security camera, and a replacement laptop power cord from Amazon in the last 2 months and I have never had to wait more than 24 hours for FREE delivery. My daughter and son-in-law have a brand new baby and get deliveries from Amazon almost daily. So, am I really supposed to believe that there is a huge supply chain crisis yet somehow only Bezos and Amazon are unaffected?

  7. I believe that ALL OF This…. Is Parts of The Control Agenda Taking Place Right Now Worldwide 💯 There's a Global Shift of Wealth , There's Way More Taking Place Than The American People Realize…. The Bills being Passed …. Are Taking ALL the Rest of Our Personal Freedom! Away Forever

  8. Cranberries are delicious in dressing 🤤 ……jelly and lime wedges really, really 😂 Smdh do you like raisins in your potato salad 😂

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