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eDOUGH to veDOUGH Bridge Walkthrough | by Bntez | PieDAO | Nov, 2021

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This is an educational resource. Please do your own research when interacting with this protocol.

It seems like only yesterday that PieDAO launched its first liquidity pools. Remember that? The good ol’ days after a blazing hot DeFi summer when liquidity mining was all the rage. Even then we had a vision of a community full of long term thinkers. Members who want to create accessible wealth generating products on web3 for all. That vision led us to create escrowed DOUGH (eDOUGH).

eDOUGH was our first attempt at fostering long term alignment while discouraging opportunistic liquidity providers. The idea is simple. Rewards earned from liquidity mining are split between escrowed and liquid once claimed. Escrowed DOUGH would then be locked for 52 weeks. After the 52 week vesting period the token became liquid DOUGH. This had mixed reactions from our community who found the time lock excessive with no tangible benefit to them. But now that staking is our primary system for incentivizing long term alignment eDOUGH has fallen out of favor.

What do we do with all the eDOUGH that is still vesting? Well you can a) keep waiting for it to turn into DOUGH or b) stake it for some sweet, sweet veDOUGH.

The details

Only eDOUGH which has vested for at least six months can be bridged to veDOUGH.

  • Only eDOUGH which has vested for at least six months van be bridged to veDOUGH.
  • Bridged veDOUGH will automatically stake for 3 years.

Where is the bridge located?

  • Visit the PieDAO farms page.

How to read the Farm Positions widget

Balance Escrowed

Information on the total amount of eDOUGH assigned to your wallet. This total includes eDOUGH which has not yet vested for at least six months.

Vesting and Claimed/Staked Entries Section

This section displays two pieces of information.

  1. Vesting Entries: The amount of open vesting positions(unclaimed or unstaked). In this example the user has 19 open vesting positions.
  2. Claimed/Staked Entries: The amount of vesting positions which have been claimed or staked. In this example the user has claimed or staked 2 positions.

Note: If you claim your DOUGH it will not appear anywhere in this widget. It will be in your wallet. Please make sure to add the DOUGH token to your wallet if you have not already. Staked DOUGH can be seen in the DOUGH Staking page.

Vesting Balance Section

This section displays claimable DOUGH and the amount of eDOUGH which can be bridged to veDOUGH.

  • Claim Vested DOUGH: Displays total amount of eDOUGH which has vested for one year and is claimable as DOUGH.
  • Bridge to veDOUGH: Displays all the eDOUGH which can be bridged to veDOUGH. Remember, the eDOUGH must have been vested for a minimum of six months. And all bridged veDOUGH will be staked(locked) for 36 months.

Note: Users will have to either claim OR bridge(stake) all open positions which have met the requirements.

  • Claiming vested DOUGH: Users stay in PieDAO’s farm page. An overlay will appear when clicking “CLAIM”. Follow the prompts to claim your DOUGH. Once claimed the number displayed will be reset to zero.
  • Bridging eDOUGH to veDOUGH: After clicking “Stake” users will go to the DOUGH Staking page. An overlay will appear once staking is complete. Once staked the number displayed will be reset to zero. You can find your staked position in the “Your Staking” section of the DOUGH Staking page.

Vesting Positions List

In this section you will find a list of all your open vesting positions. The due date determines the order of the list. Positions which are closer to vesting will appear at the top of the list.

  • Amount: Amount of DOUGH which you are entitled to once vesting is complete.
  • Get DOUGH: Notice in our example below that you can find both “Ready” or a calendar date(dd/mm/yy). Ready means that specific vesting position is now claimable as DOUGH.
  • Get veDOUGH: Open positions which have vested for a minimum of six months will show as “Stake & Earn”. Positions which have not yet vested for six months will show a calendar date(dd/mm/yy). The date displayed is when the six month minimum vesting requirement will be met.

Note: Once a position has been claimed or bridged(staked) it will be removed from the list below.

Farm Positions

Your current farming positions.

Still have questions?

Check the FAQ.
Comment in the #💬-general-chat on our Discord

Report any bugs and issues

Open a ticket here.
Let us know in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord

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