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Welcome to Cartesi HQ. Say hello to the 7 newest members of… | by Cartesi | Cartesi | Nov, 2021

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Say hello to the 7 newest members of the Cartesi team!


From a smooth and successful launching of Noether’s Delegated Staking on Mainnet, AMAs with Binance, Kriptobi, and G. Crypto, plus putting together a $500,000 bug bounty with Immunefi, we’ve been spectacularly busy both behind the scenes and in front of it at Cartesi these past months.

With plenty more in the pipeline, we’re pleased to welcome even more talent to our diverse and vibrant team to help us with our plans. Take a look at who’s joining and get to know them below:

Brandon has represented clients in securities and ICO lawsuits, regulatory investigations, and enforcement proceedings in his previous jobs at prominent law firms, as well as advised technology startups on regulatory issues linked with product launches. Clients have relied on him for sound advice on a variety of other issues as well. His range includes labor disputes, patent infringement, business mergers, and acquisitions as well as sophisticated financial transactions.

Brandon is driven to help disruptive new technologies traverse uncertain regulatory settings because he is fascinated by the convergence between law and innovation.

“I joined Cartesi because I wanted to help build something special. I believe that Cartesi is poised to unlock the true potential of a web3 world.”

For the past decade, Bruno has worked in the software industry, where he has gained extensive knowledge of numerous development tools. He worked in e-commerce, finance, oil & gas, and logistics throughout his time in Brazil. For the Academia Brasileira de Letras, one of Brazil’s most esteemed literary organizations, he created a smartphone app.

Joining a gaming firm, Bruno moved to New Zealand in 2015. After working on many projects and taking on roles such as Development Team Leader, he returned to finance at the Bank of New Zealand, where he worked on International Payments and Lending. And now he’s joining Cartesi!

“Great things are never done by one person, but by a team of people. I joined Cartesi because I believe they want to do great things in this new space and I want to be part of that amazing journey with them.”

Dinali is a Technology Consultant with previous experience from PwC Australia and strong knowledge in process analysis and design alongside excellence in project management tools and techniques. Dinali holds a Master of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced) from Western Sydney University, Australia, and a Bachelor’s in Information Technology from Middlesex University, UK.

With a deep passion for blockchain technology, Dinali, as Cartesi’s Business Community Manager, aims to bring her technology consulting experience as well as her business development background to enhance the growth of the technical community and connect with like-minded enthusiasts in the blockchain space.

“I joined Cartesi to connect with experts in the industry of blockchain technology, to learn and develop myself within the company, and to be able to contribute more and make a valuable impact at Cartesi over time.”

Coming from Binance, where he worked in the M&A team, Joe has been a long-time friend and supporter of the Cartesi family. He is now joining the Cartesi team as the Director of Cartesi Labs.

Joe graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a Master of Science in Mathematics and a Master of Business Administration. His official training is in distributed complex systems design and analysis, and he is a published math researcher.

In the boom of 2017 he was leading his blockchain firm, a platform he built utilizing smart contracts to combine exercise adherence and brand loyalty. This sparked his interest in working with and investing in corporate blockchain startups/guiding and investing in blockchain ventures at the corporate level.

At Cartesi Labs, Joe has brought his experience from Binance and the startup world to help create an ecosystem that will accelerate the growth of both Cartesi and DApp developers; with the ultimate goal of breaking down performance barriers between blockchain DApps and the familiar apps that the world uses on a daily basis.

“Cartesi, to me, is like a portal between the scalability of mainstream software architecture, and the security promises beholden to smart contracts. I joined Cartesi to help find great devs and projects on both sides to populate this portal without the need to settle for less.”

Jacopo is an entrepreneur with 11 years of experience in marketing and project management. He holds a BSc in Computer Engineering as well as an MSc in Management, Economics, and Industrial Engineering.

Throughout his career, he founded various web and marketing agencies that managed large-budget campaigns and provided services to multinational corporations. Later, he began work on an education platform with the goal of assisting high school students by providing a new way to learn scientific subjects. He has also worked as a freelance project manager and business consultant for multinational clients, managing multi-functional and multicultural freelance teams.

In early 2017, he fell in love with blockchain and began to invest in the space, thinking about how he could apply his marketing skills and entrepreneurial mindset to this industry.

The opportunity to do so presented itself to him in the form of Cartesi! Jacopo now brings his experience to assist Cartesi and the Technical Community team in nurturing the community, supporting and educating its users, providing new inputs, and assisting in the process of designing new products.

“I joined Cartesi because I believe it can help shape the decentralized Internet of the future. I want to be part of this process, grow personally and professionally during this journey and bring my experience and skills to contribute to the success of this amazing project.”

The blockchain business has captivated Nazim’s attention since 2016. He graduated with honors from the National Research University in Moscow, Russia, with a Master’s degree in system and software engineering. Additionally, he is now completing his Ph.D. degree in information security.

Previously Head of Technical Documentation at the Cardano Foundation, he has joined Cartesi to improve their technical documentation, making the lives of external developers a little easier and helping them use Cartesi products.

“Cartesi will expand the blockchain scalability to help developers build the Web 3.0 world. I joined Cartesi to be part of this technical revolution with strong beliefs that blockchain is for the people.”

Roman is a passionate software engineer with seven years of professional experience. Over that time, he has worked on various web applications and services, always striving for clean code, safety, and performance. He delved deep into Domain-Driven Design and Rust during his career, which quickly became his architectural approach and programming language of choice.

He initially learned programming by making 3D game engine projects in C# as a hobby, stemming from his interest in game development. This fueled his desire to understand the math and computer science behind real-time 3D graphics, leading him to study computer science at Czech Technical University.

As of late, he is working on a database client in Rust and researching blockchain, which quickly became his new field of interest.

Naturally, Roman and Cartesi are a great match due to the combination of blockchain and mainstream software such as game development.

“Cartesi bridges the gap between mainstream software development and the power of blockchain. Just imagine the possibilities; they are limitless.”

In what has been an amazing year of growth and expansion, we’re excited to have Brandon, Bruno, Dinali, Joe, Jacopo, Nazim, and Roman each bring their unique expertise and skillsets to the Cartesi team. With 2022 on the horizon, we can’t wait to see how their new perspectives and ideas will shape the future of Cartesi.

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