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Wing 2021 November Recap. This month, the much-anticipated Wing… | by The Ontology Team | Wing Finance | Dec, 2021

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The Ontology Team
Wing 2021 November Recap. This month, the much-anticipated Wing… | by The Ontology Team | Wing Finance | Dec, 2021

This month, the much-anticipated Wing Flash Pool (BSC) successfully launched! This means that Wing users have one more way to participate in the Wing Flash Pool. In addition, the Wing DAO community also organized a number of celebrations, attracting many digital asset holders to participate. This greatly increased Wing’s liquidity, and Wing Flash Pool (BSC) TVL reached $14.5 Million. We also heavily upgraded PolkaPets NFT holders’ airdrop activities, and users can participate with lower handling fees and in a more flexible way. In addition, Wing also held other types of activities in the middle of this month to allow more new users to better understand Wing. In the middle of the month, the Wing DAO community also held the 50th community vote. The community agreed to upgrade oneWING (New) with 100% of the votes. After the development is completed, it will be added to the Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum), and community activities will also be held at that time. Stay tuned!

Peak value: 11/10/2021, $221 Million

Wing Flash Pool (BSC) Peak value: 11/11/2021, $14.5 Million

1/8/2021, BSC version of Wing Flash Pool launched, users can easily participate in the Wing Flash Pool on BSC now.

  1. Wing & ApeSwap liquidity mining campaign (BSC) is in full swing! Add WING-BNB liquidity in ApeSwap and pledge LP vouchers to start earning BANANA. In addition, you can earn WING rewards by staking BANANA in the ApeSwap WING pool. The rate of return is 100%, and a total reward of $250,000+ is waiting for you to mine!


At 9AM (UTC), November 5, 2021, the November community meeting was hosted by community member Atherton Hoge. Wing DAO community members participated enthusiastically and provided suggestions for project development.

Wing’s monthly buyback for November 2021 went smoothly and all assets were bought back.

This month, 50% of Wing DAO’s revenue was used for the buyback according to the Wing DAO community’s joint decision. The total amount of WING bought back will be updated at the end of the auction and will be transferred to the burn address: AFmseVrdL9f9oyCzZefL9tG6UbvhPbdYzM.

(1) Wing, ApeSwap and ONTO Wallet jointly organized the WING-BNB liquidity mining event.

(2) Wing and Ichi cooperated to upgrade oneWING. Ichi is responsible for the development of oneWING (New), and oneWING (New) will be added to the Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum) for supplying and borrowing. There will be various events at that time, so stay tuned!

(3) Wing Finance cooperated with ONTO Wallet to hold the Wing Flash Pool (BSC) celebration event. Users who participate in Wing Flash Pool through ONTO Wallet can get additional rewards.

According to the results of the 12th Wing DAO community vote, 35K out of 70K WING generated during the Wing Genesis Mining Multiplication Event, due to the rate adjustment, can be used for Wing’s marketing. In addition, according to the results of the 39th Wing DAO community vote, 50K WING from the community fund will be used for Wing’s marketing.

Wing DAO spending summary for November:

Community: 29.50 WING

Campaign: 13191.36 WING

Media: 26.89 WING

Total: 13247.75 WING

*The funds used for “Campaigns” include rewards for the pWING liquidity mining campaign with SushiSwap this month and the following three months.*

(1) oneWING (New) will be launched in mid-December and will be accompanied by community events, so stay tuned.

(2) The Wing x BabySwap liquidity mining campaign will start in early December, with super generous rewards.

(3) The Wing x Celestial battleship NFT sale event will start in mid-December, so stay tuned.

(4) Wing PolkaPets NFT events, pWING liquidity mining events, and JSwap liquidity mining events are ongoing.

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