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NFT Upgrades, Metaverse, & Play-to-Earn Gaming: Exploring NFT use cases with BlockBots | by Laszlo | Dec, 2021

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NFTs are not just digital images that sit in your wallet, they are assets that connect together the spheres of art, social media, video-games, and finance! While we are still quite early in the development of NFTs, we can already see the amazing potential of the technology in terms of applications. BlockBots is one of the NFT projects striving to offer many utilities to its users. From exploring the metaverse to play-to-earn gaming, buckle up for a tour of the BlockBots universe!

NFT Upgrades, Metaverse, & Play-to-Earn Gaming: Exploring NFT use cases with BlockBots | by Laszlo | Dec, 2021

Naming your NFT on-chain. BlockBots owners can give a unique name to their bots! The change will be registered on the ETH blockchain, and show up on Opensea. This feature allows owners to participate in the creative process and story of BlockBots. By changing the name of your BlockBot, you essentially immortalize yourself on-chain!

Equipping an NFT … with an NFT! BlockBots is one of the first NFT projects to introduce the possibility to upgrade your NFTs with new items (which are also NFTs). These are called PowerUps, and they are the cool weapons and accessories that can be equipped on your BlockBots. Wouldn’t a wizard look cooler with a magic staff? How about adding an AK47 to your warrior? These items are not only aesthetic add-ons, they will have utilities during the Play-to-Earn game!

In addition to customising your BlockBots, you can also directly interact and experiment with them!

Not just a PNG. BlockBots are not only digital images, they are 3D voxel characters. You can download the 3D & vox files of your bots, and play around with them with any software tools! This feature has unleashed the creativity of the BlockBots community: 3D print; stickers; T-shirts; Cryptovoxels creations, and more!

BlockBots Dashboard. All these different features are easily accessible on the dashboard, check it out if you own a BlockBot!

So when you have such a large amazing group of people regularly kicking it together, how do you take interaction to the next level? Simple: you turn to the Metaverse! The BlockBots community now has a home in Cryptovoxels: we had a House Warming Party a couple weeks ago, more than 500 people turned up!

The BlockBots space in Cryptovoxels is regularly updated: new set ups for the rooftop party space, showcasing different BlockBots NFTs (like the latest PowerUps or Legendary Bots), adding BotFam members’ creations in the community space, etc. We are currently setting-up a new BlockBots space in another metaverse, more info coming soon… 👀

3D NFT projects like BlockBots can exist and thrive inside the Metaverse. Owners can establish their virtual presence in the metaverse through their BlockBots. You can already upload the vox files of BlockBots & PowerUps across some metaverses, and experiment building around them. We are striving to push the BlockBots metaverse interoperability even further: using your BlockBot as your avatar in different metaverses; equipping your PowerUps etc. While this is not available yet, this will be the next big step for NFT utility in the metaverse.

When it comes to Web 3.0 exploration, we’re just getting started!

PowerUps will allow you to increase your chance of defeating your opponent. Missile launcher, mythical trident, magic staff, knife … basically everything you need to destroy your adversaries! These weapons are ERC1155 NFTs that also have varying rarity: legendary, epic, rare, and common. PowerUps will be one of the elements that will allow you to earn while playing, as they can be bought/sold on a marketplace!

How will the game work?

This is a rough overview of the game — we are working on the exact mechanics which will be shared soon.

Once your wallet is connected into the website you will be able to choose your BlockBots for different modes (such as one-on-one matches), and review their Power levels. You will have the option to equip up to 5 PowerUps before entering the fighting arena.

You’ll then be matched with a bot who is roughly in the same power range as yours. The winner will be determined by the base power of the BlockBot and the power-ups used during the fight. The winning bot gets ownership of a single randomly selected power-up of the losing bot. In terms of game mechanics, it will be an idle game system.

The various BlockBots Clans will have different base Power: Legendary being the strongest, Royalty 2nd, Wizards 3rd etc. The Clans will be more vulnerable to certain PowerUps, for example wizards will take more damages from guns. As such the clan of your BlockBot will have an impact on the outcome of the fight.

There will be different types of matches available: battles for PowerUps, championship matches for IND tokens, practice games etc.

The 1st version of BlockBouts is set to release Q1 2022. We will share gameplay teasers with the BotFam on Discord soon, so stay tuned!

🤖 BlockBots: https://blockbots.gg/
Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/blockbots-by-indorse
🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlockbotsNFT
🎮 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Dy2CdKnNJT
⚔️ PowerUps: https://marketplace.blockbots.gg/

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