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Rejuve — SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #2 | by Haley Lowy | Dec, 2021

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Haley Lowy
Rejuve — SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #2 | by Haley Lowy | Dec, 2021

Hello Singularitarians!

This is just one of a series of posts giving our valued community a review of our 2021 achievements… and a small peek at what comes next! This Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series will be followed up next year with an in-depth series on the Roadmap plans for 2022 in January/February. Don’t miss the rest of this series!

Rejuve is creating a decentralized research network that will allow people to track & improve their healthspan while earning rewards for data and research model contributions. Through unique tokenomics, participants will secure lifetime benefits from all proceeds generated from their data and models. Currently longevity medicine is considered an alternative health pursuit that is essentially limited to the wealthy; Rejuve’s guiding principle is “Accessible longevity for all”.

The mission of Rejuve AI is to solve the problem of aging. Rejuve does this by integrating traditional medical research into their AI methodology, in particular principles of observational studies and randomized controlled trials, and by enabling participation from the community of science.

Rejuve is driving forward the path to beneficial AGI by creating a network of beneficial AI’s which are working together to understand and assist humanity in its quest for greater understanding of biological wellbeing. Our platform is aimed at crowdsourcing a wide diversity of algorithms, making it possible for ensembles of these algorithms to create ever more dynamic and accurate models of the human body. This will allow science to increasingly understand the interactions and intricacies of our biology, leading to novel therapies.

Rejuve has a tight-knit hardworking team, and is growing in expectation for the forthcoming launch next year. Rejuve is onboarding experts in business and partnership development, as well as app development. Rejuve is currently already looking at the key technical hires that they will need to make after their token launch, and is looking forward to building up a larger team at that point.

Rejuve is scheduled to release a small internal test of the beta Rejuve app before the end of year, and is planning for a more wide scale semi-open beta test version early 2022.

There is huge potential with this project, and it is going into widely uncharted territory giving many openings to arrive at new discoveries and establish theirselves as leaders in this space. Like early prospectors on a new gold field — opportunities for amazing discoveries abound in every direction.

Rejuve’s biggest news is that they were finally able to announce their new CEO, Jasmine Smith, and CTO, Dr. Debbie Duong! They also launched their beautiful new website and whitepaper. They have expanded the Rejuve tokenomic model with novel use of NFTs, which will help transform the space of data collection, use, and reimbursement for health data and intellectual property.

Rejuve has recently published 2 blog posts – the first about biological age, and the second outlining some of the AI systems they are developing especially for Rejuve, including:

  • BayesianExpert — a Bayesian net expert system that accepts rules and statistics from the scientific literature
  • A Bayesian Neural Network for age modelling that accepts multiple kinds of data with causal regularization

The Rejuve Telegram group has grown to over 1000 members — they are on their way to a thriving community committed to healthspan and longevity research.

Rejuve’s next big event is the internal test-launch of the MVP Rejuve app, planned to launch before the end of the year. This will be a very limited testing stage, which should provide valuable feedback, and allow Rejuve to robustify the app considerably.

This will be the first step in preparing for Rejuve’s token launch, early next year, along with upgrading the app to version 2 for wider community testing based on initial feedback; version 2 will include HIPAA compliance & tokenomics. Rejuve will also be refining and launching their novel NFT tokenomics and improving their AI algorithms, as well as preparing their team for the launch process.

One challenge Rejuve is currently navigating is the practicality of launching their full NFT tokenomics in the current Ethereum system. The fee level and smart contract capabilities are not optimized for the scale of NFT minting, claiming, and movement inherent in the design of their tokenomics. For this aspect of Rejuve, they are very much looking forward to working with Cardano to launch these innovative blockchain components.

Finally, Rejuve is building partnerships with high-quality supplement providers, medical test providers, research organizations, and others — a critical aspect for Rejuve’s success. Rejuve is also initializing the creation of the Generative Cooperative Network, a way to crowdsource the models of the community of science using neural networks.

Rejuve’s newly announced CEO Jasmine Smith recently said, “The Rejuve community is full of amazing people from all walks of life, in all parts of the world, united for one cause. Everyone is here because they are driven for the cause, they feel they need to be here. We are not interested in the dystopian futures offered to us by mainstream media — we are making our own future, and we are active participants and benefactors of that future we are creating.”

Rejuve’s effectiveness is all about the size of its network — when building a new future, including “longevity for all”, Rejuve will need as many people involved as possible. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of a journey towards living healthier longer…tell them about Rejuve! Share a blog post, invite them to join telegram, retweet a post. Rejuve needs your help to bring the issues of longevity research and medical data sovereignty into the global consciousness.

Join our social media channels so that you are always up to date with the latest in Rejuve Longevity news: Our Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram — Rejuve Community, Telegram — Rejuve Announcements

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