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OpenLive NFT to Bridge the Gap between Users and Investors in the Cryptoverse

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  • NFTs have taken the world by storm.
  • OpenLive is a budding decentralized NFT marketplace bridging the gap between creators, tech leaders, and investors in the cryptoverse.

The NFT movement has sped to gallop and the world is taking notice with brands like Adidas and Nike joining the race. From contemporary crypto art to blockchain in-game NFTs, the emergence of this lucrative industry has opened a plethora of opportunities for NFT creators on the blockchain. With the rise of Cryptopunks, CryptoKitties and CurioCards in early 2017, the online marketplaces for the exchange of these NFTs have gained widespread traction.

OpenLive NFT is an emerging platform in the NFT industry built by some highly-experienced developers in the tech space. It allows people to seamlessly exchange non-fungible tokens and explore the world of virtual creations differently.

NFT marketplaces are certified gateways to explore the world of digital content. Several NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare Foundation are some leading NFT platforms propelling mainstream acceptance. OpenLiveNFT’s unique functionalities plan to spearhead the NFT marketplace seeking to help creators by allowing them to produce prodigious amounts of art and publish it on the blockchain.

NFTs have exploded beyond imagination in recent months. Falling into the realms of cryptoart, the NFT market recently skyrocketed to $7 billion. From art, music to texts and graphics, these blockchain-based digital assets are gaining widespread traction. NFT collectors have spent billions in dollars for exclusive possessions by leaping to the blockchain headfirst. Emerging marketplaces are the driving forces spearheading the growth of the NFT market exponentially. OpenLive’s NFT marketplace is designed to host exclusive NFTs created through mathematical verification that will foster the ever-growing NFT market.

Compared to Other Marketplaces

Backed by the likes of the strategic partners and leading investment funds including UFIN, AIC, STECH, FUDU Bank, J Launchpad, Meta Futures, BARMY, BSC Station, CoinPublic, F.A Capital, CG, Crypto.F Ventures, Moniwar, ZukiMoba, Cowboy Snake, the projects aim to revolutionize the way decentralized NFT marketplaces function.

OpenLive is an emerging decentralized NFT marketplace bridging the gap between creators, tech leaders, and investors in the cryptoverse. It will allow the creation or auction of exclusive digital collectables via categories including art, video clips, gaming, real estate, music, sports and music. Interesting features like NFT launchpad, intuitive UI/UX which is oriented towards simplifying the NFT journey of non-technical users and low transaction fees are some of the highlights of the soon-to-launch marketplace.

With a number of NFT marketplaces facing scalability issues hindering a smooth user experience, OpenLive NFT Marketplace is addressing problems such as high gas fees, network congestion, low throughput and complex interfaces. These problems often limit developers from harnessing the potential of NFTs. With the majority of platforms focusing on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, OpenLiveNFT is Omnichain bringing increased possibilities to the future of NFTs.

OmniChain, like other technological innovations available on the NFT ecosystem, can be linked with several distribution channels. The technology also possesses a user-friendly interface that appeals to everyone. With an easy-to-use model, it will synchronize the management information of individuals on all networks and help to optimize sales channels. Users can avoid bandwidth congestion and other related issues that often lead to service interruptions on the network.

The Road Ahead

With a solid roadmap and developments, OpenLive NFT has announced a comprehensive roadmap with the launch of the NFT marketplace in Q2 2022. In the same quarter, it aims to list exclusive collections on its marketplace. The project plans to launch a DAPP wallet and roll out more interesting features including a payment gateway.

Currently, the blockchain-based decentralized marketplace is gearing its launch on leading IDO platforms like BSC Station. Early Adopters and community members will have an early advantage to participate in the Initial DEX Offering taking place later in January. OpenLive NFT is geared towards bringing high-tech products to the cryptoverse to drive mainstream adoption.

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