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This Platform Is Reducing Entry Barriers in the Crypto Industry With A Decentralized Model Account For a Holistic Ecosystem

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  • The TrustKeys Network to address concerns related to information and data security.
  • The DAM model is one way TrustKeys will enable users to achieve real value from blockchain tech.
  • Soon lending, borrowing, staking, derivatives, NFT marketplace, and launchpad features will be introduced.

A novel ‘CryptoNoCurrency’ SuperApp is taking the crypto and DeFi industry by storm with analytic features that will address Web3 inefficiencies. TrustKeys Network, a platform that offers solutions to the gaps in the blockchain industry, has built a SuperApp that will provide entry into the world of decentralised finance and crypto assets with a decentralized account model (DAM) aimed to connect experiences.

The need for an application that is fully integrated with social networking features, decentralized finance, digital currency exchange, e-wallet can not be ignored as several individuals are interested in an innovation that will address some of blockchain’s pressing issues. TrustKeys is well equipped with future-ready features that will help anyone enter into the blockchain universe in the simplest way possible.

Connecting Experiences With a Decentralized Model Account

The TrustKeys Network is looking at building a well-rounded blockchain ecosystem that meets the needs of users and addresses concerns related to information and data security. It unites experiences of crypto trading and social networking that would otherwise exist on separate platforms for separate audiences. TrustKeys aims to provide a holistic ecosystem that will connect and unify more users to propel more adoption of the growing industry.

TrustKeys CryptoNoCurrency SuperApp (No=Not Only) has been specifically designed by the best minds in tech to offer value to the crypto sphere including unparalleled cryptocurrency storage and trading with a list of real applications of blockchain technology. With a mission to provide an ecosystem of value and solutions, the TrustKeys team has provided users with many amazing features in the SuperApp including a non-custodial wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a blockchain-style network with an end-to-end encrypted Messenger and a decentralized account model (DAM).

The DAM model is one credible way TrustKeys will enable users to achieve real value from blockchain technology. As an entry point into the cryptocurrency world, TrustKeys Super App will allow users to easily hold and trade and also securely share with a Blockchain-style social network. Hence, as a user, one remains in complete control without any dependency on any centralized factors. With DAM, the TrustKeys Network can seamlessly connect experiences from mini-applications within its established ecosystem while simultaneously giving users full control of their accounts and funds.

An Inclusive Ecosystem

TrustKeys Network and its team of tech experts have defined several innovative and decentralized products that will build up the initial ecosystem.

One of these products is a social network targeted at overcoming the current limitations facing the crypto and blockchain industry. Individuals are often perturbed with concerns about how to secure conversations over a social network. TrustKeys social network will address this by helping participants own their accounts and access accurate information without difficulty or security breach. The social network integration will also help users buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily by engaging with their community.

TrustKeys also seeks to help users on the network store their cryptocurrency with a 24-character private key, thereby making it almost impossible for a third party to intrude except, of course, a user discloses it. The wallet is well equipped to support multi-blockchains for the majority of crypto assets in the industry. In the future, the network could integrate with NFTs as proposed by the team as well as an exchange that will leverage the advantages of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs) to create a safe and secure experience for users.

As announced by the team, additional features, including lending, borrowing, staking, derivatives, an NFT (non-fungible tokens) marketplace, and launchpad will be introduced to achieve the full benefits of the Super App to fully develop a global inclusive ecosystem of financial connection and asset digitization built on the blockchain.

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