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The Play2Earn Revolution: Introducing Drunk Robots

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  • Blockchain technology revolutionized the gaming industry.
  • With Play2Earn games let you earn real-world reward just by playing .
  • Drunk Robots is a great example of a Play2Earn game.

Advances in blockchain technology seem to happen at light speed, and the latest crypto revolution has ignited explosive changes for the future of video games. By utilizing NFTs and DeFi principles, developers have created a new breed of Play2Earn games that combine the best of blockchain to reward players for their time and engagement.

While this bold shift in games is still in its infancy, there are plenty of promising titles on the way that are comfortable, convenient and fun to play, only requiring a phone and internet connection to enjoy.

On top of being great games, you’ll be able to earn real-world rewards just for playing! Plus, you own any NFT assets related to the game of your choice, so you can always sell or trade those to “cash out” if you decided to quit playing a certain game, or if you just enjoy collecting, leveling up, and trading NFTs.

The old model of gaming is starting to look antiquated. Years ago, you could at least trade-in or sell a used disc at your local game store for a fraction of the sale price, and put that money toward a new game, Lately, however, with the rise of digital downloads and “games as a service” models, players have no way to sell a game once they’re done with it. And they certainly aren’t compensated for their time!

Are you ready for the Play2Earn revolution in gaming? It is already upon us, and one of the amazing games leading the charge is Drunk Robots.

Cheers to Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots transport players to the city of Los Machines, a futuristic city inhabited (some would say overrun) by junky, drunk robots whose only interests are metal, beer, and violence. Here, in Los Machines, the robots have been left to build their own dysfunctional society, where power is taken, not earned.

After purchasing a unique robot NFT (there are 10101 Drunk Robots NFTs in total), players will have to fight for survival as they attempt to seize control of Los Machines. Engage in brutal PVP battles, venture out on expeditions to find metal and booze, join a gang of fellow drunks, and customize your robot with upgraded weapons, gear, and collectibles.

On top of all that action, players can also enjoy many free-to-play activities that don’t even require the purchase of a robot NFT, such as mini games that also award valuable prizes such as equipment for the robots. These prizes come in the form of NFTs, so you can use them or sell them on the secondary marketplace!

And for those who are wisely concerned with safety and efficiency, Drunk Robots is built on the immensely popular Binance Smart Chain, which facilitates easy and secure transactions at a minimal cost.

Drinking Buddies

The Drunk Robots community is already buzzing, and the project has established strong partnerships with major players such as: gate.io, zb.com, dex ventures, shima capital, binance nft, liquidifty, faraland.io, wanakafarm.com. What’s more, Drunk Robots recently made a special listing on the Binance marketplace.

With drinking buddies in such high places, this project is sure to be a big player in the Play2Earn revolution. Confidence pays dividends, and so does getting in early. Drunk Robots is not in such a late stage as many of its competitors, and though that means it may take a bit longer to launch, that also means that now is an amazing time to invest.

As we pass through the crossroads of the gaming revolution, ask yourself if you still believe in the old ways. Will you continue to believe in the traditional model, which only rewards huge publishing corporations? Or will you step into the future with games like Drunk Robots, which promise to reward players with financial income as well as incredibly fun experiences?

Disclaimer: CoinQuora does not endorse any content or product on its page. While we aim to provide you with all relevant information that we could obtain, readers are encouraged to do their own research before taking any actions and bear full responsibility for their decisions. Please note that this article does not constitute investment advice.

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