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LetsExchange: A One-stop Service for Your Crypto-related Activities

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Anonymity is seen as a key tenet of blockchain technology in general. Despite that, exchanges that facilitate crypto trading require users to register and verify their identity through the KYC process.

However, a cryptocurrency platform LetsExchange is reimagining and championing an anonymous, fast and safe digital assets exchange, allowing you to trade your coins instantly, without the need to provide any data but the information needed to process the transaction.

LetsExchange, launched in March 2021, is a non-custodial instant exchange service free of registration, limits, and complications. It saves consumers time at every step of the exchange process with hassle-free access, a user-friendly interface, and rapid automated transactions, allowing them to get the most out of every cryptocurrency swap.

The platform is integrated through API with multiple major exchanges and instantly selects the most convenient rate across these exchanges for every swap and creates relevant orders. Notably, it was one of the first cryptocurrency exchange platforms to list popular cryptocurrencies like SafeMoon and Shiba Inu. Traders and investors may exchange more than 340 coins and tokens without having to sign up or complete KYC and AML checks. The platform’s security is enhanced by encryption, an SSL certificate, and DDoS protection.

Building a Global Ecosystem for Fast, and Easy Crypto Swaps

LetsExchange has created a global environment for quick, seamless cryptocurrency swaps. It not only provides its users with simple cryptocurrency exchange functionalities, but it also offers a ready-made toolset for other platforms to integrate the same functions.

Crypto exchanges on LetsExchange are anonymous, and users’ assets are protected by their own coin wallets. The platform doesn’t impose upper limits on exchange amounts and is constantly expanding the number of coins it supports.

Instant cryptocurrency swaps offered by LetsExchange are available through a growing number of exchange aggregators, cryptocurrency wallets, and even media sites, thanks to its ever-growing list of partnerships.

Users can choose from six different languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish versions of the LetsExchange website to exchange crypto conveniently.

LetsExchange is a one-stop multi-currency exchange created by a group of crypto visionaries with over ten years of experience in the blockchain area and Fintech. It saves users time and increases their trading revenue at every step of a coin swap.

LetsExchange Upgraded Features

LetsExchange upgraded its platform to enable instant crypto swaps just a few months after the platform’s debut in early 2021. LetsExchange.io has been rapidly developing since then, drawing crypto enthusiasts looking for quick, secure, and anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges.

The exciting new features give users access to detailed trading statistics, a portfolio management tool, the LetsExchange Affiliate Program, and many other innovative upgrades. Setting up a personal account gives you access to expanded functionality that improves the user experience.

The platform’s all-in-one exchange widget was redesigned to make crypto swap flow even more intuitive. As a result of the change, users can now swap over 340+ coins and tokens easily and instantly. To use the LetsExchange platform, a user must first choose the coins and amount to be exchanged, as well as submit their receiving wallet address. They can also opt for a fixed rate option to avoid slippage throughout the swap.

The user just needs to send the exchange amount to the deposit address in the second step. The switch is carried out automatically once this transaction is completed. Following network confirmation, the funds are promptly transmitted to the recipient’s address.

LetsExchange has over 100,000 cryptocurrency pairs to choose from with a section for crypto comparison. The Exchange Pairs include XMR/BTC, BTC/XRP, BTC/ETH, DOGE/BTC, ETH/BTC, TRX/BTC, LTC/BTC, BTC/USDT, BTC/BSV, DASH/BTC, BCH/BTC, BTC/ XMR, ZEC/BTC, BTC/XTZ, and more.

LetsExchange’s SmartRate technology has also been updated. It is a set of algorithms that picks the most profitable rate across multiple exchange platforms for every swap.

Following the update, the system now evaluates more offers in the market while still delivering results in a fraction of a second. Furthermore, LetsExchange has boosted its server capacity to assure quick and seamless swaps amid the platform’s tremendous growth.

No More Problems With Insufficient Amounts

On LetsExchange, there are no upper limits but lower limits, which are applied to prevent customers from losing money when network fees account for a large portion of the entire exchange value.

When a user tries to enter a sum below the limit before the recent upgrade, you’d see a warning in the exchange widget. However, if a user disregards the warning and proceeds to exchange, the swap will not be executed automatically, and the user will need to submit a support request to recover their funds.

Since the upgrade, an insufficient amount in the ‘You Send Filed’ makes it impossible to commence an exchange. If you try to complete such a swap, the ‘You Get’ amount will stay zero, and you will be routed to the previous screen. This type of inaccuracy is no longer possible, and you have a margin of error when giving exchange information.

Personal User Accounts

Personal user accounts are available on LetsExchange.io, designed to take your crypto trading experience to the next level with stats and advanced tools. To exchange cryptocurrency on LetsExchange, you do not need to sign up at all. Registering a user account is completely optional. It is up to a user to decide if they need the additional features of a personal account.

However, creating a personal account grants you access to additional features that improve user experience. When you sign up, you enjoy features such as Trading Statistics, Portfolio Management, and Affiliate Program.

Trading Statistics

Trading Statistics allow you to track the history of your exchange and monitor the profitability of the transactions for a specified period. Whilst also monitoring the most popular cryptocurrency pairs with the most profitable exchange rates.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management helps you keep track of all crypto investments with LetsExchange’s portfolio management tool. To use, go to the portfolio tab in your personal account, click “Add to Portfolio,” and provide the required information. Afterward, you can track your portfolio performance and growth with no stress.

Users and partners may earn commissions from 0.45% to 0.95% from each referred swap as an affiliate by using the referral links in your LetsExchange account Affiliate Program tab. This implies you can share referral links with your friends and subscribers, to create a new cash stream.

The LetsExchange Affiliate Program also offers customizable exchange buttons that partners can add to their websites. The affiliate program is best for media outlets, bloggers, influencers, marketers, and anyone interested in affiliate income.

How it works

  • Create a user account on LetsExchange.io
  • Go to Affiliate Program → Referral Links in your account
  • Create a referral link or a set of links for different channels
  • Share your link anywhere on the web
  • Earn 0.45% of each referred swap
  • Drive more swaps to increase your revenue share

LetsExchange API Integration

The LetsExchange Development API is the most comprehensive way to integrate a LetsExchange-powered cryptocurrency exchange into websites and apps. In addition to further customization options, the API allows users to set up their own income share.

LetsExchange has already integrated with several top-flight crypto platforms and wallets such as Invity.io, Trezor, Trustee, SwapSpace, Swapzone, and others. API is best for crypto wallets, exchange and blockchain platform aggregators, and other crypto-related platforms.

How It Works

  • Check out the development API at https://api.letsexchange.io
  • Contact the LetsExchange team at [email protected] in case of any question
  • Integration is smooth and straightforward since the exchange process does not require registration and KYC/AML
  • Your users will be able to swap 10,000+ crypto pairs on your platform without additional registration and verification procedures
  • You earn a commission from each swap coming from your platform

LetsExchange developed easy-to-install exchange widgets that enable crypto wallets, blockchain projects, media outlets, and other crypto-related platforms to make money on crypto swaps and boost their user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

The exchange widgets allow your audience to trade over 340 cryptocurrencies directly on your website. You can earn up to 0.95 percent from each swap made using your widget. And because it has no upper exchange limitations, your profit from a single swap is likewise limitless. While floating rates are available, it has fixed rates to avoid slippage.

To integrate the LetsExchange widget into your platform, you have to click on https://letsexchange.io/ and create your personal LetsExchange account. Log in, go to the Widgets page in the Affiliate Program section, and select to create a new widget.

Then, customize your widget with a few clicks to make it a perfect fit for your platform. Copy your widget embed code and add it to your website. Finally, make money on every swap you refer and track your affiliate statistics in your LetsExchange account.

The Next Step of the LetsExchange Upgrade

The next steps of the LetsExchange upgrade will provide even more features for users and partners, including fiat-to-crypto/crypto-to-fiat exchange, DEX exchange, a mobile app, payment gateway, white-label exchange solution, and crypto processing. New language versions of the site are also on the way, ensuring that crypto enthusiasts globally have a smooth trade experience.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of CoinQuora. No information in this article should be interpreted as investment advice. CoinQuora encourages all users to do their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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