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Top Ways to Triple Your Money in 2022 Without Spending a Penny

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The biggest revelation in 2021 was the play-to-earn movement. It initiated a paradigm shift that is disrupting one of the biggest industries in the world — gaming. Unlike the free-to-play model, the NFT-powered blockchain games provide true ownership of in-game assets and add monetary value with unique token economies. 

So, players get to finally reap the rewards for the hours they put into a game, mastering different skills and climbing leaderboards. They no longer have to worry about centralized figures changing the system for their own benefit. For the simple fact that community and player-owned economies run the show in the blockchain gaming space.

The gaming space in crypto is primed for growth, irrespective of macro market conditions because play-to-earn is more appealing to traditional gamers. More importantly, it will drive more adoption than any market sector in crypto as it provides an additional income source to players. NFTs & Virtual Worlds Make Gaming More Lucrative

Blockchain gaming is one of the best ways to earn money or create a passive income source in crypto. When NFTs and metaverses became more than just a hype trend, it automatically increased the level of utility and player retention within the P2E ecosystem. They are serving as the foundation of blockchain gaming.

The increased utility adds immense economic value to players. Apart from being a digital representation of players, NFTs can also be traded on secondary marketplaces with high liquidity.

On the other hand, inside a metaverse, players can drive user-generated value by creating their own NFTs and populating virtual lands. In addition, they can earn passive income by renting out these assets to other players. The revenue-creating opportunities in a metaverse are endless. As the metaverse evolves, we will see more revenue models for sustainable players and can provide a consistent income source.

However, to access these games and metaverses, one needs an initial investment. They need to buy NFTs to play in any blockchain game and earn crypto tokens in return. To overcome this challenge, players can resort to gaming guilds. A gaming guild can help players cover their initial investment and teach them strategies to maximize daily rewards. So anyone can start playing blockchain games with zero entry barriers for free and earn a good side income.

But, Which Game Should Players Play?

Players need to find a blockchain game with a dual token economy with high utility attached to the in-game NFTs. It is also important for them to make money while away from the game. This is only possible by either renting out NFT assets or staking.

One such blockchain game incorporating all these features is FireZard. This upcoming NFT trading card game aims to reward players with NFT packs and daily token rewards. The game ecosystem is fueled by two tokens, $ZARD, and $FLAME.

What stands out about FireZard is its deflationary tokenomics and NFT rarity system. Depending on the rarity, players can instantly derive value for their NFTs and exchange it for BNB tokens. The higher the rarity, the more BNB one can redeem. To get more NFT packs, players can stake their $ZARD and use the $FLAME rewards to buy more NFTs.

As FireZard is a strategic game, it offers an equal playing field for players to choose the best composition out of their trading cards. Players also do not have to worry about security issues, as FireZard successfully passed audits conducted by reputable security companies, Solid Group and TechRate.

The Future Of Gaming — Play, Earn, & Repeat

The play-to-earn movement forever changed the traditional gaming dynamics and showed gamers a sustainable way of monetizing their skills and time. So blockchain games like FireZard that have high utility and follow a player-first approach will continue to drive more adoption and change the lives of many talented gamers worldwide.

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