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World War 3: Biden Readies for Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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President Biden gave the starkest warning yet that Russia has no choice but to invade Ukraine after amassing 100,000 troops along the border. Will this lead to a NATO backed war with Russia?

President Biden also admitted his failures to pass stimulus as one big bill. Instead he’ll need to break them into smaller pieces of legislation in order to pass Congress.

We’re also looking at the eviction nightmare facing America. Why is no one talking about this?


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  1. Hi good morning to y'all beautiful family 👪 and David ok I have a question when president Biden first came in he said if u don't help me fix the problems the last president did u get a pink slip ok he dose have the right to get rid of those that won't help the American citizens the government is going down cause of those two not democrats /Republicans have more control then 🤔 🙄 😏 the president Biden its just 1 year why he couldn't change cabinets in the senate or the house period 🤔 I am still figuring out why I voted for him if he can't make changes in government , but the orange house did before he left the sad house😇🤔🤫🤨🤒

  2. Its in IRS interest to know where how long and why, its adherents browse, because, they're the tax people! They HAVE TO! ITS A PART OF THE FUTURE! technology AND ITS DATA, will be broadcast and analyzed in both worlds, virtual AND actual. I don't trust the government we have to have ANY interest other than THEIR OWN INTERESTS, to create the so called "Brave new world" or, CYBER WORLD.

  3. I’ve travelled the world at a young age but I have found the US to be one of the most beautiful and landscapes full of such variety.

    I got my real ID passport when it first came out years ago because I knew it would be cheaper and easier while everyone else was fighting the change.

    Being brown, I gotta do everything to not give TSA a reason since they search me every single time. Highly recommend to avoid potential issues

  4. Good evening to you…
    I here in South Africa in Hermanus in Sandbaai in the Western Cape naer Cape Town…
    Intresting show…
    Keep up your great work and show

  5. The Eviction moratorium is not being broadcast in the mainstream media because America hates poor people. America vilifys the homeless like they're not human and fell on hard times because Wall Street bought up affordable housing making it hard to find fair rental rates. This is just part of the dumbing down of America. We'll believe anything our government tells us because we have a shitty public school system that doesn't teach it's citizens to think critically. The average American is really suffering financially.

  6. Why is U. S. recklessly interfering w border crisis 2 nations w prior agreements w NATO, if Pres Putin is relating the facts? Once agreed upon, intelligent agreements should be honored?

  7. Hi David that soooo true but if the truth should have been told so we don't be afraid of each other as the Corona virus we could have handled it differently were we could help each other😇🥰🙏

  8. I wouldn’t want them to scan my retina for a lot of reasons it will be used against you later. And I’m sure that they wouldn’t tell the truth about what they’re gonna do with it. They sure are trying to run the people.

  9. the developmental problems in children is heartbreaking. human relationships are going to break down even more and the discord which it will create will lead to a of lack of understanding and a scarcity of empathy. most social media platforms are already pushing a focus on the self and this isolation is just going to worsen things. we're breeding a society of sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths.

  10. All The Questions About Rent, Stimulus, should've been asked they could've also asked why you didn't sign an executive order without Congress for free colleges cause They Won't he's been lying. Thank you David everybody has different stories of being homeless NOBODY THE SAME

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