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DOLZ — Collect, Earn, and Play With Premium NFTs in a Unique Adult Metaverse

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The world is gradually moving towards the digital economy where users can create, buy, and sell goods and services with many concepts and technology springing up to harness the power of blockchain to proffer solutions and encourage passive earning.

We are in an era of new forms of communication that are trajectory and absorbing — NFTs, Metaverse among others. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a form of digital ledger that provides a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership otherwise known as a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain.

NFTs, though new in the cryptocurrency space, have amassed much popularity that has seen celebrities, organizations, and individuals dive into it. Presently, almost every project in crypto is incorporating NFT into its line of deliverables. Due to that, the global market for NFTs has hit over $30 billion and counting, showing the massive frenzy towards digital arts.  

Not only that, the Metaverse universe is creating a virtual world that one can immerse themselves in and get the most out of with the introduction of Play-to-Earn video games models, NFTs, and so much more. The technologies behind Metaverse include Virtual Reality (VR) as well as Augmented Reality (AR).

Another market fueling the development, adoption, and innovative technology is the adult entertainment industry which has been growing exponentially in the past years. According to reports, the industry generated more than 15 billion dollars in 2021 and is predicted to increase by 9.71 billion dollars by 2025.

In the adult world, gaming, especially Virtual Reality gaming has shown signs of immense success and has garnered a revenue of 23 billion, contributing to a significant amount of the global market share.

A key competitor in the world of adult entertainment and gaming industry spanning over 20 years is Totem Media which has built an ecosystem for collectors and gamers. As a veteran in the adult industry, Totem Media has launched successful projects that gave them the pedestal to ride on the wave of the new age. As far back as 1999, Totem launched its first VirtuaGirl in 1999 (later renamed to iStripper in 2016), the most viral adult internet software.

Later on, it debuted a multiplayer and adult entertainment VR metaverse dubbed VR Paradise in 2018. Subsequently, it launched the Dolz.io platform in 2021 to continuously expand the market and make adult content accessible to a wider audience.

DOLZ: Building an Adult-themed Ecosystem for Collectors and Gamers

According to the whitepaper, DOLZ.io is a unique adult metaverse built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) where individuals can play, earn, and collect NFTs as well as manage their own strip clubs. Of note, the project has been audited by Solidproof.io and has passed with zero red flags.

The DOLZ universe is governed by the $DOLZ token and it also created a non-tradable token called BabyDalz. BabyDalz is a reward currency earned by staking DALZ or providing liquidity with the DOLZ LP to get rewards with valuable rare NFTs.

DOLZ tokens can be used to unlock exclusive perks such as discounts, unique content, exclusive previews, and more. Whilst BabyDolz can be used to unlock mystery boxes containing unique NFTs from different collections. BabyDolz unlocks unique advantages on the VR Paradise, iStripper, and all partners’ NFT collections: discounts, unique content, previews, exclusive NFTs collections.

DOLZ NFT Collections

iStripper NFT

iStripper NFTs are trading adult cards that are built and collected by users. Each NFT card you own unlocks a 40-minute full erotic show. The iStripper adult cards rank from common to legendary and each of the phases comes with exclusive packages.

Users can as well take advantage of the unique advantages on iStripper.com for exclusive shows/cards and content, discounts, preview on the desktop software, mobile interactive app, VR shows, and unique software skins. DOLZ will be launching a limited edition, NFT strip-shows collection on the software, accessible to only DOLZ holders. The NFTs will give holders the ability to unlock ultra-rare strip shows.

VR Paradise NFT

Users can utilize their VR Paradise 3D NFT items directly in the VR Paradise game and the forthcoming adult entertainment VR metaverse. They can manage their own strip club and customize it with unique NFTs, and also customize all the strippers and characters with unique NFTs/items/outfits.

Partners NFT Collections

Here, partners and anyone who wishes to launch their NFT collection are given the opportunity to benefit from the technology and know-how of the team behind the project. Similarly, they will help the partner or individual help distribute their collection over the DOLZ.io platform.

DOLZ Features and Earning Hub

Since VRParadise.com, iStripper.com are all under the umbrella of Totem Media, DOLZ holders have premium access to exclusive perks from them and their partners. This implies that the DOLZ token can be utilized in the apps and games ecosystem. In other words, you can Play-to-Earn and Watch-to-Earn. 

Play-to-Earn and Watch-to-Earn: The Dolz platform rewards players for putting time and effort into their games because by using the Dolz games and apps, players are creating value for other players and the developers. Users will be rewarded with BabyDolz by watching iStripper shows or playing games in the adult Metaverse.

NFTs Farming: You can stake your DOLZ to earn BabyDolz (non-tradable token) & redeem unique NFTs to obtain daily rewards. NFT farming is developed on the precept of token staking and liquidity farming, with users staking native tokens to earn an additional yield via an NFT-based reward.

Exclusive Perks:  DOLZ holders have exclusive access to unlock discounts, unique content, previews, and exclusive NFT collections.

NFT Mystery Boxes: With DOLZ tokens and the BabyDolz reward currency, you can buy NFT mystery boxes from common, to rare and legendary NFTs from different collections. Therein, use, collect, or trade those NFTs on the marketplace to earn more DOLZ and crypto-assets. The DOLZ token allows you to purchase NFT mystery boxes from each collection such as the iStrippper NFT trading adult cards, VR Paradise NFT 3D items, as well as other partners’ NFT collections.

NFT Marketplace (Secondary Market): The team also created a secondary market for the DOLZ token where it can be used as a currency on its NFT marketplace. Not only that but it can also be utilized to stake DOLZ and provide liquidity to earn exclusive NFTs.

The NFT Marketplace is where users can trade, buy and sell their NFTs from all Dolz collections and sell their NFTs to earn DOLZ or crypto assets as USDT, ETH, BNB. Moreover, you can directly buy the NFT you like from other users, instead of buying mystery boxes.

VR Museum: The VR museum is a user’s personal NFT collection showroom. That is to say, every DOLZ collector has his own VR showroom — a place where a user can showcase his most prized NFTs.

DOLZ digital collectible is observed in VR, just like real-world objects, users can move around and view it from all angles. Moreover, DOLZ holders can interact with their collectibles and engage in VR Paradise game experiences and upcoming VR metaverse.

Basically, a user can customize its showroom by choosing which digital collectibles to display, selecting a layout, and adding background images. Showrooms can be made private or public. If public, the showroom can be viewed by other users within the VR Paradise world, as well as shared across major social platforms. Users can show their appreciation for others’ showrooms by ‘liking’ and leaving comments.

Fan Token: The DOLZ fan token will give you the voting power on items that directly affect your favourite apps, games, and the adult Metaverse as well as vote for the next VR Paradise strip club map, next girls DLC, next model motion capture.

You can also vote for the next NFT collection and vote for the next iStripper shooting, model, or outfit. Also, vote for your favorite iStripper model (Talent of the month and Talent of the year). With fan tokens, you have the exclusive right to unlock VIP rewards, access exclusive promotions, games, chats, and be recognized as a superfan.

However, DOLZ holders have different rights based on the token staking they hold. Holders with more tokens will have more power when participating in the governance of the platform.

NFT Creators: The DOLZ NFT creator platform for artists and designers was created to encourage community engagement as a result of their beliefs that community inputs should be rewarded accordingly with new items, skins, outfits, iStripper software skins, and adult card skins.

Artists and designers can create their own unique NFTs to be used across the VR Paradise game, future VR metaverse, iStripper app, and all games from the DOLZ ecosystem. DOLZ makes the process as simple as possible for users and gives them all the required tools in order to be rewarded for their creations.

DOLZ Features and Earning Hub


DOLZ’s total supply is 1,000,000,000, and 200, 000,000 will be reserved while 400,000,000 will be made available for a presale. Accordingly, during listing 1 DOLZ will sell for 0.0016 USD.


DOLZ Presale

The DOLZ presale will begin in February or March 2022 and will be split into three rounds. The first two rounds will run one week each, with the final round lasting more than four weeks. According to the presale Whitelist, only 1000 spots are available for the first round of the sale, and those interested can apply here.

The site also features a referral program in which you can earn 5% of your DOLZ token investment as a bonus for each friend you share the link with. Furthermore, up to 1,00,000 DOLZ tokens are up for grabs and by participating in the giveaway, you can earn DOLZ for free and will also receive an airdrop.

DOLZ Presale


The roadmap is a concise highlight of Dolz’s plans which have already begun since its launch in Q3 2021. Below is a pictorial representation of the roadmap.



The DOLZ ecosystem is a collaborative environment where creators, gamers, and collectors may collaborate and earn in a variety of ways. Users can make money via staking, farming, collecting, creating, and participating.

It is a platform for those interested in adult entertainment embedded with unique features that allow users to create their own NFTs, launch their own NFT projects, and use them in the DOLZ metaverse.You can visit the following websites for further information on DOLZ Discord Platform

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of CoinQuora. No information in this article should be interpreted as investment advice. CoinQuora encourages all users to do their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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