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4K Crypto News LIVE! Bitcoin Falls Below $40,000- Will $35,000 Hold? Buy?? Sell??! WHATAMIGONADOOOOO

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Bitcoin has broken below the crucial support level we’ve been following at $40,000, dragging down the entire cryptocurrency market– where will we go from here? Is it a good time to buy? We consider this, and much more, in today’s crypto news video!

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0:00 – Grande Valse Brillante In E Flat Major (Chopin)
9:16 – Welcome Back To Crypt0’s News!
10:31 – Bitcoin Price Falls Below $40k Bringing Down The Crypto Market
14:42 – BTC Breaks Support
18:35 – Bitcoin Log Chart Shows Bitcoin Has Never Faltered In The Long Run
21:15 – Possible Accumulation Zone Could Present A Near Term Bounce
22:06 – The Mayer Multiple Presents An Appetizing Bitcoin Price
24:46 – Jason Dean’s Analysis On Crypto Market Sentiment
25:21 – Bitcoin Completes Next Phase Of Bearish Head And Shoulders Trading Pattern
28:37 – When Will Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Cryptocurrencies Reverse Course And Turn Bullish Again?
34:28 – Crypto Fund Tantra Labs Faces Bankruptcy, After Betting Too Much On GBTC
38:27 – Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, Announces New Bitcoin Purchase
40:30 – Cardano Has It’s First Major Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Release: SundaeSwap. Users Face Issues With Congestion.
43:30 – Russian Central Bank Suggests Banning Cryptocurrencies, In Certain Functions
44:19 – JPMorgan and Bank of America Are Suggesting That Ethereum Could Lose Ground To Solana
45:22 – New York’s New Major Eric Adams Takes First Paycheck In Both Bitcoin (As Promised) And Ethereum
48:15 – Quote of the Day! (Edward Snowden)
49:09 – Etude in C# Minor Performed Slow And Sloppy. Yummy! (Chopin)

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  1. Bitcoin bull run 🏃‍♀️expected to take off again in 2022, and overlap with the run 🏃🏾‍♀️ up to next years Litecoin reward halving and this years David Burkett update.

    Previous run ups had a huge effect 👀

  2. All I know is – I just went to the grocery store and my fiat is worth like 20% less than it was a month or 2 ago. Stay strong everyone!! Accumulation period we got this.

  3. Omar, thanks for staying with the Crypto community regardless of the direction the markets are going. Still one of my favorite OGs to catch up on what's happening in the space. Awesome piano pieces, btw. Especially the second one; really seems like it takes a lot of skill to get it so perfect.

    Some CryptoYoutuber’s accounts are being hacked with a video advertising a Pre-Sale of a new coin OWCY (One World Cryptocurrency)
    Others may be hacked soon so please alert everyone to not fall for that SCAM videos! do not send funds to that Scam pre-sale!

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