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Of AERGO’s Volition: Mainstream Partnerships: The NFT | by Corey Costa- Aergo/Catena | Aergo blog | Jan, 2022

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Corey Costa- Aergo/Catena

Introduction: NFTs On AERGO: Tapping Into A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

NFTs Have Sold For Millions Of Dollars And Provide Artists With Outlets For Exposure, Networking And Monetary Valuation On Their Art

AERGO has been consistent in developments, whether it be surrounding technological innovations, partnerships and NFT development on the platform. Blocko XYZ, AERGO’s technology partner, has successfully incubated a project known as CCCV, a blockchain identity management platform that has enabled the utilization and creation of NFT’s within the AERGO ecosystem, specifically highlighted by major events within South Korea over the past year. As NFT’s are linked to their designated artists through unique serial numbers, CCCV amalgamates this notion with its unique blockchain identity management service that enables individuals to manage multiple accounts and identities based on NFT technology. NFT technology, as we have seen, is still in its infancy, but is garnering major traction from major media outlets, conglomerates and monetary payment entities throughout the world; AERGO and Blocko XYZ realized this notion, and CCCV has perpetuated the utilization and creation of NFTs on the AERGO platform through a variety of ways. As NFT’s garner mainstream attention, it is important to highlight the work AERGO has been doing to assist in that ethos of NFT expansion.

CCCV Sales: Adding AERGO As A Payment For NFT’s

Within CCCV, You Can Pay For NFTs With The AERGO Token, Alongside Ethereum

Utility is the calling-card of a projects longevity; hype may impact price extensively, but hype is a short-term trend, and as one hype-trend begins, it fades just as quickly. Utility is the vitality of a project, whether the market dictates it or not. CCCV has enabled the AERGO token to garner utility in regards to payment options for NFT’s, as NFT sales grow, specifically in South Korea, the use-case of AERGO and it’s utilization by NFT artists will inevitably grow with the tide as well. Although there are many different NFT marketplaces that exist within the realm of blockchain technology, it is far and few between where a mid-cap project garners partnerships with major media outlets that enable NFT exhibitions throughout South Korea. It is incumbent to mention the multitudes of offline NFT enthusiasts that have contributed to NFT exhibitions in South Korea, most notably, the offline NFT exhibition with one of the largest broadcasters in Korea MBC, which held the exhibition in an NFT based format. Provided under this paragraph are pictures from that very exhibition! It is far and few between where even some of the largest NFT marketplaces are able to garner the attention of massive media companies, but CCCV, the incubation project of Blocko XYZ, AERGO’s technology partner, has done just that.

The Korean President Election: NFT’s Of The Nominees On AERGO?

Coindesk Korea Has Recently Shared An Article Highlighting NFT Innovation From CCCV

CCCV has recently partnered with MaskDAO, an autonomous NFT marketplace, which, in partnership with CCCV, aims to create pre-election voting polls through NFT’s for each presidential nominee in South Korea. With electioneering, fraudulent ballots and human malevolence, NFT’s have garnered a major utility when it comes to the democratization of choosing incumbents for nations, CCCV and MaskDAO emphasize that idealism through conceiving of a pre-election poll through the utilization of NFTs. Through CCCV and MaskDAO, users can “pre-vote” in advance for their presidential nominee through NFTs. The lack of participation in elections conveys a serious problem for republicanism throughout the globe and South Korea isn’t clear from this threat. MaskDAO and CCCV created this initiative to incentivized users to participate in the voting process through a familiarized setting with a robust technology: NFTs. Through this tournament, statistics can be created and analyzed surrounding who will be the next president of South Korea; prediction isn’t necessarily fact, but, this can assist the voting process by understanding voting trends among a populace through the immutable innovation of NFTs. This initiative is extremely forward thinking and amalgamates a multi-billion dollar industry with elections, which need less tampering, as we have seen with numerous elections throughout the world; AERGO and Blocko understand such an ideal, of their own volitions.

A Comparision: Upbit And Bithumb NFT Marketplaces Versus AERGO

Utility Is A Broad Spectrum When It Comes To NFT’s, However, These Exchanges Perpetuate NFT Enthusiasm For Crypto Veterans, Not Every Day Artists

It is evident that Bithumb and Upbit are some of the largest exchanges in the world for digital asset exchanges; this will also hold true with their NFT marketplaces as well. Unfortunately, these exchanges have created a concept of exclusivity among crypto and NFT veterans where only those who’re tech savvy with blockchain and cryptocurrency exchanges can participate within these marketplaces. This notion can only go so far surrounding the perpetuation of NFT maturation. AERGO and CCCV have conceived of a paradigm for NFT artists and non-NFT artists alike that enables everyday mainstream people to involve themselves with NFTs through offline brick and mortar art exhibitions throughout South Korea. Inclusivity and the introduction of this technology to the people is an important ethos for the maturity of this market, and AERGO and Blocko clearly understand that notion in its entirety.

AERGO NFT’s Go Mainstream: CCCV And Maekyung Media Group

Founded In 1966, Maekyung Media Group’s Is One Of The Largest Mainstream Media Companies In South Korea

Blocko XYZ’s MOU with Maekyung Media Group cannot be overstated, this is a massive feat for a blockchain company to partner with a half-century old media company, and one of the largest mainstream media agencies in South Korea. Did you know that Maekyung Media Group, according to the World Economic Forum “operates a newspaper, a broadcasting network, a weekly and monthly magazine, and an electronic newspaper. It published a Korean-language business newspaper with a circulation of approximately 1.2 million; its television broadcast reaches 15 million users per-day.” https://www.weforum.org/organizations/maekyung-media-group Yes, the article highlights 15 million users per-day, that is the entire population of many small-mid size nations throughout the world, and Blocko XYZ has signed an MOU with this company.

On the 24th, Blocko XYZ signed an MOU with Maeil Economic Research Institute for blockchain NFT business cooperation, propelling NFT’s into the mainstream eye within South Korea. Through this mutual understanding, Blocko will assist in NFT technical support to the Maeil Economic Research Institute and the two companies plan to participate in multiple NFT related projects together. This synergistic relationships enables AERGO to conceive of connections with mainstream media outlets for future prospects surrounding NFT exhibitions, projects and collectibles exclusive to the AERGO platform, providing a unique value proposition for the network. Mainstream validity is what will drive the adoption of networks as the maturation of blockchain continues; NFT’s are no exception to such a clause and AERGO is solidifying its base within that paradigm.

Conclusion: Setting The Stage For NFT Adoption: AERGO And Blocko

Without Mainstream Validation, This Market Will Never Mature, NFTs Included

It’s far and few between where a mid-cap project has such connections with mainstream media outlets and governmental entities. AERGO stands out in this crowd through its technology partner, Blocko XYZ which has solidified an MOU with one of South Korea’s largest broadcasting agencies: this is no easy feat. In order for NFT’s to become more than just a trend, mainstream adoption must foster this industry and perpetuate its expansion. Through initiatives such as this, conceived of by Blocko XYZ, there is hope that NFT’s are more than just a trend. This is through AERGO’s and Blocko’s own volitions and ambition.

Disclaimer: NFT’s and cryptocurrency investing involves substantial risk, I am not responsible for your trades, do not invest more than you can afford to lose!

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